more on spring break {santa barbara}

A couple weeks ago we spent three nights in Santa Barbara to end the boys’ spring break on a high note. There was rain the first day but then sunshine after that. We had a ton of fun, minus the lack of sleep the first night. David has a hard time sleeping when we go out of town–especially the first night away. Usually by 1am I am desperate and exhausted and frustrated. And then I start to spiral into worry about what the future holds–and that kind of thinking doesn’t get us anywhere!
Thankfully he did much the second night and he slept wonderfully on the third night. I wouldn’t call it a relaxing getaway, but we made some great family memories!

When we go on family getaways I try to keep my expectations realistic–it’s still going to be a lot of work, and I’ll probably be tired after the first night. I try to remember it’s for the kiddos and it’s not about me, then I have more fun. I loving seeing the world through their eyes.

Do you have any family getaways or activities planned for this summer? Please share!


  1. Hi Lisa- this is what I have learned about travel- when I go with my kids, it is a “trip” and when I go alone with my husband or just by myself- it is a “vacation”. The shift in language has taken the pressure off of family travel to make it perfect- amazing what language can do for a perception.

  2. I love the picture of the flower with the drops of water on it.
    Ahhh vacations with young kids………my husband used to get frustrated when the kids would get “out of sorts” on vacation…sort of like “No matter what I do, you guys aren’t happy”…but I would remind him…nothing’s different…we’re just in a different place. No matter where you are there’s probably going to be that one hour or so when you think “why am I doing this?”…but it usually passes and then you settle in and enjoy yourselves….at least I do. 🙂

  3. Looks like fun! You have a beautiful family. We live in Colorado so we get away to the mountains. It is gorgeous but I’d sure trade a weekend hiking for a weekend at a beach. 🙂

  4. After the rain came the rainbow — what a gorgeous shot!

    We usually do a big road trip, but this summer we’re going on our first ever cruise! And yes, it’s challenging to “vacation” with kids, to take our family of 4, where we usually have a house to spread out, and stuff us into the car and a hotel room for a few days or a week..whew! That can be a whole lotta togetherness!

  5. we will be doing something different this summer: we are going to serve at a teen missions boot camp, providing technical assistance for their meetings and social media outlet. it’ll be back in the midwest, which we’re really excited about.

    on a completely separate topic: how do you wash your scarves? do you put them through the wash or hand wash them? that yellow one has seen a lot of neck time!

    one more comment: the rainbow pictures with the palm trees is frame worthy!

  6. LOVE!!! You’re in m y hometown!! I’m only 45 miles north in Buellton, but I still get homesick when I see people’s vacation pics in SB 🙂 Looks like a fun trip

  7. Looks like a terrific getaway!!
    I just wanted to send a special note to you to let you know I tried the Mexican Meatloaf last night and it REALLY went over well!! Thank you for the recipe.

  8. I can completely understand your feelings about family get aways — its so worth the extra effort and being a bit tired because the family memories are what really counts!

    Do you mind sharing where you stayed? I am thinking of SB for a few days this summer with my kids; they are 14 and 12 and they love the beach and I LOVE State Street!!


  9. Great perspective about the trip really being about how great it is for the kids! LOOOVED the rainbow picture!

  10. So glad you enjoyed your vacation.The pics are great and tell a story all their own.
    Vacations are a lot of fun! Don’t you think half the fun is looking back on the circus that goes on while you’re gone? I’ve learned to schedule in a “Mom nap” or at least a power snooze into the first couple of days. Then the sleepless nights aren’t too bad a trial. I also pack a book to read while staying up (one for me and one for my DD). That seems to help keep the “What if’s” that seem to hit late at night at bay. You may get a kick out of one of our more notoriously crazy vacations. I wrote about it here:

    The family fun and great memories make the craziness all worth it.

  11. You take the best pictures – thank you for sharing. You have such a great eye.

    We are traveling from Iowa to Carlsbad, Ca this summer for a week of vacation. Looking forward to the beach, visiting some family and good quality time with my two kids. I’m a single parent – so I feel very much the same way about vacations being a lot of work. But we also have so much fun together and make great memories. I love the time alone with them away from all of our daily distractions!

  12. Beautiful pictures … although you mentioned i wasn’t a super relaxing time, it does look like everyone had fun. (It’s such busy time for Mom’s when you’re traveling.) I love your rainbow pic.

  13. what delightful weekend you had. and thank you for sharing the realities.

    i never sleep the first night i am anywhere. maybe i should come hang out with david?

    i learned early on in motherhood that just because we were on vacation life-as-usual (especially when the kids were little) wouldn’t stop. once i embraced that, and simply enjoyed the being away aspect (i.e. the house not calling me to my to do’s) i began to enjoy vacationing so much more. as the kids have gotten older vacation has become even more enjoyable because they want to vacate the normal mundane, too.

    santa barbara is great. love the zoo there.

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