beauty in the brokenness-personalized gifts to see the light in dark

Oh friends. Have you seen our new ‘beauty in brokenness’ necklace?

It so captures my heart–broken, but stitched up and stronger than before.

Life has brought us some very unexpected challenges. When David was born my world fell to pieces and my heart was broken. But as we started putting the pieces back together I began to notice something. There were bits of light and hope beginning to emerge. I started noticing beauty in small, everyday things. I fell in love with our baby boy–and began to see him for who he was instead of focusing on his missing fingers I started to see his soul. And it was beautiful. And it was whole.

Life is imperfect. It’s hard and sometimes excruciatingly painful. And in that dark place, that’s where we learn to love each other better. That’s where we connect and know each other in a deeper way. There is beauty in brokenness. This is where I want to live.

You can find the necklace here for only $34! And the bracelet here.

FIVE readers are going to receive a beauty in brokenness necklace or bracelet. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below and tell us a story–either about yourself or a dear friend who has been broken but has emerged stronger. Who has been ripped apart and has still managed to see bits of beauty and light.

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Thank you friends. Thank you for sharing you heart. Thank you for helping me see beauty in brokenness.




  1. I would give the necklace to her as a small way to show I cared. I know she has such faith in God and I am in awe of her beautiful example as a mother. The day after she buried her beautiful boy my beautiful boy was born.I love the hope in this design that someday I will be able to say that I am stronger for living through this current hard season.

  2. I remember the day my son was diagnosed, 17 March 2001.It was right after his first birthday. His rare genetic dosorder requires many pills, doctors visits, special instructions for school, and painful procedures. I allowed myself to grieve for awhile but then I had to pull myself together and allow hope and happiness back into my life. I wake up every day hopeful. Hopeful that there will be new treatments and eventually a cure. My son is now 13 years old and doing well. He has a beautiful soul and he is a joy to be around. My heart was broken that day but we have not allowed the disease to take over our life. Every day is a gift and my heart heals and expands every day.

  3. My daughter & son-in-law have experienced the loss of a home, a job,& a pregnancy in the past few years. They now have 2 beautiful children. They are still waiting & trusting God’s timing in a job situation. They have inspired those around them with their faith & perseverance.

  4. Lisa, I have been living with brokenness of body for as long as I can remember. I suffer from Ehlers Danlos and Chiari and many other accompanying conditions. Thursday I see my surgeon at Cleveland Clinic about surgery again to remove more disease from my abdomen. I am heading next week by myself from Ohio to Maryland to see my neurosurgeon, again about more dangerous spinal surgery because my vertebrae are crumbling. My girls, Delaney who is ten and Danica who is five, and my servant lover husband, Dan are the picture of Christ in my daily pain and struggle. They are my beauty. He is my beauty. this necklace reminds me He will always bind up the brokenhearted. He came for us. He is healing us.

  5. My sweet daughter is almost 11. When she was two she was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. I suppose some would consider her “broken.” She cannot walk, talk or purposefully use her hands. She has a feeding tube and suffers from seizures. But, oh, is she beautiful! Her smile lights up the room. Her blue eyes speak volumes. Her laughter soothes the heartache…..

  6. Honestly, reading these stories is as much of a gift as this necklace would be. Thank you everyone so much for sharing. I suffered a pregnancy loss at 12 weeks and thought there was something wrong with me for being so affected by it. It literally crushed me. I was left without a baby but with a diagnosis of postpartum ocd. Reading others stories makes me know I’m not alone in my grieving. Five years later with two beautiful baby boys and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you everyone.

  7. I love the bracelet. I think we have all suffered a heart break on some account. My Mom suffered the loss of her husband, Mother and best friend all within a six month period. I would love to say she handled it all with grace, but that was not the case. She has developed a stronger relationship with God and he has blessed her since.

  8. Such a meaningful necklace. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 22. I had just gotten married. I remember shopping for my wedding dress with her and that night she received her diagnosis. She never met her 2 granddaughters. That was over 30 years ago. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, that I never had my mom to spoil my kids, and to help me with advice. I guess I emerged stronger, realizing that life is short and precious and you need to cherish/grow from what is given to you.

  9. Oh Lisa…this necklace makes me want to cry. I think I might need to buy it. It can be so hard to find joy in the journey, when its a journey you did not plan. It might be nice to wear a daily reminder that there is beauty in the brokenness 🙂

  10. Our hearts were shattered when our first daughter, Caroline, was stillborn. She passed away when I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and less than 2 days from our scheduled induction. It was a cord accident. Losing her, birthing her, having to leave the hospital without her, and returning home to our house filled with things meant for her, our much loved, long tried for, and very wanted little girl was just about more than I could bear.

    We’ve been blessed with 2 living daughters now. They’re such rays of sunshine. Our hearts are stitched up, bit never will they be fully healed. There will always be something missing, but we have found light, hope, and love again.

  11. Beautiful necklace, Lisa!
    It reminds me of my mom – and all the difficult times she went through. A widow at 42 years old (after caring for my dad for about 3 years), with five kids to raise, she was completely alone, with no immediate family or friends to help her. She worked hard and she fought hard and she prayed hard … but she NEVER lost her faith. I am in awe of the faith God has build up in her.
    And yes, there was beauty and there is beauty in her brokennes. God blessed our family and I think her faith and prayers are the reason why.

  12. I know someone who lost 2 of her 4 little girls in a house fire in January. She struggles every day to get up and care for her surviving daughters. She can’t go to the grocery store because it is a reminder of her loss. This piece would be for her. I know it would be so meaningful for her to wear it.

  13. I have two very dear friends who have both lost precious baby girls Emma and Ella. Knowing that God heals and binds up the brokenhearted has helped them to both overcome the pain of loss and suffering.

  14. This reminds me of when I was 12 and we moved from NE to IL. I hated every moment of it, but now that I have my husband and 2 kiddos, its a wonder what would have happened had we stayed. Thank you! 🙂

  15. I would give this to my friend Meagan whose heart is not yet mended. She just lost her best friend Ruth to cancer. Ruth found out that she had cancer while she was still in hospital after her twins were born after years of struggling with infertility. She died a week after their first birthday.

  16. My dad was diagnosed with cancer, went through 2 brain surgeries on both sides of his frontal lobes, chemo, radiation, and a gamma knife procedure. My mom (who was married to my dad for 50 years) remained strong throughout a short 11 months of him rollercoastering through this horrible savage that finally took his life and my mom’s best friend and heart. My husband and I tried to be her rock, built a new home to provide her with a new home to live (they had sold their house in Houston and were full timing in an rv for 2 years when he was diagnosed), and she lived with us for 3 1/2 years. That is, until she met a recent widower at our city’s senior center while exercising on a treadmill. Her broken heart slowly began to mend. It will never be completely healed, but I think this man she is engaged to (I don’t think they will ever marry) filled a void that she desperately needed. It has helped my broken heart for her losing my dad to mend, because I’ve been able to see her happy when we were all filled with such sadness after my dad passed.

  17. Almost one year ago (July 5) I said hello and good bye to my two hour old baby. Thinking back to that time, I never thought I would be able to get past my heartache. But the Lord has given me my joy back again. I still miss my baby girl so so much, but I know that she is in heaven and healed completely. I am so thankful that He is carrying us through this storm.

  18. My parents have walked through terminal illness and disability together and are facing the very end of their life together — one of the strongest marriages I know.

  19. What I’ve lived and stitched through in 40 years: molested by an older family member at the age of 3, didn’t tell until I was 18, he was caught on the day of my wedding with his 6th victim/family member. Ovarian cancer at 21, parents divorced at 21, father came out at 23 and I now care for my 63 year old mother who was forever broken by my father’s lie and years of emotional and physical abuse. The beauty after all that? A better relationship with my mother and the daily wonders of the family my husband and I have with our four beautiful, healthy children.

  20. This necklace/bracelet is a beautiful representation of what living with a broken heart means. In our case, we live with broken hearts after the loss of our daughter, Sophia Jane. Sophia was born on Oct 9th, 2010 with congenital heart defects and lived in Children’s Hospital while she waited for heart surgery. As first time parents we were skating in unknown territory but we’re just in awe of our beautiful little girl, also known as our Tiny Dancer. On Nov 17th, 2010 our baby girl went to Heaven while in her heart surgery. She lived for 40 beautiful heart breaking and heart fighting days. She left a legacy on this world though and on our family. She gave my husband and I a true gift: the gift of being her parents. We have since turned Sophia’s Story into a 40 Day Challenge where you Pay It Forward between Oct 9-Nov 17 in honor of our little girl. We are also turning Sophia’s Team into a non profit organization so we can continue to help other families and children born with heart defects. Sophia taught us that even the smallest of feet have the power to leave everlasting footprints upon this world.

  21. Love love love this heart necklace. It reminds me of those long first few months after losing my mom suddenly to a heart attack. I think of how my heart was broken, and how later it healed and a whole new light was shed on my life. So yes…that necklace definitely speaks volumes to me!

  22. My life is far from perfect, but I am grateful that I don’t have a personal story to share. However, I would love to have this necklace in honor of my patients. I am a cardiac nurse and work hard to guide and support my patients through their “broken heart” diagnosis.

  23. When I think about being broken and stitched back up again only to become stronger. I can’t help but think of my very own marriage. Over the last decade there had been hidden adultry happening it finally surfaced this last year. When sitting down face to face with my husband although my heart was literally broken, I rejoiced. To have the opportunity to give him sacrificial unconditional love was a privelage. My heart broke thinking how those strongholds had him. I still have my days of grieving and confusion. But I can truly say I now have more days of hope….. of victory. Our life is REAL. But because of our savior we are victorious!

  24. this necklace/bracelet is simply perfect!

    i have some dear family friends who just lost their amazing, god-loving, generous, hystrical 22 yr old daughter last sunday (father’s day) in a tragic car accident. her bff was also in the vehicle and walked away without a single scratch. this past week, i’ve watched them stand tall and trust god with every moment. they are even comforting those around them.

    this necklace would be perfect for the mom, bff, and sisters!

  25. The first time my husband (he was my boyfriend at the time) said “I love you” I didnt believe him. He said it so naturally. He said it as he was leaving and I said, “no, dont say that” and closed the door. It scared me so much. My heart had been broken so many times before, how could someone say those words so freely. Did he mean it? Was he just speaking words or was he speaking his truth? He was speaking his truth. Each time he did what he said he would do, each time he kept his word and followed through, he stitched up that broken heart of mine, piece by piece until it was whole again. He gave me hope and faith in people that I didnt have before. I love this necklace!

  26. I have a dear friend who has been ravaged by PTSD and now an unexplained neurological condition…all at the tender age of 25. We continue to cry and pray and hope together for healing. Through it all her faith has grown.

  27. I absolutely love this charm. My son has a rare condition called holoprosencephaly along with that he has Cerebral Palsy. It broke my heart when I found out but I am on the mend to become stronger. I love sharing his story and watch how he will change the world one smile at a time.

  28. i love this charm. it is amazing to me that this ‘place’ in the world wide web can offer comfort and solace when one is feeling pain.

    one week ago, i went to my 18 week ‘fun’ ultrasound and was shockingly told my baby girl had passed away. and even though family and friends have given us more support and love than i ever thought i could receive…i feel completely broken.

    reading these responses has offered me continued perspective of my life and all that is good in it. it has also shown me that all pain is the same; it cannot be measured by circumstance. thank you, lisa, for that.

    what a beautiful necklace to honor the love and loss i feel for my little morgan. for me, this piece represents honesty, sacrifice, and unconditional love. thank you for the opportunity.

  29. You should be proud of yourself for creating such a beautiful piece that speaks to so many people in different ways. I’m crying reading everyone’s stories.
    My friends had a baby whose imbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he lost oxygen. He now is severely disabled. He is a beautiful boy and his parents have more strength than anyone I know. They are his advocate and show me the true meaning of parents. Many relationships could fall apart, but you can see how much they still love each other. They recently had another baby and I couldn’t be happier for their loving growing family!

  30. Sometimes, God throws a “learning curve” at us.. a graceful bend to which we slowly realign our lives toward. It makes us more like Him. Other times, it is no curve at all but a ladder it would seem straight up to the sky. We claw our way up, bloodied and battered just hanging on the rung. Everything else falls away as we shift our gaze upward at our Source. We learn the most glorious place to be is head bowed at the foot of the cross. Praise Him in these dark broken days for all that is right, and good and pure in your life.. and for just His presence. IN your deepest darkness where your heart is gutted out completely and the days are harsh and pained, when there is nothing left, just give thanks to Him for being the God of Grace, Mercy, Restoration, and forgiveness. REcall the story of JOB of the bible.. the greatest love story ever written. When Job was broken, each time he filled his heart with more of God. Make your broken story a love story to Him in these times of darkness and pain when nothing else makes sense, His love will.

    I have a story too.A long story of losses after losses and still more losses to which it seems there is nothing left of me. Everything has been emptied out. And then, when there is nothing left of you, His beauty in your brokeness shines forth. The darkest corners need the brightest lights in this world. xxoo

  31. beautiful piece!
    waiting, hoping, praying for my 2.5 yr old cousin to wake up and get better. boy who i loved very much, didn’t make it to his 3rd birthday.
    but saw beauty in brokenness as people told stories of the light and joy he had brought to them. a reminder to LIVE today.

  32. I’ m a very strong woman that had difficult times that occurred with a feeling of loniness, but continues to face new troubles with a loving husband and child. Seven year ago, I had one year that seems to be from a nightmare. I was married to a married that I thought he loved me. I was pregnant and miscarried a couple months later. Unfortunately Thai was the beginning. I continued to live with a man that sexual abused me. We fell in hard times a couple months later when he took out a $10,000 loan to start his own company because he was layed off then we filed from bankruptcy soon after. Two months later, we were in a car accident that left my right wrist broken in seven places and stitched back up with a plate, during my recovery my husband started an affair with our accident lawyer’s secretary. A month later, he filed for divorce and at the same time my work had laid me off fom my job. So within a year, I had miscarried my first child, husband was laid off, sexual abuse was occurring, secrets about money happened, bankruptcy, accident and right wrist repair, martial affair and left for mistress with divorced, and laid off my job. It’s hard to believe I’m alive with no addictions and smile from ear to ear with my place now. Luckily I grew from my hardships, moved back to my city and found the love of my life. We now have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful life that is filled with faith and love. We continue to struggle with our own problems of fertility , but luckily my black year lets me know that I will always come out ahead because I’m stronger! Thanks for reading and this opportunity to share my heart ache.

  33. We suffered a job loss in 2009 that lasted for 1 year and 7 months. I was devastated. I am not materialistic so I think that was why I was very angry. I have never asked for much just the things that I feel passionate about and the means to make them happen. We homeschool so needless to say I felt a little abandoned by God. But oh my, what a lesson I have learned and still am learning about loss and treasures. God has done some amazing things for us and we have not been hungry once. He is turning our situation around for his good. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  34. I went through a horrible time and was very traumatized after my baby girl was born. I found out though that I average strength to do what I need to.

  35. I see the beauty in the broken every weekend at the children’s hospital where I work. It is a lovely place and the parents of these kids are so grateful for that, and for every effort that you make for their child while in the hospital. Last weekend I saw a father shaking with fear in the trauma bay, only to see him smile with relief and hope this weekend at his child’s bedside. What a difference 7 days makes! It was a healing of the parent, and the child and so wonderful to witness as I had kept them in my thoughts all week… It’s amazing to see the hope and the love, from patients, parents,and hospital staff…and it’s a great place to feel connected and grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.

  36. When our son was a teenager he made a lot of decisions that he knew went against our teachings and values. It broke my heart…I felt like the boy I knew and loved didn’t really exist anymore. But we got through it and, many years later, we are all on good terms; he even lives with us again. Even though he still isn’t making what we think are great choices, we love him and have a great relationship.

  37. A friend was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago. She is a fighter and continued to work through some of her treatments. She would come to work and I would assist with bandages and wrapping for her and then to work for the day. She is a survivor and has been through a second bout with cancer and she continues to fight. She has four adorable grandchildren and her goal is to see these ‘loves’ into adulthood. She may have been given lemons but she has made a very sweet lemonade!

  38. I love this necklace and all that it represents. My father walked out on our family four years ago, and the years since then have been filled with so much hurt and brokenness. I think my heart is in the process of being stitched up, but I love the hope in this design that someday I will be able to say that I am stronger for living through this current hard season.

  39. I believe to get through life we all experience brokenness. I’ve watch my Mom deal with so much heartache and come out stron, she really inspires me. I thought the suicide of my Dad would truly break her but no she stands strong, what an inspiration. She teaches me that we all have heartache and to come to terms with it and move on. She doesn’t
    Believe in passing the brokenness on to her children. What a lady.

  40. I would love to give this necklace to my dear friend who lost a little granddaughter, age 6, this week. The pain is so raw today but I have faith her that her broken heart will mend.

  41. In early 2009 after my Mom and grandmother passed away within eleven months of each other I lapsed into a long dark depression for two years. My husband loved me unconditionally through the entire ordeal. We emerged stronger individually as well with a stronger marriage.

  42. I am a nurse. And while I have heartache and brokenness of my own…when I see this necklace I think of my patients. I have the amazing opprotunity to work in a pediatric hospital. I also have the blessing of working in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU). I am touched by patients daily that have special hearts. We have the job of performing surgeries to make those special hearts capable of sustaining their lives. The children and their families go through so much during these surgeries. I have been touched and inspired by so many of these families. The way that they deal with what others would describe as brokenness is awesome to see and be a part of. It amazes me daily.

  43. This would go to my cousin, who’s latest facebook status said:

    Tonight I was working through my training material for Africa and this phrase caught my heart… “Over the years I have watched God shatter my expectations and my comfort, but I have also tasted more of his goodness and sweetness than I imagined possible.”

    This is so the story of my life right now. I don’t even remember where my comfort zone is anymore, but it has been a season of trying to put it all on the line and going for what Jesus has for me. It has been hard and scary and sometimes heartbreaking, but I love the new adventure I am on.

    Thanks for hosting!

  44. I am the Mom of 4 babies.

    My first baby is a beautiful smart, creative boy on the autism spectrum.

    My second baby is a very much missed angel waiting for me I heaven.

    My third baby boy is energetic and free-spirited.

    My fourth baby boy is cuddly and joyful.

    Although we have struggled with the pain of infertility, the hopelessness ofloss, and different abilities brought into our lives, I have learned to cling to the small everyday joys and accomplishments.

  45. I have read many of the above stories of pain, sorrow and despair and I have many of my own as well but I realized w all have one thing in common, we survived and go on and learn we all have the strength even when we think we don’t. We all have bad days among the good but we survived…. I could write a book of all the pain and sorrow I have endured, yet I probably won’t.. life is never the same for us, all those above who have written know this, in our pain and sorrow we go on but life is forever changed and we learn, adapt and by no other choice have to accept what has happened and hope we will find the strength in time to understand, cope, and realize there are no coincidences, we all have a plan and everything happens for a reason…we may not know why, we certainly don’t like or accept it but we first learn we are not in total control and go from there as to how we are going to cope. When my Aunt, we were 9 years apart in age so she was also more like a “big sister”, best friend and always there for me even when I moved 1700 miles away, she always showed up the next day sometimes unannounced because she said, “she could hear it in my voice”, died after years of struggling and battling cancer, losing her son to cancer at 27 years old, enduring an abusive and unhappy marriage, miserable, lousy childhood .. yet she always smiled and was happy and found good in all and helped any one that needed it, I was devastated when she passed, I was angry and said why is it always the good people God, why? Then a few short years later I never dreamed in my life time this would happen to my family again, my vibrant, vivacious, happy as hell, healthy beautiful 18 year old daughter had “flu like” symptoms 2 days and went to the doctor, hospital for fluids for “dehydration” and 2 days later in a coma that happened within 30 minutes of laughing and smiling and saying she felt better, she was being helicoptered to another hospital waiting on a list #3 and quickly moved to #1 needing a liver transplant! I never heard the word STAT used so much, To this day we have no closure, no reason or rhyme as to what happened so quickly and senseless to all, doctors, family, priests, friends, me….no one could understand or explain why, nor an autopsy found an “AHA” .. nothing. You never recover from that kind of loss, parents shouldn’t bury their children, siblings shouldn’t grow up wondering why and as life goes on it gets harder .. never easier .. always knowing how much the loved one is missed and missing so much ..3 years after losing my daughter we had another devastating loss, my youngest daughters BFF was in a car accident and died on impact, just shy of her 19th birthday again it was as if I lost another child, a beautiful, happy, crazy kid again always smiling, loved by all, so much to live for with a life ahead filled with big plans .. my heart broken again and the mere thought that my daughter again still so young was experiencing another tragedy of the second closest person in her life! The future plans they had, the bond they had, so suddenly in mere seconds .. shockingly shattered. Just this morning I heard a dear friend has lost her husband after another mysterious month long illness, again my heart breaks for her and her family knowing the struggles and years of heartache they all endured but finally found each other, happiness, contentment and immense love.
    They say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle .. I don’t believe that anymore than I believe in miracles after the past few years, the strong survive because we have no other choice, we adapt, we find reasons, we keep hope in our lives, we exist and endure what we must but we also learn from our life experiences and what life has dealt us and choose to drown in sorrow and woe or make the best of it by doing the positive, I am better when I can assist others and can just “be there” when they need it, understanding what they are going through and going to go through for the rest of their lives, I don’ know what they are feeling we are all different that way but just being a presence for them when they need it most, listening to them, venting with them, crying, or just doing the mundane nothing things we take for granted, but I know how to do this .. I guess that answers for me, why am I here? So once again this week I will be there for my friend and do whatever it takes to see her through her most heartbreaking tragedy. We will survive but dear Lord, we could use a break … I would love to get this necklace any way I could .. it speaks so much more than any words could, I always said “Actions speak later than words” and your symbol of hope, and love truly does for many who understand the pain and heartache, now I need to add to my list and think of two more people this week that will also understand and appreciate this symbol of hope as they go through the sudden, untimely loss of their loved one. I would be shocked as I never win anything! But I’d love to “win” this necklace, yet if I don’t I fully intend to acquire many for those I know would appreciate and need one at this time <3 ..

  46. 3 years ago my divorce became final. It was not something I expected to happen when I said my vows less than 4 years before. I was devestated and I was questioning myself as a person and as a wife… well an ex-wife.
    I had found LL Jewelry in the beginning of my marriage and had received a few pieces as anniversary presents.
    When the divorce happened I bought the chinese lantern necklace and had it engraved with “Hope” and “Courage”.
    Courage for today… Hope for tomorrow.
    I wore that necklace every day for over a year and a half. And then I passed it on. I gave it to a dear friend who lost her baby in utero and her dad all within 6 months of each other. She wore it for a while and gave it back. I then passed it along to a friend who was going through a divorce of her own. She has since passed it on to another friend.
    It is a constant reminder that He gives us courage to get up and get going every day even if our hearts are breaking and that there is hope for a future…
    This necklace represents so much to me… and hopefully it can become another piece to “pass along” to those in my path who have been broken but re-stitched in time!

  47. In september my Lucy will turn 10. My oh my, how the decade has flown. Born with a congenital heart defect called tetrology of fellot with double outlet right ventrical. She has thrived. 3 open heart surgeries later, a healthy girl grows. I would love to give her this necklace as a birthday gift as a reminder that God healed her and that her scar and broken heart was a gift, she is amazing…

  48. After a perfect pregnancy, my husband and I received the heartbreaking news that our child no longer had a heartbeat. So, at 36 1/2 weeks, I gave birth to our beautiful little boy, still. It was an awful but beautiful time. The situation absolutely sucked (and still does), but I was able to see the beauty in the little things. I got to give birth, see my little boy, hold my child, and get lots of pictures. So many never even get that chance.

  49. What a lovely giveaway–thank you Lisa! I’ll be brief—but here’s my story in a nutshell–my husband of 26 years, and father to our three amazing children walked out two years ago. When I saw your necklace a couple days ago I thought, “I need that”! I have honestly been overwhelmed at how the Lord has walked me through the dark days. It all came very unexpectedly–my husband was an elder at our church, taught our Sunday School class, was the Provost of a prominent Seminary—this was never going to happen to me/us….but it did. God continues to heal my heart and the hearts of my children and the many students/colleagues/church members who loved him and learned from him. I am grateful for a healing heart. As I have read some of the many entries I felt selfish even writing, but if nothing else, I KNOW the Lord can heal a broken heart—even if he doesn’t heal the relationship. What a precious gift! (OK—so I wasn’t so brief—sorry!)

  50. I was broken when my little boy was born premature and passed away, I’m a stronger person because of him. My daughter is going through a very hard ordeal right now, she is expecting a boy and girl and her little girl has a lot of birth defects and probably won’t make it. She is so strong and I would love to give her this necklace.

  51. I was broken by abuse as a child, and just this past week, I began to tell my story on my blog:) Much beauty is coming from my brokenness. Thanks, Lisa!

  52. I have a life long friend whose heart is healing after her husband left her for someone else. They had only been married for a year. It was difficult to see her going through it because her and I both got married the same year. I almost felt guilty for enjoying my marriage and getting to know my husband when she had all of that ripped away from her. It’s been over a year now and she’s doing amazing. I’m so proud of her and this necklace would make the perfect birthday gift for her!

  53. I will enter for my daughter. She went through a divorce, her toddler diagnosed with autism, and having to go back to work all in the past 8 months. She is the bravest woman I know in the midst of brokenness.

  54. We lost a son at 2 months. This was a very difficult time for us and broke us. As the years have gone by we have come to see the beauty in the situation and are able to share our experience with others. We have lost numerous grandchildren to miscarriage and also had a grandson born still. It has been a beautiful broken time for us to be able to share with our own children. I love this necklace and what it represents. HOPE in the brokenness!

  55. Your new necklace reminds of a time in my husband and I when we truly had broken hearts.My oldest daughter suffered from depression starting in high school and it became alot worse when she started college to the point that she had to be put in the hospital. The night we put her in the hospital my heart was truly broken.Praise the lord she is doing well now! There many times along the way when I feared she would not make it.

  56. Such a beautiful piece that really captures how most of us feel. Thank you for offering an opportunity to win one.

  57. This would be a perfect gift for my sister. She has lost 3 children & is even now trying to come to terms with the losses. She is currently under intensive medical care for, and has been in hospital for almost 3 months. She is gradually emerging, and now as a family we can see glimmers of a new person emerging, stronger that before. Thanks for you generosity if spirit with what you share with us on your blog, it helps!

  58. I have a friend who is going through an absolute heart wrenching time right now…she lost her husband at a very you g age (early 20s) and they have a very young infant. It would be hard for me to give this to her now, but I would hold onto it & wait until the right time…

  59. My son was diagnosed with autism in December and my husband has depression; my heart was broken in a few places but is being mended by God’s redeeming love as I learn how to love them unconditionally and embrace their differences.

  60. My dad passed away about 6 weeks ago. He had pancreatic cancer and went to be with Jesus 2.5 weeks after his diagnosis. He was the best dad, he babysat my kids for 6 years while I taught part time. Although my heart feels broken, I know he would want me to live life joyfully serving The Lord.

  61. When I was 17 my cousin, who was 19 and also my best friend, passed away. This was my first experience with the death of someone close to me and I still miss her terribly even 30 years later!! Your jewelry is simply beautiful, but your heart is even more beautiful! Thank you Lisa.

  62. I delivered our daughter at 25 weeks weighing 1 pound 12 ounces. After a 16 day roller coaster, her little body just couldn’t fight anymore. Our little Lila Elizabeth went to heaven. Losing a child is something I never thought would be part of my life. This necklace shows how my heart is still two years after our loss. Thankful that God continues to bind up my wounds everyday! Praise Him!

  63. My second pregnancy sadly ended up being ectopic, and we lost the baby. We were devastated. We had tried for over a year to get pregnant and were so sad. Despite our grief, we went on to try again and were able have a little girl. After all the heartache of infertility and loss, just this past December we found out we where expecting again, surprisingly. I’m 30 weeks and we couldn’t be happier!

  64. My world completely broke into pieces the day I, 9 months pregnant, found my husband’s drugs in our home for the first time. After fighting desperately for our marriage for over a year, I realized that the situation was not safe for me or my sweet 1 year old son. We left, picked up the pieces, and found our true happily ever after. A man came into our lives and helped us heal our broken hearts…we have created a new, stable family. The heart necklace would represent how our hearts were mended and made brand new:) Thank you for this chance – your jewelry is so beautiful and meaningful!!

  65. For the past several years I have been working through past family abuse issues. This is the biggest brokenness in my life, but I believe that throughout this process I have grown to know God’s grace and mercy so much more deeply than I would have if my life had been easier. Your necklace and bracelet set are a perfect inspiration and reminder to find the beauty!

  66. I just love what this necklace represents. There are so many things in life that bring brokenness. I had a miscarriage years ago & my heart has always been for my children to know & love Jesus…I have one there in heaven now.

    My youngest son was born w/ a heart defect that may someday require surgery, etc. We need a miracle. even though he literally has a physically broken heart, he is the most ready to share his heart/love. This necklace reminds me of him.

  67. This is a perfect necklace for those of us who have lost our children far too soon. My own son, Carson, was stillborn at 22 weeks on September 19th, 2000. His death was one of the most difficult times during my life but since that time beauty has been created as a result. A friend of mine and I created a “Walk to Remember” ( help others who have also had to say goodbye to their child too soon. Many thanks to you, Lisa, for creating such a perfect piece that speaks to so many of us.

  68. I saw this necklace in your email today and immediately thought of my lifelong best friend who is celebrating her birthday in a few weeks. Then I read the description of the necklace and it couldn’t be more perfect. She lost her mom when she was 10 years old and has navigated life with th brokenness that brings. Life has not always been easy and not having her mom there can be a real challenge. But she is an incredibly strong woman and recently earned her doctorate in psychology. I am so proud of her and the beauty that has come from the brokenness of her life.

  69. At five months of age my youngest son was diagnosed with Ocular Albinism a rare genetic eye condition that leads to decreased visual acuity and depth perception. It was difficult to look at this beautiful baby and wonder if he was going to be able to see the world.
    Out of this pain I began to write and created a blog that has grow from a way to keeping friends and family updated to a resource for other families with this condition. Will is doing better than we could have hoped at the age of four and we can only hope that he continues his success into school and beyond.

  70. My husband & I experienced loss twice before we actually carried a baby to term. I really felt a lot of hopelessness. Following our second loss, we began a journey of seeing hope differently…seeing wholeness in the hands of a loving God. Today, though we can still feel our loss, we have stronger hope in the whole work of God and His love for us.

  71. Hello, I am sure you have some amazing stories of triumph already! My story goes a little like this….at 30 weeks pregnant with our son my husband found out he had cancer. Our family was a his mine and ours blending of two families so our soon to be sweet newborn would be the tie between all 7 of our children! November 8th, 2011 he was officially diagnosed. December 16th 2011 I had our healthy baby boy. We felt SO blessed to have such a gift! The same week out son was born my husband started chemo. Looking back I have NO clue how we go through all of this but the hardest was yet to come little did we know. March 16th 2011 my husband went back into the hospital…our son was 3 months old to the day. He fought SO hard but his body just gave out. He WON on April 2nd 2011 and got his wings to send him to heaven. It broke my heart. How do I go on and with our newborn son? One step at a time…one moment, one day at time. Walking by faith. That day my heart was broken and has mended. It will always carry the scar of missing Justin but there is SO much to be grateful for…the love we shares was SO pure and our sweet boy who is now 18 months old and a constant reminder of his Dad. ❤

  72. Many moms have children with illnesses, so I am not alone in saying that it breaks our hearts that we are not able to “make it all better” for them. I often question my faith, because I deal with a child with diabetes. He was diagnosed at 18 months and is now 20 years old. It has not gotten any easier over the years. And somewhere in that time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My boys were 7 and 3. They were my inspiration to get up each day. No time to wallow in pity about myself. Anyway, they kept me going and gave me purpose. Thanks boys !

  73. Our son, Max, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was 2 yrs old (he’s now 9). When he was diagnosed, I felt like our world had fallen apart and that I would never feel joy or peace again. Well, it’s been a long journey and there is still much pain and brokenness in this journey, but I have felt God’s nearness and deep love along the way. I am so thankful for our Max and blessed that God has chosen me and my husband to parent this little treasure!

  74. It is true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. My mother is an everyday example of this. She was diagnosed with ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrigs Disease, a progressive disease affecting the nerve cells in her brain and spinal cord. She is the strongest woman I know. For her to be there 100% in mind, and not able to do the things her body needs her to do is hard for her. Every day is a blessing that I cherish with her. She is the reason I am the woman I am today.

  75. My mom was diagnosed with a minor form of breast cancer about a month ago. I had just gotten back from college. This news was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever heard. Even though the doctors had caught it early and they were confident she would make a smooth recovery it was still a complete surprise to all of us. Seeing a parent vulnerable and scared is something I never thought I would have to go through. There were a lot of “what-ifs” in my mind and I wondered what the future held.
    Thankfully now she is doing well and recovering. I am so thankful The Lord was merciful and gracious to us!
    Both my mom, my family & especially me have come through this situation so much stronger.

  76. We have lost two babies in the last 2 years at 17 weeks…the last being in February. Both times we were left with grief and devastation of losing our children…who they would have become, being able to love on them, seeing them be loved on by their two older brothers. From day 1 of losing our babies, God has sung over me. He has given me peace, comfort, and love. And just like the Bible says, He has brought all things together for His good. I’ve had numerous opportunities to share my experiences with those that are walking through the same dark days. It truly makes a difference when you’ve been there, you know the heartache, you can cry with that person, and pray with them.

  77. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

    My heart was broken repeatedly after failed adoptions. God has given us 2 children but that was after 10 failed attempts. I can attest to the beauty of his redemption in our lives which have come from pain. My heart has been broken but his love is the stitching.


  78. {I’m trying again. Hoping my first wasn’t approved due to length. If it’s because my story isn’t acceptable, well… sadly, that’s your right to not share about this kind of brokenness.}

    My brokenness was of my own doing, but I didn’t know that for a long time. When I was 19, I found myself pregnant. My boyfriend and I decided to have an abortion.
    Christmas Eve, ten months after our abortion, we became engaged. I really believed life was good.

    What wasn’t expected was how I felt in my heart nearly all the time. This incredibly strange contrast of emotions : needing to be with him, but connecting almost only through sex and feeling empty all at the same time.

    Towards the end of the semester, I accepted that I was dying on the inside. That I felt caught in a trap and didn’t have the strength to get out.

    At times, it felt as if I was watching my fiance and I from the outside. As I watched us, I didn’t feel angry, just empty.

    I felt like a walking shell of myself. I’m a terrific actor, so I’m sure no one else noticed.

    I wish I could tell you I reached out for help. I didn’t. Not once.

    One morning in May as I came to say goodbye to my fiance until we saw each other few weeks later at our summer camp jobs, I was at the end of my rope. The rope that was strangling me.

    I finally prayed. It was a desperate plea.

    “God, I know I shouldn’t be with him anymore. I do not have the strength to leave him, though. You will have to do it.”

    I wasn’t happy or even relieved about this revelation. I was simply resigned.

    Five days later, I hadn’t heard from my fiance. Seven days, nothing. I remember being shocked.

    A month later, I called him from the only pay phone the camp counselors could use late one night. The signs were clear that something was up between us.

    As I wept on the phone listening to my fiance break up with me, someone walked into the building. He patted me on the arm, until they realized I was sobbing.

    When I turned around, it was Paul Brouse (my now husband).

    To say I was a wreck at this point would be an understatement. The fear that I had kept deep within me bubbled up: who would love me? Who? I was unlovable and the only man who couldn’t turn me away has just done so. Love was no longer for me.

    I listened to Paul’s encouraging words, but I didn’t cling to them because he was counseling me without knowing all the facts. Without knowing the truth. I carried the weight of my abortion all by myself now.

    I had traded a rope for an anchor. I no longer felt like I was dying. I felt like the death was complete.

    Until a night weeks later.

    A friend and I were talking and she said what a great person I was. The words clanged in my ears and heart. I finally said, “You wouldn’t say that if you knew the truth. What if I told you I had an abortion?”

    Jennifer is Catholic and I knew what her stance on abortion would be. I braced myself for the words I were sure would come. Harsh words. Condemning words. Angry words.

    I waited for the confirmation that I was unlovable.

    She turned and looked me in the eye and said the most unexpected words. The words that changed my life, “Are you ok?”

    How did I answer her? I started bawling. Pretty much uncontrollably.

    Her unexpected answer found a landing place in my spirit. Her concern rocked my world. Her love touched something deep within me.

    I had no idea that my empty heart was due to my abortion. No idea that my hopelessness was rooted in sin. No idea that I was not beyond grace.

    I was as caught off guard by my reaction as I was to hers.

    But something did change that night. I teeny tiny green shoot of life peaked its head out of the dark soil of my broken heart.

    It took awhile, but God put my broken heart back together.

    I couldn’t be more grateful.

  79. If I won this, it would go to my sister. She was pregnant with Twins, and miscarried one of the two. It was such a difficult time, but the second is what kept her strong, and was able to help her during the difficult time. The Lord gave her just what she needed during her time of utter distress.

  80. My heart was broken by my husband and close friend. It took me years to recover from the betrayal and divorce. I have learned from mistakes, treasured the good times and open to love. During this time, I also experienced my greatest intimacy with God! I love this piece and its symbolism..

  81. my story is intimate and personal…
    when my husband left me i thought my life would never recover. i was disillusioned. hurt. broken. but, Jesus has taken that pain and allowed me the gift of compassion for others. I have been able to pray and walk beside others in grief. he is restoring my own pain.

  82. Broken but healed! That is the story of my life! God has been good to me and my life had been, what I thought was, normal!! I had the traditional dream for my life! I would graduate from college, meet and marry a wonderful Christian man, have kids and live happily ever after! Pie in the sky dreams, I know now! I did the graduate from college, meet and marry a Christian man and start living my life parts! We were happy (or so I thought)! Well, to make a long story short, I caught my husband with another woman, we separated and then I found out I was pregnant. My husband didn’t want me, I was faced with being divorced and all of a sudden my life was turned upside-down!! I wondered often ‘how did this happen!’ ‘How did I get here?’ I did the right thing and yet my heart was still broken. I never wondered where God was! I never doubted that he had this and that he would work it out for His glory! Many years later, I am seeing God’s goodness and faithfulness in the way he put my broken heart back together and blessed my life beyond what I could have dreamed or imagined ! This charm touched my heart because it is a beautiful representation of the heart of a Christian! God is in the business of putting broken hearts back together!

  83. My journey of motherhood has broken me, but it has also mended and changed me. Through two traumatic birth experiences and a long battle with postpartum depression and anxiety, God has used my broken pieces to make me new, to fill me with a joy and peace that can only come in knowing and leaning wholly on Him. I know that without my struggles, I wouldn’t KNOW Him like I do today, because the hard times made me realize just how much I need Him. I love, love, LOVE this necklace!

  84. When I first saw this necklace it made me think of my sister. She has been battling an addiction for a very long time. It’s torn our family apart and I finally feel as though we are mending. It’s going to be a continuous battle to repair the damage that’s been done. I’m okay though and grateful for this beautiful life I’ve been given.

  85. As a child I dreamed and prayed to God for a perfect husband and blond hair/blue eyed twins (one boy one girl. When I was 18 I met a boy that said he knew I would be his wife even though I doubted it from the beginning because he didn’t fit my vision. His persistence over the next 5 years paid off and we married. We spent the large part of our 20’s trying to conceive. Month after month, we were disappointed and the side effects from the medicine got worse and worse. The years of failure had broken me and I couldn’t get past the loneliness I felt. Then one day out of the blue we received a phone call from a friend who knew two children that were going to be put in foster care unless a willing family could be found. Although the situation was portrayed to us incorrectly we agreed to meet. It wasn’t love at first site but knowing this could be our only chance we charged ahead despite many warning signs and challenges. Today marks almost two years since our adoption was finalized. Today marks almost 5 years since they moved in with us. Today marks almost 5 years since my broken heart began to heal. I have recognized over the last year or two to trust in God’s plan. We had to earn the right to be parents and prove we were worthy. God had to break me to equip me. Some say orphans are not in God’s will but I know better. Those blond haired blue eyed twins (one boy and one girl) were born to a drug addict mother and father for me. There is no doubt in my mind.

  86. This means a lot… Touches my heart in so many ways, but especially because of our recent miscarriages. The sting is always there but the peace and growth that God has brought upon me (and my husband) is a treasured gift.

  87. Our lives often don’t turn out how we think they will. Sometimes, there’s something special about the unexpected. It deepens our souls and adds a rich character to our stories, if we allow it to. In the past 8 years, my husband and I have walked a difficult road of infertility. We have grown stronger as a couple, and though there are times of tears and heartache, we continue to hope and pray for a baby.

  88. I see this and think of our adoption experience. God took something broken (a fatherless child, a struggling birthmother) and placed a newborn boy in our family. Hearts are still tender, but God binds up the wounds of the broken hearted. I pray we will continue to see how God works ALL things together for good.

  89. I’ve always been a believer in Jesus Christ but didn’t realize how broken and disconnected from Him I had really been for years. The last year I truly found my way back to Jesus. I ‘ve recommitted my life to Him. I’m so glad I realized I had been missing out on so much joy! I have never been more happy or blessed than I am today. 🙂

  90. Growing up it was really hard to get close “emotionally” to my dad. Dont get me wrong, I knew I was loved but he was the one I feared if ever I should mess up and do something wrong. He wasnt easy to talk to. Having lived the first 18 years of our marriage right next door to my mama and daddy I had/was learning to reach out to him more and how to connect with him as much as I could. He was a lot gentler soul later in life. But he was always so loving and generous and would do anything for anybody that needed him. In 2009 he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and long story short he overcame that and had good cancer free checkups for the next 4 years. In April around Easter this year he had not been feeling well and went to the Dr and was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He lost his appetite and struggled with making himself eat enough to get stronger to start Chemo. In the end he never started Chemo. He passed away on Mothers Day. And even now as Im typing this I still cant beleive that just like that my Daddy is not with me anymore. Definitely the hardest time my family has been through in many years. But I know that he is no longer suffering and I will see him again one day. I cant wait!

  91. Hi there! When I saw this necklace it actually made me think of my sister in law, not that I haven’t been thru valleys but she’s going thru one for awhile now and I thought this piece would be a great way to keep reminding her that no matter how deep the valley, if she accepts the love and support of God and her family she will get thru this.

  92. My sweet SIL is in the hospital on bed rest with her wee twin girls. She is truly the strongest woman I know. She has overcome a horrible assult several years ago, miscarriages, and a difficult pregnancy. She is goig to give birth next week 6 weeks early. Her optimism and healthy attitude amaze me every day.

    I’m having a hard time submitting this, hopefully this isn’t showing up over and over

  93. I’ve had vitiligo since I was four years old. I’ve gone through the majority of my life spotted. It’s an unusual experience to be constantly stared at an criticized. Through time, I’ve lost all my remaining pigment and now am naturally depigmented throughout my body. I have to wear sunblock year round as well as clothing to cover my skin and hats. It’s been a rough roller coaster of emotions but I’ve become a stronger person because of it.

  94. Brokenness comes to most people, and certainly the trials of this life, like job losses and infidelity in the marriage you wanted all if your life, to the broken promises of daily living will happen…BUT I believe that my God who holds all things together does not allow these things to happen without purpose and plan as He is in the business of making us whole. Without a broken heart we have no need of repair, become hardened and lacking real love. So this necklace to me would be a symbol if His redemptive love for me…. And a sure witness of that as I would share it with others.
    I share my by grace alone necklace constantly… What a way to witness!!


  96. This necklace speaks to me. I started a life with a man who I loved with all of my heart. We had a son together. This man, who was my world, turned into a very physically and verbally abusive person. After severn years together, the night that he sent me to the E.R. was the final straw for me. I packed up myself and our son and finally had the courage to leave him. Now, 12 years later, I am married to a man who loves me and treats me well. We have 3 children together and he adopted my first son. My heart, which I thought at one time would never heal from the abuse and sadness I had endured, is mended and stronger than ever now!

  97. About 5-6 weeks after my daughter was born, my husband said something to me that broke my heart and to this day (18 months later), I don’t really know I got all the pieces back.

    He said to me, “we need to talk.”

    Me: “ok.” although what I was really thinking was “uh oh this cannot be good.”

    Him: “I’m not sure this is what I want. I’m not sure if I want a child. I’m not even sure if I really want to be married (we’ve been married for 4 years at this point). Maybe I just want to live a life where I’m free; free to do what I want, when I want.”

    I didn’t even know what to say. I just cried, for a really long time. Then all I could spit out was, “well you better figure it out and figure it out now. Figure it out before Sophie gets any older.”

    Things were not the same between us for quite a while. I’m not sure I even really talked to him for about a month. All I did was cry myself to sleep every night.

    Things have gotten better. Once he realized that our daughter is the best thing that had ever happened to him. When he realized what is truly important in life. When he realized family means more than anything else in this world. He finally grew as a husband, dad and a person.

  98. This necklace spoke to me when i first saw it the other day. I just lost my best friend suddenly June 3rd. We had known each other ALL of our lives. We were like sisters. She was 39, a mother to a baby boy. I’m not there yet finding the beauty in this. But I know my memories will soon start helping mend my broken heart but right now my heart and my world are beyond broken. Her name is Jennifer, so I’d put a little j and her peridot birthstone with it. She would have turned 40 August 11th. Thank you for considering me.

  99. Reading through the stories already written mine doesn’t feel worthy, but it is mine and it is a story of a heart breaking and being mended. My son was born deaf, at the time this completely shattered my world. It took some time but now six years later I could not imagine him being any different. He has opened my eyes and world up to an awesome community and a beautiful language. And I will be forever grateful to him for that.

  100. I can’t help but think of my dad when I saw this post of Beauty in the Brokenness. My dad is the man that I aspire to be like (just as a woman.) In 1984 my mother passed away giving birth to my sister. My Dad was left with a 5yo son, 2yo daughter (me) and a newborn daughter. He worked hard, supported us took care of us and most importantly loved us. In 1987, he later fell in love and remarried to a woman that I consider to be my mom. He also accepted her two children (teens at the time) as his own. Shortly after their marriage, he took in and raised my stepsisters daughter as his own (26 years later, she still refers to him as her dad even know there isn’t the slightest blood relation.) In 2006, my older brother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 27 due to natural causes. It was super hard for the entire family and we still have our times when we miss him more than ever. However, my dad has never faltered, not once. He has been through tragic happenings and each time he has come through them from the strength that only Our Heavenly Father can give. in my eyes, my dad is a man of steel, that has been created, built and framed by God himself. The faith my dad has goes to his very core and regardless of what happens, he stands strong and he has learned to find beauty in his brokenness.

  101. I just love this necklace it reminds me of the daughter my husband and I lost! We lost her a year and half ago and my heart aches everyday for her! Just two months ago we welcomed a healthy baby girl into our lives and the blessing of having her helps with the aching we still feel for the daughter we lost!

  102. It devastated my family when my father left and although we have mended our relationship I beloved it left a scar on my heart that changed how I look at everything in life. I think I am stronger because of it and more realistic about love and relationships.

  103. Hi Lisa,
    I absolutely love this piece, so I think it is worth sharing my story with you.
    10 months ago I gave birth to mine and my partners first child, a little girl called Leyna-Morgan. Unfortunately it wasn’t the birth we’d planned for. Leyna was stillborn, due to a placental abruption which happened in the middle of the night. And although completely healthy herself, we were not able to keep her here on earth. I was 4 days overdue when we lost her. Since our loss, it has been a struggle. A struggle to do simple day to day tasks, a struggle to live the life that we should be sharing with her, and a struggle on the road to finding our new normal. But we live, every day. Next month I will be starting up a non-profit organisation where I provide candlelit memorial photography for families who lose a baby or child, from conception to 18 years. All I will be asking for are donations, which will go to the UK SANDS charity (please feel free to check them out). If I can help bring small comfort to at least one family after their loss, then I know that Leyna did not die for nothing.
    I would love to be one of the people who receives a beauty in brokenness necklace with the letter L on it. As although my heart is broken, I know this project of mine will help so many others to heal, including myself. To mend my heart in such a bittersweet way.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my story… By the way, I think your son rocks! I work with children with special needs, and they are awesome 🙂

  104. My father passed away earlier this year after battling a long illness. Even though our family new that he was in poor health, nothing can prepare you for loss of a loved one. We were all with Daddy, sitting around him on his bed when he passed away. It has been so terribly hard, and at times it feels like your heart has actually been “broken.” Now, I take comfort in anything I can that reminds me of happy times with my dad. Hearing his favorite songs, cooking some recipe that he loved, spending time with my children, making things–he always encouraged me to try new things and be creative. Doing those things that remind me of him are helping me to feel less broken.

    Earlier this year, I ordered your charm bracelet and I can relate each little charm to something about Daddy. I love wearing it and it helps me–as silly as that may sound.

    I would love to add the broken heart bracelet with a little “d” on it to my charm bracelet.

  105. I worked for a man who was a fireman for several years and really loved it before he had a tragic bicycling accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Hr went from being someone who took care of others to being completely dependent on others for his daily living. He was such an inspiration to me because he trusted in the lord that this was the life he was called to live. He shows god’s love everyday by getting out of bed every morning and spreading love to others
    through his smile despite his physical limitations. Parts of his body may be broken but he’s mended his heart to be full

  106. I was in a 3 year abusive relationship (physivally and mentally)..I finallu got the courage to get out..and start a new took about a year to realize I didn’t nees him and about 2 more years to almost be myself fully again. I had lost all my friends..everything. I am much happier now and can’t believe I didn’t leave sooner but its in the past and I’m just looking forward to the future and bettering myself everyday. 🙂

  107. God has refined me through battles with cancer and severe depression within my family. He is faithful to draw me near.

  108. Hi Lisa, I want to share the story of my Mum, who is the most courageous person I know. Despite being disabled with MS and Fibromyalga and living on her own, she is so positive and uplifting. She is always giving to others despite being needy herself. She is the most courageous and unselfish person I know.

  109. I’ve lost two babies to miscarriage in the last two years–at 15 and 16 weeks–and it will always hurt, but I am grateful for my two daughters who are here with me. I’ve struggled with bad health for so long, it seems, that I’m not sure I’ll ever be back to ‘normal’. But I’m still here.

  110. I would love to be wearing this necklace! After divorce from an abusive man, and then another, and a son on the autism spectrum, and biggest of all, a son who has overcome cancer once and is fighting it again, I continue to be greatful for the beauty in my children! Definitely finding the beauty in our brokenness.

  111. When I see this heart, I think of the amazing recovery my husband and I are having from his affair. I would never believe I would stay. I would never imagine this happening. I am overwhelmed with how much he loves me, and how he is doing, showing, working at healing us. My heart has been hurt. But I CHOOSE to learn how to forgive, CHOOSE love, and I am better for it. My heart is changed, yet it is still the best thing going 🙂

  112. Dear Lisa,
    Your words are always soothing balm for my heart. My baby turns 1 on Monday, and it’s been a year that has turned my world upside down. His birth and adoption were like a fairy tale. We met his birthmom quickly after announcing we wanted to adopt. We were in the delivery room at his birth and I was the first person to embrace him. He was ours from the moment we saw him. When he was 4 months old, our fairy tale ended and life got real. He was diagnosed with Infantile Spams (a most severe form of epilepsy) and regressed severely. Doctors said he would never walk, talk, or interact with us. My husband and I have spent countless hours on our knees in prayer. We’ve worked and worked with our little man and therapists and now he rolls over! Like you, once I stopped focusing on his diagnosis and looking at the soul Hod gave me to care for, I began to find the beauty in our little story.

    I would love to receive that necklace with a little “p” on it. The mended heart so perfectly depicts my real heart. Thank you!

  113. My mother suffers from schizoaffective disorder. For many years before she was diagnosed and they found the right balance of medications for her, she was in and out of the psychiatric ward. She was in a dark place all alone. At the time I was angry at her. But as she’s healed, and our family has healed, I have seen the grace that has come from it. How she has emerged from her illness with more love and patience and understanding. She has slowly rebuilt her own life. And our entire family has slowly rebuilt and healed together–much closer and stronger than before because of the years that we were fractured.

  114. I’m a single mom, survivor of domestic violence/sexual assault/rape, victim advocate and now full-time nursing student. My 4yo son and I have spent the last four years in hiding from my pedophile ex-husband. Despite the years of living in fear, in/out of the ER with anxiety attacks, watching my rear-view mirror and living in shelter, God has healed my heart, renewed my trust in Him and made me a better person because of it all. I can honestly thank Him for the journey!

    My healing and freedom has allowed me to touch the lives of others in profound ways! As my schedule allows, I travel and speak/sing, sharing my story and encouraging all women that “just as every snowflake that falls from the sky is unique and special, so am I” – we are ALL special and do not deserve abuse!

    I graduate nursing school in December and plan to use my license to educate the community (specifically children) on health (nutrition, hand-washing, hygiene, etc.) and safety (what to do in an emergency, how to call 911, stranger-danger, “good touch”/”bad touch,” etc.). With teens, we will discuss date rape, recognizing an abuser, how to get out safely, drug awareness, etc. With women: “dangerous love” will speak to women who are pregnant and living with an abuser.

    As well, my current ministry (Signal On Ministries) is expanding to educate the community and church staff on recognizing abusive characteristics, how to safely help someone in an abusive situation, connecting them with local resources, provide community worship services, etc.

    It’s incredibly exciting and humbling to look forward to the future and see the powerful ways God will use my horrific past to touch others!

  115. Thank you for this post today, Lisa! My story of brokenness seems to be coming to an incredible close. Six months ago after a big cancer scare, I lost my ability to have more children.

    On Monday, I received a call from the Be the Match, the national bone marrow donation registry. I am a preliminary 6/6 match for a young women with leukemia. My cheek swab sample was sent to the lab for further testing to see if I’m a 10/10 match to donate my bone marrow.

    I went from having a very broken heart to a full, optimistic, grateful and humbled heart. I’m excited to see what this journey brings and have spent many hours in prayer that I can give life in a different way to someone who desperately needs it.

  116. My story: my father was diagnosed with cancer two and a half years ago. He was told he had six months to a year. Our worlds were crushed. He lived exactly six months and never lost his amazing faith. He made the pain so much better on us because he was so excited about seeing Jesus that it didn’t matter what it took to get there, he was ready. Of course the selfish side of us wanted him to fight and stay with us as long as possible but he had lived his whole life for the day he got to see Jesus face to face. So he passed peacefully and as ready as he was I never knew what the next two year of grief would ever be like. My sweet mother has grieved and grieved. Well to try to make a long story short about 3 months ago she came to me and said that she thinks it is time to take her wedding rings off. It was just a constant reminder of their wonderful like together and it was holding her back. (She is only 51) so she thought about it for about a week and also cleaned his closet out and took his cloths to the mission of hope. So the day came when the wedding rings came off and my heart was sad but this is not about me. I just wanted to hang onto every last memory of him that I could. So the next day we went to a 15 year birthday celebration for my church and my pastors wife saw my mom and said I want to introduce you toy brother in law. So they met and that was it. Now keep in mind the thought of dating literally made my mother sick. So the next afternoon he called her and said he knows that this may sound crazy but he wants to have dinner with her Friday. Not a date just a little dinner because he also had been broken for the past two years (a different situation but awful) and he did not want to rush anything and make her feel uncomfortable. Well on July 1st they are getting married;) he is a traveling minister and such an amazing man of God! We have fallen in love with him and I have never seen my mother so happy and giddy! Just a month before she met him we were literally talking about moving her in with us because we did not want her to be alone and she wasn’t getting any better and now she is like a young teenager in love. My heart is overflowing with happiness for her. God works. He finds beauty in the brokenness. I would love for her to wear this on her wedding day:) it would mean so much to her and myself. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I have completely fallen in love with sweet David! What a blessing he is! That sweet smile warms my heart.

  117. Many things come to my mind. We have 3 children that were born into heaven by miscarriage at a time when people told you to forget it and go on. I’m so thankful it is no longer that way. We had 9 foster children one of whom we were trying to adopt, but I got pregnant with our oldest daughter. Three years later we had another daughter. Thank You God! Our oldest daughter has had 3 babies born into heaven by miscarriage and a failed adoption. We celebrate them! My Mom died suddenly at a young age from an aneurysm. My youngest sister is a survivor of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My husband’s brother had down syndrome and cancer. My husband’s parents had cancer. I was the primary caregiver for my father-in-love. I have dealt with all these things because of my faith in God!!!! If I won this I would give it to our oldest daughter who has already signed up for this giveaway.

  118. Reading all of these stories I’m thinking there is so much heartbreak in this world. I’m so happy we have hope through God! My sister and I have always been close, so when she called me to tell me that she was getting divorced in early 2010 I was shocked. She had been hiding from me that he abused her and since they lived in another city I didn’t see him when he had been drinking. I had noticed she was losing weight and having strange health issues caused by stress in the year that they had been married. I just thought she was stressed at work and having a few minor new marriage issues. I loved her husband as my brother, and she didn’t want to speak badly about him to me. When she told me this I was also having extreme morning sickness with my third child, so the whole world seemed… off kilter. Since then I’ve seen her emerge with much more kindness and sympathy for the people and world around her. Her heart has grown so much and our relationship is stronger and more honest because we walked through those dark days together. I love this piece and it’s so true- there is beauty in brokenness.

  119. I was born with a fairly large hole in my heart. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 17 years old. The surgeon patched the hole in my heart, the summer after I graduated high school. Since giving my life to Christ, He has worked in amazing ways to heal my heart, spiritually. Blessings to you and thank you for creating this lovely piece.

  120. I love your backstory on this piece. Recently, my friend Ashlyn Murphy, lost her 18 day old son due to a very rare congenital heart defect. She found out about this at 20 weeks, and endured the rest of her pregnancy fearfully, but with grace and prayer. Sawyer was born into a world of uncertainty. His parents only briefly knew him without tubes or monitors, holding him only in the most rare of circumstances. Yet, her faith is holding her up in this place none of us would want to be. You can check out more on her story here

    What a blessing it would be to see this piece go to her.

    Thank you for your art and your open heart. I love the products I own and I love directing people to your site when they compliment them!

  121. I have a beautiful, unexpected 4 month old baby with my boyfriend. I am so blessed to have her. My father passed away, unexpectedly a year and a half ago. Anytime my daughter does something cute or laughs, etc. I grab my phone to email my dad. I do it all the time. I hope and pray that he is watching down on us and serving as her guardian angel. My heart breaks that he is missing out in this joy. But, my hope is that he isn’t missing out at all. He has the best seat I the house, after all. I try living positively for her and for my dad. My heart aches but is healing every day. I miss him. He would have made her laugh with the best of ’em. I love this necklace and its meaning. It would mean the world to have it next to my C letter necklace. I didn’t even mean to, but my dad and daughter’s names both start with a C.

  122. Wow, the stories shared here are beautiful. Priceless, I believe! When I first saw this heart I started to cry. About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. With the past of the years I had 4 tumors removed and 4 surgeries. The stitching on the heart represents my own scars and stiches. I have two adorable little girls & a wonderful husband and everytime we see the movie “The night before Christmas” we all agree that I’m the girl in rags that has many stitches and sometimes falls apart! That does happen, sometimes. But, the love for God & my family holds me back together. I am currently battleling a new tumor on my chest, but my faith in God, the love of life and knowing that I have a purpose in life gives me strength. So do you, so does your adorable boy. Scars here & there are nothing but a beautiful reminder of life and that there is more to do. And that means “possibilities” that still needs to be discovered! Thank you for the space you have provided here for all of us to share our stories! Bless your heart!

  123. Reading these examples of brokenness is healing in itself. God is near to the broken hearted, it’s true. A year and a half ago I lost my husband to depression/suicide. Our kids were 5, 3, and 2 years old. My whole world changed in an instant. The tunnel I found myself in was very dark, very scary. God was always with me though, and I never felt alone. Slowly I saw how healing my kids would be to me and my heart. They have very few memories of him because of their ages so every day I try to tell them a funny story or memory I have of him. Every day it hurts. But every day God gives me enough to make it through.

  124. I love how pure David’s spirit is. You are so right about that that doesn’t break us makes us stronger. I’d love to win either of these for my sister. Although she doesn’t talk about it as much, I know it’s on her mind and heart every day – we lost her first baby girl at 8 months old to a terminal illness and it was traumatic for all of us. Ten years later she is happier, has 2 healthy children who light up our lives, but the loss of Brianna certainly taught us to embrace the little moments for life is short! Thanks Lisa for the giveaway!

  125. I would give this necklace to my sweet friend Courtney. She and her husband, Jarod, have an almost 2 yr. old special needs daughter. This angel girl is precious and wonderful, but with her special needs comes a lot of challenges. She often has siezures, and several other medical problems, but they are both so good with her and have worked so hard with her in different therapies and such. They recently found out they were expecting a second child, and though cautious, after several doctors visits, they were told the baby seemed very healthy with no signs of problems. A few days ago, at around 15 weeks pregnant, Courtney miscarried that sweet second baby. They are heartbroken, of course, but still so encouraging to others. Her facebook status the other day was, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name. Job 1:21”. She is a wonderful mother and awesome woman of God. I think this necklace is perfect for her, and even if I don’t win it, I will probably end up buying it for her when I get paid. Thank you for your beauty, your rawness, and your encouragement that even in our imperfections, there is beauty, healing and even strength!

  126. wow, these stories are at once empowering, devastating, powerful. I admire the courage and tears, triumph and joy shared on this one blog post. You women deserve this more than I. Virtual hugs and high fives to you all.

  127. I would love to win this for my mom. She had her heart broken 7 years ago with the sudden passing of my dad. The man she had been with since 15 years old. Her heart still aches, but with God it has been stitched together & she is starting to shine again.

  128. I have often told my friends that I am a lot like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (which is, ironically, at this time playing on our TV as I write this) — I have seen some of life’s greatest tragedies, and survived them through counting my lucky stars, cherishing the laughs (yes, even those through tears), and knowing that this is all – absolutely – for a reason.

    At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease. My first realization that my own heart – and life – were not perfect. Less than a year later I would realize just how cruel life can actually be sometimes, when my younger sister – Kellie – died. Suddenly, without rhyme or reason, no explanation. One day she was here, healthy, vibrant – the next day we were left with questions unanswered. The ones left to carry on her vibrancy. And, so. I have.

    Stitching my tiny broken – and sometimes even shattered – pieces back together – maybe not perfectly. But, in just the way that they are supposed to be. Knowing that, somehow, this heart still beats – just as it is: energetic, happy, and loved – through those stitchings.

  129. This would be a wonderful gift for my friend, Emilie. She gave birth to her son, Tressel who had heart issues. Before he ever turned 1, he had to have heart surgery. Due to a hospital staff error, Tressel died following surgery. What was a tragic loss, became a beautiful mission for Emilie. She celebrates Tressel’s short life by living each day fully. We also now have a Tressel Meinardi Day in our city to celebrate kindness. Emilie also organized a book drive throughout Indiana and the US collecting over 2000 books to give to children in hospitals. When it would have been easy to become bitter, Emilie mended her heart, and ours, by praising God throughout and being a model of true love. Please choose her for this gorgeous necklace!

  130. I’ve read others stories and it makes mine so minor. I have a special needs grown daughter. She is a good girl. But that bumpy road calls to her over and over. I took care of her, my mom and my dad for quite a while. Mom and Dad are gone. And I am older. I do not have the strength I once had. My daughter needs more than I have in me. I feel she needs a better mother. I love her with every once of my being. And I pray that is enough. I know God is with us every step.

  131. Wow, I wish I would win the lottery because I would buy these necklaces in bulk and give them out to countless people I know. I tried to think of one individual who would deserves it most, but every story is beautiful, heart-breaking and deserving on its own.
    I have friends who have lived through my biggest fear, losing a child….I have friends who know the heartache of not being able to have children from their own body…..I have friends who have lived through the nightmare of losing a beloved spouse….I have friends who are facing the prospect of dying young and leaving spouses and children behind….and I have friends that have faced and are facing things that require a strength and perserverance that only God can provide.
    Everyone of them, through His grace and strength, is emerging, even more beautiful than before.
    I love how you are using your life and heart to create something that resonates in so many souls.
    I have seen this link light up my FB wall this morning and that is the testimony of how powerful God’s body is. Women can raise up other women, through our own heartache and pain, to help carry them and let them know, “You are not alone. You will emerge.”
    I love this. You should be proud.
    P.S. I don’t know how you are ever going to choose just 5, the stories are heartbreaking and all so deserving of the beauiful picture of hope you have created.

  132. My hardest time in my life turned into something beautiful that reminds me of this necklace and bracelet. In November 2009, on a regular Sunday, I got news that changed my life. My uncle Charlie was my godfather and had lived down the street my entire life. We were very close as he never married or had kids. He bravely fought end stage renal failure for 10 years including frequent dialysis. He had suffered a stroke around Columbus Day that year. The first call I got that Sunday from my parents let me know that Charlie had decided to enter hospice and discontinue dialysis. It was a matter of time. Unfortunately, the news got worse. My grandmother (fathers mom) was also ill. They did not feel she had much time. Charlie was my mother’s brother and with my dad’s mom also on death’s door, we felt it on both sides. The third call was a shocker. It was from an investigator who toldu husband that his birth mother had tracked him down and wanted to meet us-immediately. In the context, it was too much. Ultimately a week later my grandmother died. The day we buried her, my uncle and godfather passed. The day after was Thanksgiving and also my first blow up fight with my new “mother in law” when she insisted we attend dinner st her house. My husband, who is adopted but has always wanted to know his birth mother, was dealing with his own things and I felt very alone. Ultimately, the situation really brought out what was missing from our lives. In January 2010 I got pregnant with my daughter. Now a few years later, we have a good balanced relationship with my husband’s birth mom. It was a hard hard time for me but I feel I came out stronger and more blessed

  133. Last year I lost my sweet baby girl at 22 weeks of pregnancy while out of the country for my brother’s wedding. My heart was absolutely shattered. However, I can already see the ways that God has used that to strengthen and grow me. The experience has also grown my empathy and compassion. God is good and faithful, even through the dark places. Beautiful piece and heart behind it!

  134. Love this necklace, it is a beautiful reminder of what God can do!
    I have been through quite a bit in the past several years. Lots of loss and heartbreak in my marriage. It isn’t something I generally talk about, but is has been really rough. I know whatever the outcome is, God will be there for me and has a plan for my life. I full trust Him with my life. He will heal my heart!

  135. The month of May was a terrible one for my family. My dad passed away and it was a very traumatic experience for My morher. I flew 8 months pregnant to be at his funeral. Then one week later she had to put to sleep her 14 year old dog. Then 2 weeks later my best friend’s 1.5 year old son passed away during his nap. I just can’t believe all of his happened in one month. I was so sad I couldn’t go be with my best friend during her hard time. I would give the necklace to her as a small way to show I cared. I know she has such faith in God and I am in awe of her beautiful example as a mother. The day after she buried her beautiful boy my beautiful boy was born. On June 1st. Starting a new month with love and hope.

  136. I would give this necklace to my 8 year old niece. She is the oldest of 4 children and in November her mom left them. Her heart is broken and she doesn’t understand how her mom could do that if she loved them. I know her heart will eventually be stitched back together and strong again, but right now her little mind can’t grasp the why. I have faith that all things happen for a reason.

  137. I was broken by poor decisions, after poor decisions all made by myself. I knew about God & believed in him, but I failed to surrender my life to him. During that time from 14-19 I hurt myself, cracking my self esteem, my reputation, and physically but myself I danger. After giving my life to Christ, God uses those cracks & imperfections to show others His glory. Although I wish I would have made other choices earlier on, he took my mess & made it into something beautiful.

  138. My husband was killed March 25, 2012 while riding his motorcycle. A lady didn’t see him while making a left turn, his femoral artery was severed and died within 5 min of me receiving the “bretts been in an accident” phone call. Our kids were 3 and 4 months at the time so it breaks my heart for them to never know the amazing man he had become while mastering the art of being a father. You can read more details regarding that weekend if interested on my blog (that I no longer keep up with).

    I love this piece and immediately knew I had to have it once I saw it 🙂 amazing woman – yes you are!!!

  139. I have a dear friend who just underwent open heart surgery at the young age of 34. She had an enlarged aorta that needed to be replaced. She has 2 young boys and a wonderful husband. My story has a happy ending – my friend came thru stronger and her new aorta is working! She has a gorgeous scar to prove her strength. I would LOVE to give this sweet necklace or bracelet to her! xoxo

  140. I fell head over heals for this necklace at first sight.

    Back in 2011 my world as I knew it shattered. All in one day I discovered my husband of 12 years had been cheating & moved out.
    I bore the burden of telling our 2 children.
    I thought I was literally dying. The floor was gone from my world.
    Every single day I made sure to get up, get dressed and get everyone to school & work. I cried when they couldn’t see. after some time a fog lifted and I realized I lost myself in this marriage. I forgot who I was.
    So, I’ve been rediscovering myself one day at a time since that awful moment.
    My heart is forever altered but every day a new piece stitches back together.
    This necklace was made for me. It spoke to me before I ever read your caption on IG.
    Thank you for the chance to win it.

  141. I’m in the broken season, waiting for the stitched up, stronger than before part. Haven’t lost hope yet.

  142. We had hoped to add another little one to our family a year ago but instead we mourned two little angels. I am finally emotionally ready to start trying again but the pain of the miscarriages is still pretty raw–and unfortunately, I think it will forever stay that way. We are trusting in the Lord’s timing and plan because His plans are always far greater than our earthly plans.

  143. I would have to say my heart was most broken when I delivered my full-term, still born baby girl, Madeleine. I can definitely relate to having stitches in my heart, because a heart can never fully heal from something like that. I would love this necklace to represent exactly how, sometimes, you can still feel the pain of the stitches.

  144. 23 years ago my youngest child was born too early, too small, and too sick to survive. I was devastated but threw all but prayers and efforts to help him grow and thrive. He has bilateral microphthalmia which means that his eyes are too small and malformed to have vision. Over the years we had other dx’s thrown at us :developmentally delayed, epileptic, autistic, OCD, etc. etc. etc. My son now lives in his own home with a full time staff, reads Braille, plays the piano guitar and drums, works part time, and has a high school diploma. I have rejoiced at every acheivement. Along the way, however, I lost my husband and am newly divorced. It has been dreadful but today I was handed the keys to my very own house. I have one more year of design school and a very fresh vision of the future. This necklace would be a great way to celebrate my new life and rise from the ashes of my old one.

  145. Wow…such beautiful meaning behind this necklace! My story is that I have gone through two miscarriages, that would be the broken part…then God stitched me up and made me whole when He blessed me with two gorgeous girls 🙂

  146. Oh this is so perfect for a family member who is just now coming out of a very dark season. The Lord has been so faithful to restore her!!

  147. The short version of my story is that I’ve been pregnant six times, and conceived seven babies… but I’ve only been allowed to hold two of them in my arms. Two of my four miscarriages were life-threatening, and when I finally experienced a healthy pregnancy (#4), I contracted West Nile Virus at 30 weeks, nearly killing both of us. However, through it all, Christ proved himself faithful. Our marriage was never in danger, and we had the love and support of our friends and family. It was a season in life when I discovered the true meaning of joy.

  148. Thank you for this give away.

    I would like to enter, not for myself, but for my sister-in-love. Last week on Wednesday her son was crossing the street when he was hit by a car. Needless to say, he has spent a little over a week now in the pediatric intensive care unit. His injuries are many and serious. Scott, Christiana’s husband and Aaron’s father, had to return to work because he knows that he will be needed at home later when Aaron is well enough to be released. Although her husband has had to be 4 hours away, Christina has been strong, leaning on the powerof the prayers of many who are constantly thinking about their family through this time.

    This necklace would be a perfect encouragement to Christina and in the future, when this struggle is only a memory, the necklace would serve as a reminder to her that she is strong enough to make it through anything and to look for the beauty that is sometimes buried in the broken.

    Please, consider Christina.

    Thank you,
    Sonja Greene

  149. My grandma lost her love of 55 years January of 2012. Through this loss she reconnected with her high school sweetheart who had lost his wife a few months prior. The two of them began nightly phone calls and helped each other through their stages of grieving. This past January, we celebrated their marriage. Even though they are both still dealing with the loss of their spouses, they have found hope and comfort in each other. All of us kids are seeing two hearts mending together and it is truly beautiful.

  150. When I saw this I knew it was instantly something that I needed because it represents so much of how I feel. After 14 years and 4 miscarriages my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful little boy. He is now 20 months old and while I will never be over my babies I lost, my little man is helping me heal.

  151. My story started in 2006 when I was diagnosed as infertile. It was a heartbreaking time of reflection, sadness, and a feeling of hopelessness. At the lowest time I had 10 different women from different parts of my life tell me they were expecting, there was no where I could go to be away from it. God used my broken heart, made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. Little did I know He was preparing me for something even greater than I imagined – Adopting our son from South Korea in 2010. My broken heart was healed, scared, but stronger than I ever knew it could be.

  152. What a beautiful story behind this gorgeous piece! The beauty of life is no matter what obstacles we face we always emerge from it a better and stronger person.
    mcchaublog at gmail dot com

  153. My friend is starting to see beauty finally emerging from deep pain in her marriage. It’s been a long journey but I have no doubt that God has a plan to make them stronger and more like him and to use their struggles to reach others.

  154. We have had our share of health trials as well. My second son had digestive issues since birth. I went from doctor to doctor looking for answers. Eventually we ended up making trips back and forth to a Children’s Hospital three hours away from our home in hopes of helping our son. It felt like I lived between a hotel and my sons hospital room more than not, for several years. Fast forward 5 years, we turned to a holistic doctor and began healing our family of five. Through allergy elimination treatments, doors have been opened for the kids to eat so many more things. Our son, Grant, is still small for his age, but is flourishing beyond what we thought would ever be possible. At times it is still painful to think back over surgery and everything we have been through in his 12 years, but God has taught us much as he held our hands on this remarkable journey! Beauty does come from brokenness! Thanks for letting us share our hearts and stories with you.

  155. Absolutely gorgeous piece. I immediately thought of a roommate from college who lost her baby boy after only a few short days. They have struggled with the loss but are now expecting a child. Their hearts still hurt but they are a stronger couple now.

  156. I was broken when my husband was diagnosed with leukemia. He was doing fabulously after chemo and having a bone marrow transplant, until he relapsed and eventually passed away, a little over two years ago. While his illness, treatment, and death was the toughest time of our lives, I was priveleged to be there with him. Caring for my husband has been the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. Not only did I get to support him, I learned a lot about my own strength and character. I am stronger because of that time in my life.

  157. There is no way to ease into this topic so I will just come out with it. My life has been a series of struggles, but I always knew if I worked very hard that I could succeed in life (be happy even). My mother struggled with depression, multiple suicide attempts, history of cutting, history of alcoholism, victim and survivor of sexual abuse. That is a pretty long list huh? All of my mother’s struggles align perfectly well with my childhood. College was never even mentioned. My parents simply could not afford a dime. Happy endings can be a reality of that I am living proof. I graduated from Penn State University, married my soul mate, and have two beautiful boys. Scars never go away, but you can choose how they affect your life. For better or worse.

  158. Broken beyond belief after being a domestic violence victim. As a physician, I know now that having gone through that experience allows me the perspective to have the extra insight and empathy needed to help my patients going through the same.

  159. It makes me think of my divorce and how my heart was broken. However, the love and support of my two sons brought me together to be whole along with my God who loved me through it all.

  160. Isaiah 61:1
    The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners…

    This verse–this chapter–this truth

    I can recall several times in my life where I have seen God long to bind up my broken heart. Through dealing with past sin–embracing freedom. Through dealing with financial difficulties–no longer living in secrecy and shame. Through self image issues and singleness–He has bestowed upon me a crown of beauty and calls me beloved.

  161. When I first saw this necklace a few days ago, I immediately thought of a parent of one of my students. I am a preschool teacher and I teacher both children with special needs and typically developing peers. I had a student last year who was born with a congenital heart defect. She has had 6 heart surgeries in her short life and is on her way to Boston (from AZ) for another in the fall. I know first hand the pain that this family goes through on a daily basis and I would love to give this necklace to her mother for being strong and continually fighting against CHD.

    Thanks for your offer. xx

  162. Happy 1st day of summer, by the way. Thank you for this post. I immediately thought of two very important people in my life. First, my sweet and independent sister who three years ago suffered multiple strokes that have left her paralyzed and needing constant care. Her world was turned upside down and inside out. Over time she has returned to me, laughing and loving her days…listening and looking for God’s touch. Second is my strong and adventurous father-in-law who smack in the middle of living life to the fullest has been overcome with an incurable brain tumor. He has refused to go quietly. He’s living life from his hospice bed, entertaining countless visitors, writing devotional booklets, enjoying family, laughing, crying, and properly preparing to die. I love these two people dearly. It’s a privilege to walk with them both through this time.

  163. I love this piece it speaks to so many people in so many different ways. In 2001 my father passed away very unexpectedly. It shatter my heart and my world. Over the years you would think healing would come, but after having kids it just seemed to get harder. Until I finally gave it to The Lord!!! I gave him the pain the hurt and all the different feelings. I know tell stories to my kids about their grandpa in heaven and instead of crying I laugh and smile when I think of my dad and what a wonderful life he had. I still miss him dearly but I know that The Lord picked my heart back off the ground and stitched it back together. That’s why this piece means so much to me.

  164. We have had so much loss here this past year. Starting with our dear friends of over 46 years who lost their oldest son at 23. He was just married 12 days and past away in a work place accident. I ordered 5 of your love heart necklaces with a pearl for the Mom, wife, sister, Mother in law and aunt. They now have something beautiful to remember this wonderful young man. I also engraved his favorite bible verse on the back. I also purchased 3 more of the same necklaces for a young mom, Nana, and Aunt who lost 2 baby boys. Their names were engraved on the back.
    Seven months later my son in laws cousin lost their beautiful baby girl hope at 14 months. She was born missing her left side of her heart. She was just listed for transplant but sadly did not make it. I have been waiting to ask Hope’s mom to pick a necklace from your website when my daughter called me all excited and asking if I had seen your new broken heart necklace. She thought it would be perfect for Amy. Although Hope’s heart was broken here on earth we all know she now has a perfect heart in heaven. The good news this year is all of our friends and family celebrate knowing we will see The baby boys James and Joel as well as Jordan and Hope in heaven one day.
    Amy’s story can be read on her blog MendingHeartsandBendingKnees. Elise has her blog on Learning To Fly
    Your beautiful creations have been a soothing balm to many broken hearts.
    Thank you Lisa

  165. Wow, I would be thrilled to win this. This piece speaks to me so much. My mother was broken and proved to me and my little sister (who she raised herself) that just because you feel broken, doesn’t mean you can’t glue yourself back together and grow to be even stronger! My mom is my hero, and she’s helped repair my ripped and broken heart many times. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway!

  166. My sweet niece was pregnant with her first child at the same time I was pregnant with my 3rd child. We had fun celebrating together when we found out we were both having little girls and both pregnancies went along without any complications. Her due date came along before mine and everything seemed fine. She went to her dr for a check up and her sweet baby girl had died in utero. She had to go through a full labor and delivery only to not see her daughter take a breath. Her heart was broken and mine too. A week and a half later I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. It was so bittersweet as I got to have what she did not. Now she is the mom to 2 more beautiful children and step mom to another 2 with a 5th on the way! She is doing beautifully but there are still times she is reminded of her dear baby Mattilyn.

  167. We have friend who lost their 5 yr old son last Sept in a drowning accident. It was heartbreaking. They have gone on to do INCREDIBLE things honoring his lil short life.
    Their faith, honesty and strength has been AMAZING!
    You can go to to see all they have done. there tagline is go out. be great. and they are doing just that. They have raised funds to rebuild the playground at Nathan’s school because he LOVED to be outside and play. Just a precious lil boy, lost too soon.

  168. What a gorgeous and meaningful piece! In terms of brokenness, what’s on my mind most in this area is my strained relationship with my mother. Since last summer, we have not been able to communicate well, due to a series of misunderstandings. This summer, she finally reached out and owned up to some of the things she’s done that caused the issue, which gave me room to respond with an open heart. Here’s to healing up the broken pieces in all of us!

  169. My story of brokenness is about a road of infertility and multiple miscarriages. Years of enduring a broken body and a broken heart each time I experienced loss, I am much stronger for it. I wouldn’t trade my story for anything. God’s grace led me through and I have two beautiful miracles babies as a reminder that there is beauty in brokenness and its all for our growth and his glory. Would LOVE to win this!

  170. Early on in my marriage we got pregnant and we were filled with such excitement about the coming baby. Several months in I miscarried. It was heart breaking and it made me wonder about what I had done wrong. God brought people to surround me with love and care though that experience and since then I have met so many people who have also gone through similar or even much more difficult circumstances. But as God healed my heart he helped me to see that the pain gives us empathy to be there for the next person and to love deeper. Thanks for you sharing your story as well.

  171. Last April we found out we were going to be the very proud parents of twins! They were due to join our family in November (the week of Thanksgiving!). The pregnancy was going beautifuly when all of a sudden I went into labor 3 months early. Our beautiful daughters were born by an emergency c-section. God was holding us in the palm of his hand as our daughters were born with no health complications. They had to stay in the NICU for 2 months to be on oxygen and receive close monitoring. We fed them by tubes, they had little IV’s, lots of equipment on their heads to help their lungs develope. This was difficult as the hospital is 45 mintues away and I needed to see my daughters every day. My heart was broken. I felt like I let these girls down. They came into this world 3 months early and had to spend the first 2 months of their life in the NICU where we could only hold them for a minium amount of time. Our family was complete on Thanksgiving when both girls came home! We are so very blessed, and know this is nothing short of a miracle. I am still driven to tears when I think back to how their little lives began as my heart is still heavy but extremly grateful to have my wonderful children.

  172. This is such a beautiful piece. This year has been a year of loss for our family. My husband and I both lost our grandmothers, who spoke so much life into our lives. One died after a long, hard battle with cancer and the other to a brain aneurysm. My stepfather’s father died last week. We walked with friends through a miscarriage and watch another dear family say goodbye to their 6 month old son from a post heart surgery complication. Over and over I have cried out the lord that the Holy Spirit would be the glue that holds my broken heart together. I know that often new life comes from what has passed away, but for now, I press on in the brokeness, knowing that sorrow may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

  173. I love this necklace. I lost my dad when I was 14 in a tragic car accident. He was coming home after being gone for 6 months planting trees in another state. I remember that night in detail. I thought a robber had broke into the house because my mom was screaming/crying and then said, “Put me down.” Then some family friends came to my room because I was screaming/crying and told me my dad had a bad wreck. I went back to sleep praying all night long that my dad would be okay…not knowing he was already gone. It was so hard growing up without a dad, and I still miss him today.

  174. I lost my grandpa on Christmas day 2011. He and my grandma (who passed away in 1996) practically raised me. He was my father, when mine was never around. I had planned on my grandpa walking me down the aisle when that big day came. Unfortunately, he will never be able to.

  175. My story is more about my husband than me & it’s no where near the other stories but it means a lot to me. I gave birth to my beautiful son 6 weeks ago by c section. I’ve always had some kind of body issue & being a dance instructor always felt pressure into having the “perfect” body. I cried when I was told I had to have a c section. That was it. I would have a scar to add to the stretch marks which broke my heart. As soon as I held my son I forgot about that stuff but then the recovery started & clothes didn’t fit the way they used to & I felt ugly. I was broken. My incredible husband reminds me every day that he finds me beautiful & he loves my imperfect body as it gave him a perfect son. As the stitches dissolve, my incision heals & I see my “broken” body as something that carried a perfect body for 39 weeks.

  176. My childhood best friend, the one who slept over with me at my dad’s house because she knew he wouldn’t hit me if she was there, the one who slipped a twenty in my mom’s purse because she knew we didn’t have any more food for the week, the one who loaned me prom dresses I couldn’t afford, who took a week off work when my baby son was in the NICU to drive 4 hours to watch my other boys, who wrote the most beautiful letter of recommendation for our upcoming adoption… she lost her very first baby the Friday before Mother’s Day. It was a girl, the first princess to join up with my brood of four boys, and she was so, so, so wanted. By her mommy and daddy, but also by all the rest of us who love them. As she’s walked this awful road, her honesty about her hurt, her deep commitment to honor the memory of her daughter, her grace as she encounters those well-meaning, but cruel people who say the things they shouldn’t say… it has deeply touched me and shown me that when God placed her in my life, He gave me a rare gift. Very few people have the gift of a friend like her. Watching her live this out is gut-wrenching, but as with everything she has ever done, she’s doing it with great beauty and love.

  177. I have to share the story of my mom. She and my dad got married probably almost 50 years ago. They couldn’t wait to have children. They started trying pretty much right away. Needless to say, nothing was happening. They started to go to a doctor to see what the problem was. After going, there was a program at the NIH to study women who couldn’t get pregnant and to try a couple new drugs that they wanted to come out with. My mom was accepted to the program! There were a ton of shots, so many, in fact that one evening a police officer started to talk to my mom on the street. WOndering why, my dad realized she had track marks going up her arms from all the shots, he wanted to make sure that she wasn’t on something. Anyway, turns out that on her last try of the drug, she got pregnant. She spent her whole pregnancy in the hospital on the cancer ward. After losing one of the 4 babies she was carrying, she gave birth to three perfect babies. Turns out, the reason why she couldnt’ get pregnant was she had a tumor. AFter taking meds and going to doctors, she is OK. Thank you for this inspiring give a way!

  178. I lost my Grandy to dementia a year and a half ago, though really the dementia took her way before then, bit by bit. She was my family’s matriarch and my rock. It has been rough healing, but I’m getting there.

  179. When I saw the necklace I thought if my dear friend who has had a few heartbreaks and always keeps going. Sometimes she needs a reminder that it is all worth it to stay strong and keep going. I would love to give her this as a way to remind her about the strong wan she is

  180. My grandfather died after a terrible, drawn-out fight with GI tract (stomach, esophageal, colon) cancer. The months he was in pain and fought for life were so dark and painful. He died in my grandma’s arms, when she finally told him “it’s okay to let go, David, we will be okay” and he was holding my hand. When we emerged from the room where his physical body remained, we knew he had gone in peace and were surrounded by the people that loved him most and that was our first glimmer of light. At his funeral, and in the days since, his friends and coworkers have reached out to us in kindness and we are reminded of him every day, either through a song on the radio he liked, or we smell someone wearing his cologne, or we glance at the hundreds of photos of him still around the house, and that is where we find the beauty in the brokeness.

  181. OK let’s see if I can type this.. right now I am 26 1/2 (yes the 1/2 is so important) wks expecting our little blessing. I was actually in the hospital and got home back to my other babies & husband this past Monday afternoon after being in the hospital for 10 days.Now I am in bed rest till noted. Those 10 days were full of fear and tears but they were also full of faith and prayers. I have been blessed w/4 amazing children. Sadly we have one of those 4 looking down on us as we lost her to SIDS 7yrs ago so you can image right now w/our sweet 5th the fear to think anything would happen but I hold on to my faith and his Love for us. So no matter how my heart may want to break into pieces he holds it together and reminds me of his grace and love. No matter this road we are on now all I continue to say is Jesus I trust and you and hold to that in my forever mended heart.

  182. My twin sister lost her best friend to cancer two months ago. Even though my sister lives in Europe she came home more times in the year that Julia battled lung cancer than she has in the 5 years she has lived overseas combined. Julia and my sister, Rachael, had a friendship that should be envied by all. They were true partners in crime, amigos, hooligans… they did EVERYTHING together, including see the world. My sister is getting married in November and is having a hard time being excited about the day that should be the best day of her life because there will be one glaring hole in the bridal party… Julia won’t be there. She is working hard to pick up the pieces of her broken heart though, and has pledged to make a conscious decision every day to see the positive in what the day has to offer. It’s going to be a long road ahead but I think this necklace would be a great reminder to her that broken hearts do heal. The scar will always be there but one day it will be a scar that will make her smile.

  183. This reminds me of a friend who just lost her 1 year daughter. She was born with half a heart and fought a good fight for the first year of her life (the majority in hospital). Her mother is an amazing example of a Christ centred woman. As a mom her heart has been broken, just like her daughters.

  184. One of my best friends went through the same thing you did. This necklace is an amazing visible reminder that even in “imperfect” times and situations we heal and are stronger. She had a baby boy developing normal. Had a few words and was engaged just like he should have been. Then she began to notice he was withdrawn and not connecting. He is going to be 6 this year and is autistic. He most likely will never speak. Her daily regimen for his special diet and dietary supplements and therapies is more than she thought she could handle. And she mourned never hearing his voice again or hearing him say mama or I love you. But she now sees his perfectness and beauty. I think she is so strong and with the help of family, friends and God she is making it through. She is an inspiration to me. And I think that you inspire others, too – in the same way. Thank you for sharing your story. Moms sometimes forget they are not “alone” in their feelings. And also, they don’t always realize how strong they are. It is nice of you to be a reminder of that!

  185. As soon as I saw this I thought of my son. He was born with a congenital heart defect and has had 2 open heart surgeries before he was 5. So not only did the necklace remind me of how much he has been through, but how strong a mom it has made me!

  186. I have loved that charm since you first pictured it. Our oldest has autism; and the year before he was diagnosed, we followed God’s leading and moved 2000 miles away from all of our family to pursue a job opportunity. It’s been hard, but God brings beauty and encouragement even in the dark days. He is faithful!

  187. This necklace speaks to me for all the children that I work with that come from homes that are broken and have many challenges. Many of these kids try and work so hard to be successful and many of the rise above the ashes and become stronger.

  188. I have kidney disease, was diagnosed as an infant. I made it into my 20s before needing a transplant. My sister-in-law donated her kidney to me. I have since been able to give birth to 2 beautiful children via cesareans (due to complications in my pregnancy that are due to my kidney disease). We are all healthy today, but I have 3 scars across my abdomen. I am so grateful to have those 3 scars. And I have my sister-in-law to thank for it.

  189. Wow, where to begin? When I was 22 weeks pregnant with my first son, they found that he had a very rare heart defect along with a hole in his heart. We were devastated but trusted God that everything would turn out ok. When he was 10 weeks old, he had his first open heart surgery as a temporary fix. At 10 months old he had an 11 hour open heart surgery which basically reconstructed his heart. It was a very long and stressful first year, but God pulled us through and we now have an energetic and amazing 2-year-old boy who lights up our world every day.

    Now I’m pregnant with our second baby and the doctors are concerned about it having a genetic disorder. Once again, we are trusting God to take care of everything. God keeps giving me the verse Ecclesiastes 3:11, which says “He has made all things beautiful in its time.” Even when we weren’t sure what would happen with our son, He made all things beautiful. With our new unborn baby, I can’t wait to see the beauty that God creates :).

  190. My brother & sister-in-law lost their beautiful boy Jack 2 weeks after he was born due to an error in monitoring him while Rachel was in labor. He was born a healthy 9 pounds, but was without oxygen for almost 90 minutes. Rachel & Justin certainly emerged broken, devastate, angry & incredibly sad, but over time have decided to make it their mission to not let this same error ever happen again to another family. They have created a foundation which supports families that have lost infants, by providing funeral services & medical expenses for these families. They are making a difference every day. They are a true example of selflessness in their time of grief and are working to help others during their time of need. May God bless all the little angels in heaven.

  191. My sweet baby boy was diagnosed with a brain disorder called lissencephaly. He also suffers from epilepsy, vision impairment, and developmental delays. I can remember the exact moment that this all unfolded, and I can remember the static that I heard which I am convinced was the sound of my heart breaking. It took about a day for me to wrap my mind around the diagnosis and what it meant for my husband and I. They told us that he would probably never smile, laugh, eat, crawl, or walk. At four months old we witnessed his first smile which was a result of a diaper change. After that day, my husband and I must have changed his diaper a million times in one month just to see him smile. We have been so blessed that our baby boy is truly the happiest boy on the planet. He smiles a thousand times a day and gives us deep belly laughs by the hour. I never pray for God to change who he is but rather for his health to stabilize so we can enjoy many more years with his beautiful soul. I love every single thing about him and I feel like the luckiest woman alive when I look at him. He brings so much love and acceptance to my entire family and I want the world to know that I truly have the coolest kid on earth!

  192. When Livvy was diagnosed with Rett syndrome I honestly believed my heart would break, yet I learned at what a gift she was. I also learned that nothing prepared me for the pain of losing her, that moment i heard the words “she has gone” then my heart shattered into millions of pieces.

  193. I have spent years questioning my abilities and my career choice as I was criticized by my supervisor, but I never gave up and stayed with it for the people and kids whose lives I was touching. This last year under a new supervisor I finally had myself confirmed to me that I am good at what I do and that I have made the right choices.

  194. I’ve been divorced for 3 years an separated for 5 years. It’s been a tough road especially since my kids are young. My daughter was 6 months old when we split up. She will never have memories of us together as a family. And now at 5 years old, I find myself trying to explain things and show her the good times we had even though she won’t recall any of them. I want her to see that times were good….they are rough now but again soon….they will be good again. I would love to share this beautiful heart with my daughter.

  195. I was fortunate to be able to get out of an abusive marriage. I learned a lot from it, and it has made me a much stronger and more compassionate person, especially to my husband. I hope to someday pass on my experience and blessings to help others that are caught up in similar circumstances. If it were not for God, I probably would not be here today! Praise Him!

  196. Hi Lisa, Thank you for such a symbolic piece of art that can speak to so many of us 🙂 Thank you to all the people that shared their stories today – You are on my heart today and I am even more grateful for what my family has as God takes care of even his littlest birds 🙂

  197. My mom. She is the strongest woman that I know. I know it sounds cliche, but she really is.
    Married for convenience, pregnant shortly after with me, then 3 years later with my twin brothers [that right there makes her a super hero in my eyes!!!]. Husband abusive alcoholic to her and me. FINALLY had the courage to leave [ummm, super hero, HECK YES!]. Reunited with high school love. Married [prom pics and wedding pics!]. My grandma, her mom, dies after heart surgery. We were all there…I watched as her knees buckled and she collapsed into the arms of her husband as my grandma took her last breath. And then stood back up. STRONG. Took care of my widowed grandpa. He then passed in her home. She does not know how strong she is, or at least plays it off as if everyone is like her. She is an AMAZING mother to me and grandmother to my son.
    She is my best friend and if I can grow into half of the woman, mother, wife, grandmother and friend that she is, I will have done very well in this life.

  198. While my story lacks in comparison to the pain of the stories that these women are sharing; my heart was truly broken a year and a half ago. I loved a man, gave him my everything- every part of my heart- however, he decided that he simply no longer cared for me in the way I cared for him. I was devastated and my heart was shattered. Now, though, I’m independent and strong. My heart has been repaired and restored. When I look at this necklace it reminds me that I’m no longer who I once was, but, I’m some fixed…to be someone of even greater strength.

  199. I love this broken heart. I reminds me of me. The 12 year old me. The me who’s mother died of breast cancer at the age of 38. The me that has younger sisters who at the time didn’t quiet understand. We had THE BEST father, the kind who SHOWED us what it meant to put the pieces back together and keep moving. The kind of dad who made sure we didn’t let our broken hearts stay broken. Cancer gave the greatest gift to me in taking my mom, the gift of knowing what is most important and precious in life. Hearts, and the love that flows out of them. My 31 years of life have been more full because I learned that lesson early.

  200. I have a friend who just found out she has lyme disease. Shortly after finding this out, she found out her brother who she had thought was healed from his long battle of candcer, has cancerous tumors all over his body. The doctors are giving him a very short time to live. Through this time she has been faithful to seek God and praise Him for His goodness. Her Facebook posts about what is going on are sad but are always couple with the hope we have in Jesus. I think this necklace would really bless her.

  201. When my oldest child was only 2 years old his father decided to leave the marriage. My heart was shattered and I thought I would never recover. enter a friend that i met a year later at a college course. He was kind and funny. best of all he was wonderful to my boy. while it was not romance at first glance, 13 years later, I am still with my friend now husband. My heart was mended and is stronger than ever.

  202. My story is a bit different as I suffered a broken heart learning of a special needs puppy 1300 miles away from us. I do rescue work and found of a puppy mill breeder who was going to “throw out the window” a 2 lb. very sick Cavalier who was missing his front leg as well. It broke my heart that someone thought of him a “trash” and worthless. My husband and I knew we needed to save him and bring him home for the medical care and love he needed. We drove there and back in 56 hours with this sweet little puppy who we named iHop (my son says it stands for I Have One-less Paw!). It was touch and go for months, but today iHop is a happy almost 2 year-old pup! Of course we couldn’t adopt him out as he lives in my heart and home forever! This necklace makes me think of the abused and homeless animals who may be broken hearted now…but one day will know full love!!

  203. When my son was born with a cleft palate I had to mourn the loss of the “perfect”baby. But then I realized he was perfect. And I was lucky to be his mom!

  204. My story isn’t nearly as profound or heartbreaking as some of these, but a couple of years ago my husband and I went through a really, really rough patch. A patch so rough that we separated and thought that our marriage was over. Luckily, after some time apart we were able to work hard, seek therapy and put our marriage back together. Our daughter suffered so much at that time and I’m so thankful that she pulled through just as we did. Now, we’re all happier than ever and so thankful that we were able to patch things up.

  205. Absolutely beautiful! 13 years ago my husband and I traveled to Russia to adopt our oldest son. I was pregnant (7.5 months) and while there went into preterm labor and my daughter was born. She lived for 6 precious days and we then were forced to make decisions about cremating our daughter while trying to finish the adoption of our son. 3 years later with 2 other precious sons added to our family, my oldest was diagnosed with autism. The past 13 years have been difficult but God has blessed us beyond measure as we have walked through difficulty and been able to encourage and share with others. God has taken the death, sickness and despair and is redeeming it for good. We are blessed!

  206. My friend has two healthy and beautiful daughters. After miscarrying, she is pregnant with her third child, only to find out this daughter has spina bifida, a whole in her heart and trisomy 18 – she is not expected to live long, if at all. My friend is due within the next month, and no one knows how their life will change afterwards. I would love to gift her this bracelet as a reminder that her life is still full of love.

  207. My husband and I lost our first baby to miscarriage in 2007. I was so young and thought life was over as we knew it. Looking to today, 2013, I have these two gorgeous little girls – who were never a part of MY plan but always what the Lord had in store and I’m so thankful. My once broken heart still holds the pain of losing our first precious baby, but there is joy and hope in watching the faces of our 2 and 4 year old girls.

  208. My brokenness was of my own doing, but I didn’t know it for a long time. My boyfriend and I found out I was pregnat lesss than a year after being together. I was 19, he was 20. We make an appointment to terminated the pregnancy.

    Christmas Eve, ten months after our abortion, we became engaged. I really believed life was good.

    I had withdrawn from friends and family by this time, but that wasn’t a red flag to me. Of course I was wrapped up in him, we were going to get married. That’s to be expected.

    What wasn’t expected was how I felt in my heart nearly all the time. This incredibly strange contrast of emotions : needing to be with him, but connecting almost only through sex and feeling empty all at the same time.

    I kept pushing the the despair down and believed I would feel different soon.

    Towards the end of the semester, I accepted that I was dying on the inside. That I felt caught in a trap and didn’t have the strength to get out.

    At times, it felt as if I was watching my fiance and I from the outside. The arguing and disconnect I saw in our relationship reminded me of the season just before my parents announced their divorce. As I watched us, I didn’t feel angry, just empty.

    I felt like a walking shell of myself. I’m a terrific actor, so I’m sure no one else noticed.

    I wish I could tell you I reached out for help. I didn’t. Not once.

    Even though I considered myself a Christian during this period, it never crossed my mind to pray, to read God’s Word, or to go to church.

    Until one morning in May fifteen months from February 16, 1990.

    I clearly remember sitting in my car, staring through the pine trees at my fiance’s house. I had come to say goodbye before my drive to Texas. We both worked summer camps in the same area, only thirty minutes apart, so we would see each other soon and often, but he didn’t have to leave for five more days. I just sat there.

    I was at the end of my rope. The rope that was strangling me.

    I finally prayed. It wasn’t beautiful, based on God’s Word, or theologically formed. It was a desperate plea.

    “God, I know I shouldn’t be with him anymore. I do not have the strength to leave him, though. You will have to do it.”

    I wasn’t happy or even relieved about this revelation. I was simply resigned.

    Five days later, I hadn’t heard from my fiance. Seven days, nothing. I remember being shocked and staring slack jawed into the night thinking, “Not really? Not this quickly, God?!”

    Things progressed from possible to probable. A month later, I called my boyfriend from the only pay phone the camp counselors could use late one night. The signs were clear that something was up between us. He stammered and paused. He didn’t want to talk about it, which was par for our course.

    I remember saying, “It’s ok. You can say whatever you need to.”

    As I wept on the phone listening to my fiance break up with me, someone walked into the building. They patted me on the arm, until they realized I was sobbing. The pat became a hug. A hug until I hung up.

    When I turned around, it was Paul Brouse (now my husband of almost 19 years).

    To say I was a wreck at this point would be an understatement. The fear that I had kept deep within me bubbled up: who would love a woman who had an abortion? Who? I was broken and unlovable and the only man who couldn’t turn me away has just done so. Love was no longer for me.

    Paul walked me outside. He said, “God loves you. You are a terrific woman. Just as He has a plan for those stars, He has a plan for you. There is someone just for you who will love you.” After a few minutes he took me to the girl he was dating, my dear friend Jennifer. She spoke kind and encouraging words.

    I listened, but I didn’t cling to Paul’s words or hers because they were counseling me without knowing all the facts. Without knowing the truth. I carried the weight of my abortion all by myself now.

    I had traded a rope for an anchor. I no longer felt like I was dying. I felt like the death was complete.

    Until a night weeks later.

    Jennifer and I were talking and she said what a great friend and person I was. The words clanged in my ears and heart. Prompted by the lack of inhibition of much alcohol, I finally said, “You wouldn’t say that if you knew the truth. What if I told you I had an abortion?”

    Jennifer is Catholic and I knew what her stance on abortion would be. I braced myself for the words I were sure would come. Harsh words. Condemning words. Angry words.

    I waited for the confirmation that I was unlovable.

    She turned and looked me in the eye and said the most unexpected words. The words that changed my life, “Are you ok?”

    How did I answer her? I started bawling. Pretty much uncontrollably.

    Her unexpected answer found a landing place in my spirit. Her concern rocked my world. Her love touched something deep within me.

    I had no idea that my empty and broken heart was due to my abortion. No idea that my hopelessness was rooted in sin. No idea that I was not beyond grace.

    I was as caught off guard by my reaction as I was to hers.

    But something did change that night. I teeny tiny green shoot of life peaked its head out of the dark soil of my heart.

    I was and am a stubborn woman, so I didn’t immediately face my sin and how it would free me. I was still bound.

    But my God is all about unbinding people and healing the brokenhearted.

  209. I started reading through the stories that others shared and felt like my story wasn’t “as bad”…funny how satan trips me up and takes my eyes off of God’s story in my life. HIS story is that He does indeed bring beauty from ashes! I am proof of that and so very grateful!

  210. I have a friend whose daughter was born last year with a heart defect. They were not sure she would survive her first surgery and yet, they trusted God completely and are blessed to say she just successfully had her second surgery. The heart that is stitched up immediately made me think of them and their little one.

  211. I’ve walked the road of brokenness, broken heart, broken dreams – with my special needs daughter. But God is so good. He redeems and restores and gives new dreams. I have a bright, beautiful, loving and kind 13 year-old daughter who brings light and joy to those around her. I used to say “why me” but now I say that I am truely blessed to be intrusted with such a gift.

  212. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and told that I would probably never had children without meds or potentially not at all. If you know me, kids were (and are) my life. I taught preschool, planned on teaching elementary and wanted nothing more than to be a mom. I struggled for years with why God would allow this. As it would have it, I had my first child 2 1/2 years ago and just recently learned that I’m expecting again. God used my “brokenness” to focus on Him in other ways and change my focus.

  213. My brother is a beautiful example of redemption. A faithful Christian, he has struggled with depression for at least twenty-two years. He has struggled with the temptations of suicide, and the use of alcohol, drugs and sex to deal with his darkness. Almost 7 years ago, he got a woman pregnant, and then married her, trying to do the right thing. Then 9 months later, God brought along Miguel, and a year later, Maya, my nephew and niece. We were very concerned for the family and his future. But God had such a beautiful plan in store for them all – Redemption, Grace, Forgiveness, Love. I am amazed every day by my brother’s love and sacrifice for his family. By God’s grace, he has overcome the drugs, alcohol and depression. He is a Godly man, a great husband, father, son and brother, and I am proud to know him.

  214. Oh Lisa, this is my heart right now, though I often feel I am not quite stitched up yet. Our 13-year old son is in the hospital again with a relapse of his demyelinating neurological disease. The doctors can’t seem to figure out a diagnosis so we will hopefully be headed to Alabama for a second opinion soon. My heart is broken everytime I see him struggle to hear or trip or not be able to participate in activities due to his disease. We have had ups and downs over the past year. He made the decision to be baptized a few weeks ago and he has shown me so much about resilience. I know God is stitching up my broken heart, I just wish the stitches would stay in and stop getting constantly pulled out again.

  215. I had a double mastectomy at age 38 because of breast cancer. Then two years ago at 42 I had oral cancer that required more surgery and skin grafts. I am a map of scars but stronger each day.

  216. Beautiful necklace. Beautiful meaning. When I was in college our family went through a time where “skeletons” came out of the closet, & it broke us all. Thankfully the LORD has redeemed our family. I am so thankful that when we are weak & broken, He is strong, & He will redeem us. He will. It’s so beautiful.

  217. I’m currently going through chemo for breast cancer. Even though I have parts of my body that have been stitched together, I am finding that I am growing stronger and stronger on the inside! ♥

  218. Both of my parents died in their 40s. It has been very difficult navigating my adult life without them. My wedding, the birth of my children. My heart aches thinking of how much my parents would delight in their grandchildren.

    But, I have a perspective I wouldn’t have had otherwise. An appreciation for my daughters and how special they are. I try to put as much love into their lives as I can. Try to leave indelible imprints so that, should I leave them sooner rather than later, they have pieces of my heart always. (I write down our favorite recipes, I make playlists for each girl each year that remind me of special things we did, I tell them I love them a million times a day — even when they’re in time out. I take thousands of pictures. And I try to be in them, too.) xo

  219. As the mother of two sons with special needs I know a bit about the broken places. Places where only God and I knew just what I needed to knit them back together. It has been a rough road. One that we are still on and will always travel but it’s worth it. Day by day, step by step, we know we don’t walk it alone.

  220. My uncle passed away this past winter after battling various cancers for about 8 years. Watching his son play the violin at his funeral was so hard. The son (my cousin) rose above his brokenness and played from his heart for his dad. Beautiful.

  221. My brother in law died at age 35 of colon cancer. It was completely unexpected and he left his wife with four little children. We watched sorrowfully as he died, and the sorrow continued for my SIL for quite some time. However, as she has grown and learned to rely more on Christ, she is stronger and braver and a wonderful example.

  222. This July will mark 19 years since I lost my father to suicide. I was 19 years old when he took his life, so now I have officially been on this earth without him the same amount of time that I was able to be his little girl before he left us. The strength it took to overcome this at 19 has shaped me into the woman I am today.

  223. My brother died suddenly of unknown causes 3 years ago this July 4th. Still working to emerge stronger because of the broken-ness. He was one of my ‘every day people’.

  224. I’d rather not share my story right now, as I don’t want to cry. But I have one. I think every believer has that one point where things seem completely broken and then God mends us up. And one day we realize everything will be okay, just never the same.

  225. I would love to win this and give it to my friend, Kimberly. It is ten years this July that she lost her first child just weeks before her due date. Watching her walk through that was hard, so hard. Sitting with her, loving on her, asking the “why” question with her. She and her husband clung to Jesus in a beautiful way. They now have three other boys that fill their home – beauty in the brokenness.

  226. After years of infertility treatments, and the doctors telling us that they couldn’t understand why we weren’t getting pregnant, we finally adopted our son, then a year later our daughter. Our daughter was a cocaine baby, and at the time, I never knew what that would mean years later. But here she is, nine years old, and still not reading or writing. I have worked with her every single day of her life, and on the outside, no one would know that she has disabilities, but inside, I know that she struggles. Emotionally, mentally, and even physically sometimes. Her first few months were spent in withdrawl, and that meant a lot of crying and no sleep for me, a wife and mom to a one year old. But I knew that her soul, her spirit, was whole, and that it was perfect. I knew that with a lot of work, and patience, she could function in society, and change people’s “perception” of disablities. Then my mother-in-law fought breast cancer for a year, and survived, only to find out two months after she was told she was “all clear” that she had terminal brain cancer. Then a couple months later passed away at the young age of 62. My daughter didn’t understand the way a child her age without disabilities would understand. Every day is a gift, and if it is a good day for her that is a blessing. If it isn’t that is a struggle that breaks my heart. But with this disability comes her determined spirit. To show everyone she can keep up, she can do it, she can be everything she wants to be, and that heals my heart and my soul.

  227. The birth of my younger bro with Down syndrome, my parents divorce when I was 17, my other brothers suicide 2 years ago, he was alcoholic,my husband’s porn addiction and recovery. Lots of broken/mended heart situations.

  228. I just love the significance of this piece. My heart has been broken before. Labor Day weekend 2005 as my wedding day was approaching. My hubby to be decided that it was not the right time for him (for us) to be married and cancelled our wedding, with five weeks to go. My heart has been healed since then and our family is stronger than ever because of this sad, broken experience. We did get married, one year later, in a ceremony that meant more to us. We had both been healed and mended.

  229. My whole family has been broken since my dad passed away, but I see it a lot in my oldest daughter. She misses her gooddaddy dearly, and to heal herself and help others, she has created and directed a race to raise money for prostate cancer. We are not perfect, but we are continuing to learn to live life to its fullest and appreciate all that God blesses us with daily!

  230. My brokenness started when my father left us. I was 17 years old. We were so close and it broke my heart. Our family struggled financially and the day before he left my Mom had my baby brother. We were floundering trying to pay bills and take care of this new baby. But then I started seeing my Mom in a “new light”. She was so strong when all along I thought she was weak. She picked up the pieces of everyone’s broken hearts and tried to piece them back together again. She comforted us and was strong for us. Now we have a great relationship that we wouldn’t have otherwise had if it wasn’t for my dad leaving.

  231. I know there are so many people with health issues and terrible problems and I do pray and feel for them. But there are those of us who have lost something so innocent and dear that cannot be replaced. I lost my 15 year old precious dog March 15th. It has broken my heart. I cannot get over it. I hope one day I can see the light and not feel this crushing sadness. I miss her so much I feel like I can’t stand it. Unconditional love is hard to find but our pets give that to us. Little Sus certainly did. I will never forget her. I would give anything to see her again. This beautiful necklace or bracelet would be a remembrance to me of her.

  232. I guess my biggest “life in brokenness” was when we learned that our daughter had kidney damage and would eventually have to have a kidney transplant. She went nearly 20 years just watching her diet and drinking lots of water. Then the time came when she had to go on dialysis and eventually on to the transplant. You get closer to God when you have a serious problem with one of your children as you very well know.

  233. My friend Laura Jean found out almost 3 yrs ago she had stage 4 breast cancer. She is a momma of 5 awesome kids and has a wonderful husband. But Laura Jean has proven to be a HUGE inspiration to everyone. She is now cancer free, has new ta-ta’s 🙂 and going back to school to be a nurse. This women was always up beat (for the most part) through all surgeries, chemo, hair loss etc. She didn’t try to feel to sorry for her self, just dealt with what God threw at her. Like I said she is cancer free and going to school to be a nurse. LJ always has a smile on her face, and did even in her darkest hour. I see her as beauty in brokeness, she is just a special person I would love to be able to give her this piece of jewlery.
    Thank you,
    Melissa Deters

  234. i have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer (chronic lymphatic leukemia) for which there is no cure or treatment. the doctors tell her that she has about 10 years to live. she is SO grateful for this diagnosis because it allows her a timeline, allows her to skip the deliberation of going through chemo, and allows her to meet Jesus as she takes up her own cross and follows him. she is an inspiration and i would love to gift her with this bracelet, if i win. she taught me that “worrying is a form of atheism” because when you worry you do not allow yourself to trust God to be in control. she teaches me to trust in God more and more.

  235. I’d love to gift this to a friend who just lost a second baby and wants so desperately to be a mama. She’s amazingly courageous in her love for other women and her lack of bitterness at a time that would hurt any mama heart. Thanks for the opportunity!

  236. It’s such a complicated story. I nearly died giving birth to our son and told if I got pregnant again, it could happen again. We made the heartbreaking choice to stop our family there. It’s not what we wanted, or how we envisioned our lives, but we’ve been so blessed along the way. Our tiny family of three is perfect for us and we’re happy to understand that this is what was meant for us.

  237. Your stuff is beautiful and I love how there’s meaning behind the pieces – not just a trendy piece of jewelry but something you loved while creating and something we will love to wear. My story is about my son, as well. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We went through a long journey of radiation and chemo. He had to learn to walk again and all the things a child typically learns at the age were delayed. It was a struggle. So many people told us that going through something like that will make you or break you. It’s true. We saw many families struggle, some divorcing in the end. This made our family unit stronger. This bonded us together in a wonderful way. When we look back on the twelve years our son has been alive, that terrible year is one of our favorites. Certainly not for the treatment – cancer is horrible – but the time that we had together where God worked really hard on me, where we spent every moment together trying to make memories in the mess, where we loved being together and enjoyed the simple things. We were broken, for sure, but we made the best out of the situation and learned so much along the way. We held on tight to hope! He’s over eight years cancer free now and we are all stronger for it!

  238. When I was 16, my mom passes away at 42 years old, leaving behind 5 children, myself being the oldest living at home. My baby sister was only 5. We weathered this loss with 4 of the five of us getting college educations. We were blessed with a wonderful father and grandmother to guide us through it all. We all are very close and have raised families with no divorces. God has blessed our lives. Mom has watched over us from above.

  239. Our friend Rob Irvine was diagnosed with ALS, 18 months ago at the age of 37. His wife Melissa has rallied and been stronger than I could ever imagine. She had to return to work to provide insurance for the family. She rises at 4:00 every morning to get things running for their 3 girls who are in 6th, 3rd and kindergarten. They have spent hours fundraising for ALS awareness in hopes that no other family has to go through what they are going through. It is heartbreaking watching what they go through,but amazing watching their strong spirit which is never broken. I know Melissa, would wear your necklace proudly.
    Sara Daniewicz

  240. Hi Lisa,
    I have found such comfort in your blog, well last year I lost my dear brother, his passing was so very difficult for me, he was my only sibling and I have felt so alone and lost – I have been recovering and focusing on all the love in my own family…I have an amazing and loving husband and two sweet, and caring, darling girls. But last month my dad was diagnosed with stage 3c cancer, and my mom is already handicapped and was dependent upon myself and my dad. Now my life has been turned upside down, I have had to quit my job and become a full time caregiver for my parents. I feel this is not my duty, but my gift. I am struggling, but every day I try to give them love and caring and a happy, optimistic influence but it takes a toll…especially on my sweet family when I come home exhausted and emotionally spent. I am still working on mending, but I am trying to embrance the brokenness and realize this is my life, and look for the beauty…talks with my dad, and my mom, time spent…being a servant. I am only making in through God’s grace, but thank I thank you for your uplifting blog. All these little pieces of inspiration and normal are so beautiful right now.

  241. Lisa, like you, I have a daughter with special needs. My heart and my soul are definitely stronger than I could’ve ever imagined. My daily focus is about balance. Balance for me, our life, and balance for Emma!

  242. Several years ago, we had a dear friend who lost his wife, daughter & grandson in a tragic car accident. As he stood in the funeral home hour after hour at the head of not one, not two, but THREE caskets, I wondered within myself how one person could be so strong after going through so much. Years before he had lost his son in an 18 wheeler accident. Essentially his entire family was gone, yet he seemed to be a rock of calmness & serenity. Over the years, as things have happened in my life (nothing as tragic as what my friend went through), I have looked back on how he stood firm & steadfast in God’s love & it has helped me more than he or anyone else will ever know. We all have times in our lives when we have been broken but with God’s love we can come out mended & stronger on the other side of the storm. This is a fantastic giveaway & I would be honored to win.

  243. Good morning everyone – when this necklace appeared on the website, I immediately was moved to tears. I shared the picture of this necklace on my facebook page and said it is EXACTLY how my heart feels these days. You see – I am a mother, mourning the loss of her adult son Jonathan Paul Daily, age 24, who died last year when his apartment caught fire. To say I am devastated is a huge understatement. God blessed me with Jonathan on a warm spring day in 1987 – my miracle boy! The one that after several failed attempts was placed in my arms. His dad and I felt blessed beyond measure that day and watched him grow into an amazing young man with a bright future ahead of him. No one could have predicted that he would die while making dinner in his kitchen. I am slowly coming to terms with the constant ache in my heart. God makes us broken sometimes so that we may be healed 🙂 I carry Jonathan with me always – this necklace would remind me that he is in my broken heart always.

    Thank you all for designing such a beautiful piece.

    From a grieving mother,


    1. Diane, I am so sorry for your loss of your precious son. I pray that God continues to give you the strength to cope, to deal with your pain, and to experience as much joy and comfort as possible in your memories of Jonathon.
      I logged on to enter this drawing, and your entry was the first I saw. After an extremely difficult week with my son who has autism, I was feeling exhausted and depleted. After reading your post, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for these trials this week. I am grateful that I still have my son with me,for no matter how hard some weeks are, he is a blessing and a true gift. Thank you, Diane, for sharing your story! In the midst of your grief, you gave me a much needed gift this morning. I sincerely hope you are given a necklace… what a tender reminder of your pain and your strength it would be. May God bless you!

  244. I wish this only reminded me of one friend but it makes me think of two family members and one dear friend. All of which lost their children. All of them babies. Yet all of them are finding peace love and joy in the everyday. I admire them for so many reasons.

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