Focus on a family {adventures in avila beach}

I usually make pancakes on Saturday morning, but this weekend we were out of eggs so we decided to eat out. Yay! We headed down to Avila Beach and ate at the Custom House. Steve and I shared eggs and churro style french toast. The french toast? It was insanely yummy. Afterwards we walked down the pier, and towards the end there is a staircase that takes you underneath the pier. We’ve never been down there before, but it felt like a good morning for an adventure. There were hardly any people out and it was a foggy morning, so it was a little spooky. It felt like a real adventure!

We had so much fun! I love that last picture of the boys hugging–melt my heart!

But, it’s time to say goodbye to the weekend and hello to Monday! Here are some hellos for this week…

Hello countdown to summer. Only 19 days of school left!

Hello figuring out what’s going with David’s ankle. He hurt it last week and he’s limping. It might be time for an X-ray.

Hello yummy cheeses and smoked salmon for dinner tonight. Easy {and a little fancy}

Hello summer to-do list. Have you made yours?

Hello fresh flowers in my home. They are my motivation to clean things up!

Hello new copy of Artful Blogging to read and inspire me.

Hello cinnamon in my coffee. I add a little to the grounds before I brew–and it makes it magical!

Hello laundry to fold. I know I say that every week–but it’s always true.

Hello Mad Men. We are catching up–the last episode we watched was insane!

Hello lists. I’ve got like 5 going–a to-do list, a shopping list, an inspiration list, a long term goals list and a summer planning list.

Hello Monday! It’s going to be an incredible week! Are you ready?


  1. I miss Avila Beach so much. We used to visit every fall. The fog, the pier, the treasures in the rocks at low tide…We would always go to the very end of the beach, around where the cliff juts out and have what felt like a private beach all day.

  2. I love your “Hello Monday”‘s! I’m not a very good blogger, but hoping to join in one of these days. 😉 Love your photography. Looks like you guys had a lovely weekend. Hope your week is just as nice. 🙂

  3. Can I just say that your family is beautiful. Your boys are so cute. 🙂

    I’m so glad I came across your shop & blog. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Those are such great photos and the picture of the boys is so great, it does make your heart melt. Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for letting me link up.

  5. Hello to another slow-er week. I am purposefully simplifying lately, saying “no” much more often. It is hard, but feels so good!

    Hello to both my daughters’ yearly check-ups this afternoon (and one shot: ouch!)! Hello to my book club meeting tonight! Hello, John Mayer’s new cd out tomorrow (can’t wait to wear it out!)! Hello to a trip to my dentist (who has a tv in the ceiling: hello Food Network!), and hello to seeing the play of “Goodnight, Moon” with my family. Hello, 3-Day Weekend without big plans!

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  7. the fam pics are lovely & loving, as ever, ll — & i must say, i utterly heart that starfish photo! so, so cool & beautiful colors! you’ve got an extraordinary eye. thank you for sharing it!! 🙂

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  9. Love, love these pics. My favs are the pics of the boys hugging and the real live star fish! Living in Wis you don’t get the chance to see them. lol Well except for Patrick Starr of course! 😉
    Looks like a great time spent together sat!

  10. Just went and looked at your summer-to-do, I had forgotten how adorable it was! Did you hand write each font? I’m gonna need to practice if mine would be anywhere as cute as yours!!

    1. Hi Amy! Yes, i hand-wrote it, but I think it would be adorable with any kind of writing. Especially kids’ hand-writing! xo

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