The Honey Trees

Hello friends! It’s Monday and I’m ready for a new week and a new beginning–how about you?

Today I want to share the music of The Honey Trees with you. Have you heard of them? Oh, you have to listen–they are magical! I love to put the album on, let the sun shine in through the windows and sip my morning coffee. Becky modeled for our summer collection–isn’t she gorgeous?

How about some hellos?

Hello clean boys’ room! Wow, it feels good to get this space tidy. I think the master bedroom will be next!

Hello Harry Potter. Our summer mornings have been filled with re-watching all the movies.

Hello amazing response to this necklace. Your comments and shared stories have truly touched my heart.

Hello pancakes. I’ve been making them every morning. It might be time for french toast.

Hello new glasses for Matthias. He’s gonna look so handsome.

Hello lego camp and zoo camp. Do your kiddos do camp in the summer?

Hello more photos to share from our trip to Poland/Berlin, a DIY and and more planned for the blog this week!

Hello Honey Trees. Make sure you ‘like’ their facebook page. And take a listen here.

Hello making showing each other grace. I loved this post on marriage.

Hello laundry and email and too much to do–when all I want to do is PLAY!

Hello Monday, hello brand new week. Let’s make it amazing!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos or link up your own post in the comments section!


    1. Yay for lego! And he loved camp. I might sign him up for another before the summer is over. xo

  1. What a lovely face Lisa. A welcoming Smile for anyone…I am currently thankful for just what I have been able to write on concerning naturaly disasters but also for God to let me write of an experience…

  2. Lego camp! Sounds like a boy’s dream!

    hello monday here~

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