boys’ room redo

I’ve been on a major cleaning/purging/re-organizing/house simplifying kick for the past couple months. It’s awesome. It’s life changing and I’m a little bit obsessed. My most recent project was the boys’ room. The boys have shared a room since Matthias was born and although we have an extra room and couple split them up, they prefer to be together. Which, can I just tell you, makes my heart so happy. Some day Matthias will want more space, but for now, they prefer to be together.

I didn’t take good ‘before’ pics but you can see their bedroom here, from a few years ago. I think Matthias was four in these pics {he’s eleven now}. So it was time! We needed to transition from a little boys room to a pre-teen bedroom. Wanna see some pics?

boys room redo lisa leonard-14
Here’s the view as you walk in their bedroom. These are the same bunk beds we’ve had since they were 3 years old. They’ve held up grew. We got them at a local boutique that went out of business.

boys room redo lisa leonard-03

Matthias and David {and Steve!} are VERY into Star Wars right now. I mean, isn’t everyone? The new movie comes out in a couple months and we are eagerly anticipating seeing it. There is a lot of great decor out right now, so I got some cool canvases, etc for the walls.

boys room redo lisa leonard-04

Our friends, Josh and Maggie got this Curious George ‘jack in the box’ and it is one of David’s very special things. We put some of Matthias’ favorite books on top of the shelf for easy access.

boys room redo lisa leonard-05

I hung curtains in the room {with the help of my amazing friend, Brenda and her awesome power tools}. It adds softness to the window and diffuses the light. boys room redo lisa leonard-06
A woman named Karen made these hand-painted signs for the boys years ago. The boys still love them. That R2D2 sign was in the dollar section at Target!

boys room redo lisa leonard-08

We hung a shelf up on the top bunk so Matthias can have some of his special things within reach.

boys room redo lisa leonard-09

Favorite stuffed friends wait patiently while the boys are at school.

boys room redo lisa leonard-10
These cubbies are full of legos, star wars figures, hero factory and other toys that are hard to organize. The basket is for extra blankets.

boys room redo lisa leonard-11

The boys closet is all cleaned out the clothes are accessible. I feel like I can breathe!

boys room redo lisa leonard-12

We used the space under the bed to hold a new piano, some stuffed animals and Steve’s car from when he was little.

boys room redo lisa leonard-13
We found this dresser at a garage sale when I was pregnant with Matthias. We painted it red and replaced the knobs and it’s been awesome. The marquee letters and canvases are from Target. The lamp is from Home Goods.

boys room redo lisa leonard-16
Here’s the corner of the room, across from the bunk beds with a bookcase, clips to hold drawings and the dresser.

This room feels so fresh! I keep going back and looking at all the open space, organization and new decor. It feels so good! Are you working on any projects around the house right now?


  1. This room came out so cute, Lisa!! I like it even better than your inspiration photo. Great storage ideas, and I love the color of the dresser!

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