spring break at disneyland



we headed south last week to

1. see family (so fun)

2. get a sedated echocardiogram for david (at ucla)

{which was cancelled at the last minute because he had a cold}

3. get some disney time.




the park was packed because everyone was on spring break

and the weather was about 80* the first day.

we were still able to get on ride quickly

and we just made sure we hydrated.




they keep the grounds so lovely.

and the trees were all blooming. loved it.




and there was no shortage of snacks.





disneyland works well for our family.

there are rides all four of us can do

and when matthias and steve go on the roller coasters

david and i are happy to find a shady spot and relax.

the jungle cruise is a family fave.




the cheesy jungle cruise jokes never get old.

i think they actually get funnier!




other family favorites…

pirates of the caribbean, small world, astro blasters and haunted mansion.

matthias and daddy like indiana jones, matterhorn and space mountain.




and we got a new stroller for david that is awesome.

he was dragging his long legs in his old stroller

and it was driving me nuts.

at times he refuses to walk (although he is totally able!)

and sometimes when i carry him, he pulls my hair (rascal!)

so a good stroller is a great investment in my sanity.




i wouldn’t call disneyland a vacation

but we had a blast.

* * *

what’s your favorite ride at disneyland?

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