Oh friends. Have you seen our new ‘beauty in brokenness’ necklace?

It so captures my heart–broken, but stitched up and stronger than before.

Life has brought us some very unexpected challenges. When David was born my world fell to pieces and my heart was broken. But as we started putting the pieces back together I began to notice something. There were bits of light and hope beginning to emerge. I started noticing beauty in small, everyday things. I fell in love with our baby boy–and began to see him for who he was instead of focusing on his missing fingers I started to see his soul. And it was beautiful. And it was whole.

Life is imperfect. It’s hard and sometimes excruciatingly painful. And in that dark place, that’s where we learn to love each other better. That’s where we connect and know each other in a deeper way. There is beauty in brokenness. This is where I want to live.

You can find the necklace here for only $34! And the bracelet here.

FIVE readers are going to receive a beauty in brokenness necklace or bracelet. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below and tell us a story–either about yourself or a dear friend who has been broken but has emerged stronger. Who has been ripped apart and has still managed to see bits of beauty and light.

For extra entries, blog, tweet, instagram and Facebook about the giveaway. Please leave a comment for EACH entry below!

Thank you friends. Thank you for sharing you heart. Thank you for helping me see beauty in brokenness.