bedtime stories and a part of making our goodnights routine

Hello friends! It’s Monday and it’s July! Woohoo! Hello Monday will be back next week–today I’m sharing about GoodNites bed pads. It’s part of making our bedtime routine consistent and predicable for the boys. I only work with brands I know and love. Today’s post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights

The boys room is a cozy space, upstairs in our home. We bought the bunk beds when we moved the boys out of their cribs about seven years ago. Originally we had them separated into two twin beds {not bunked} and we had David in the bed with the railings around the sides. It worked perfectly because he needed a safe space to sleep. But once they got bigger, we bunked the beds–Matthias took the top and David only needed a small railing to keep him safe.

The rug is from Ikea–I found it in the clearance area because it had a large stain on it after being in one of the display rooms. I got the stain out and they’ve had it in their bedroom for nine years. I don’t know what I’ll do when they outgrow it. It’s such a happy rug!

I found this vintage sign in Dallas at a junk market a couple weeks ago–and I thought it was perfect for a boys’ room.

We hang up their art on large clips attached to white wood panels. It’s easy to change out the art and it makes the space theirs!

We’ve cut way back on stuffed animals now that the boys are getting older–but they still have special ones they like to keep close.

Before bed, toys go into baskets. I love basket storage–probably because it makes for quick clean up and I’m not the most organized person. I try to get rid of toys as they outgrow them–that keeps things more manageable.

Scribbles signs sent us these personalized wall hangings a few years ago and we still love them.

When I was pregnant with Matthias we found this dresser at a garage sale for $25. I painted it red and added hardware. It’s super sturdy and fits all of their folded clothes.

Bedtime means getting jammies on, reading a book together and praying. Steve almost always handles the bedtime routine and I think that is special time the boys have with their dad.

Matthias takes the top bunk and he often has lots of books, a journal and a drawing pad up there. We leave a small light on and let him read or draw until he falls asleep.

David’s on the bottom bunk and usually when we put him in bed he snuggles down and falls asleep. But if he’s not sleepy, we give him a small keyboard and let him play until he gets tired.

David is still diapered and sometimes the diaper can’t hold everything. We’ve tried everything–no liquids after 5pm, overnight diapers, adding an extra pad to the diaper, etc. Since David has special needs, this is something we could quite likely face for years to come–and that can feel overwhelming.

It’s tricky because sometimes he moves around so much the diaper shifts and both he and the bed end up wet. The best solution we’ve found is using GoodNites bed mats under his sheet–that way if the diaper can’t hold it all, the bed mat catches any wetness. I pull off the sheet, throw the GoodNites bed mat in the trash and make the bed up with a fresh mat and sheet. The mattress stays clean and the mats keep David from lying a wet pool. I only have to change his sheet and bed mat once or twice a week.The bed mats don’t crinkle or feel weird and they have sticky corners so they don’t shift around–honestly no one can even tell they’re there. It been the perfect solution for us.

I love sneaking into the boys room after they’re asleep and knowing they are cozy and comfortable.

Tell me, do you try to keep your kids bedtime routine consistent–or does it vary depending on the day? Have you had trouble keeping your kiddo dry at night?


  1. Hey, just wanted to mention that we have a little girl who has also struggled with bed-wetting issues, and we went to an online medical supply store, and bought bed mats with edges that tuck under the mattress, that are made to be machine washed, it has saved us lots of time and stress, if she wets one, we wash it and put it back that night. This helped, and has saved alot of money as well!

  2. My boys shower at night, brush teeth, and have stories every night. If they don’t get there stories they really have trouble sleeping. My oldest has trouble with wetting the bed. We use goodnites and find they work they best. I also have a underpad under his sheets. It is soft and does not move. It’s quite large almost cover 2/3 of his bed. I have three of them so I just wash it with the sheets and replace as needed…

    1. Thanks for sharing Meghan! I love how attached your boys are to their stories–such a special time! xo

  3. What a sweet & happy room that your boys share. My own kids are 8 and 11 now, and have had a pretty locked-in routine for years that is only now starting to shift a bit. (But summertime bedtime doesn’t count!)

  4. Our three-almost-four-year old is mostly potty trained, but has the occasional accident at night. And somehow, she always scoots herself off of the little “piddle pads” we have in place. I’ve been looking into goodnites, and love that you did a review. Now I’m even more convinced this might be the way to go!
    Love, love, love your boys’ space. So cute, practical, and cozy.

    1. Thank you Betty! These mats cover almost the entire top half of the mattress and David can’t really scoot off the space–which is awesome. xx

  5. This is a great idea that I can’t believe I didn’t think of! My 10 year old daughter has spina bifida & is incontinent, she is diapered & we do have leakage issues at night so I will be going to get these! I also would like to know what kind of diapers do u use, she is growing out of the Huggies size 6 & I don’t know what to go to & I am having a hard time finding help w/ this?

    1. We use GoodNites overnight diapers and David moves around a lot and sometimes the diaper just can’t keep up. Have you looked into adult diapers? That’s probably the next step. We’re still in size 5–so I haven’t done any research yet. I am sure there is a product on the market to meet our kiddos needs! Also Amazon Prime might be an option–then they would be delivered to the house. Hugs to you!

  6. We need to get better about a bed time routine. I think it is very important. We do pj’s, diapers (on those who wear them still) brush teeth and sometimes a book.

    This post came at the perfect time because we have trouble with leaking over night diapers. Our kids are deep sleepers so potty training through the night is coming later. Finding mattress pads that are waterproof and hold up through so many washings has been a challenge. These disposable pads will be a perfect way to protect the mattress and not worry about always having a clean mattress protector when one needs to be changed during the night.

    1. We have a good mattress pad too–but it’s so much more laundry and work to wash the whole thing! At $1 a piece–these have been a practical solution. Hugs to you!!

  7. Yes…we keep a routine at bedtime for my little girl. It works for us too. Bath, jammies, milk and a little tv and snuggles, brush teeth, rock in chair with one of us and then into her crib — after kisses and a song. We use a sound machine. Works great since her room is on the first floor off the kithcen.

  8. Lisa,
    Your tip was very timely. Not for my child, but for my mother. She has the beginning signs of dementia and a long standing issue with incontinence due to an underlying neurological problem. It seems like no matter what, it’s hard keeping the bed dry, and most days it requires changing. I’m always wracking my brain to try to come up with better solutions, and haven’t yet tried the Good Nite pads, so I’m going to head over to Target today and pick some up. It is a struggle dealing with incontinence, so I wish you all the best in helping David manage it the best way you can. Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way!

    1. Thanks for sharing Beth! I agree–it seems impossible to keep the bed dry–and I want to protect the mattress and keep David comfortable. This has been our best solution. Hugs to you! I know caring for someone takes its toll and I pray a blessing on you!!

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