saturday downtown

this weekend has been lots of working {it’s our busy season}, a little bit of cleaning {the boys want clean clothes to wear and clean dishes to eat off-so demanding, ha!}, and a little bit of play {of course!}.

we went downtown to get a few gifts, grab some bar-b-que from mo’s smokehouse and just hang out together.

tell me a highlight from your weekend!

ps. don’t you love that heart carved in the tree? reminds me of our sweetheart tree necklace!


  1. The annual Lighted Christmas parade with some friends and their two little girls…who even brought us popcorn to snack on! A fun 50th birthday party..I danced for 3 hours!

  2. looks like you are getting ready for christmas. The mos b b que made me laugh. we love mos but only get to have it when we visit there or go to chico … love mos

  3. The highlight of my weekend? Serving at the coffee bar at our church! Giving my best friend an ornament for her Christmas present and seeing the excitement on her face when she realized it had al their names and the year on it… OH and it was a Lisa Leonard ornament!! Thanks so much! She LOVED it!

  4. Crazy family Christmas party then a 4 hour drive north to take our dear friend to visit her brother. The festivities continue with knit nite Christmas party this evening . Afew inches of snow and temps dropping help the mood…

  5. lowlight- Hubby had to go out of town unexpectedly for work.
    highlight- heard of a new store a bit of a drive for me, almost didnt go, but sure glad I did. FABULOUS stuff, decor, jewelry, clothes. I did a little xmas shopping for moi.
    bigger highlight- just got word hubby won’t be gone all week as planned, coming home early. hurray!

  6. hmm….a very simple highlight, but one that I will always remember. I was washing dishes while my 3 year old played (1 year old was napping) and 3 year old jumped up and asked if he could help wash dishes…..and he took his job so seriously. I swear I have the cleanest plate around, because he scrubbed that thing for 10 minutes! 🙂

  7. my highlight was getting my Christmas shopping done. Now just to wrap them all..where are those elves!? I don’t believe hubby is down…I guided him to my wish list on LLD so we will see! 🙂
    Did Matty get his hair cut?? He looks so much older!

  8. I love the carved tree – and I’m wearing my new sweetheart necklace, a gift from my mom 🙂 so far the highlight hasn’t happened yet – I’m hosting a cookie swap on Saturday and I am so looking forward to it!

  9. i christmas shopped all day with my sister. we had breakfast and lunch together and it was so nice to have that much time together-just the two of us. and i got a few things done which was just an added bonus. : )

  10. Highlight – Going downtown to see the toy soldier show. This is the first year Ellie wasn’t terrified. So fun!

    Love Matty’s glasses. Very distinguished!

  11. Yesterday was so wonderful, we had a huge snow storm hit Minnesota. So, we stayed in all day watching the storm. Making nummy meals, spending time together and our littlest one is now wearing underwear since we tried full on potty training yesterday. He did so well and was so excited everytime with no accidents.

  12. i’m not sure it’s a highlight, but we got blizzard blasted with snow and high winds….
    and tomorrow….8 degrees for the high.

    oh lord…give me the beach any day !!!

  13. My 5 year old son built a toy wooden passanger train at Lowe’s with his dad then a gingerbread house at the library with mom, well he mostly ate the decorations and frosting while I built the little house. Our 18 mo old said the word “star” for the first time.

  14. our highlight . . . roughly 20 inches of snow with drifts higher than most of my kids are tall. snowed in for a couple days. were supposed to have our annual christmas party last night. we canceled it for most people, but 2 families from our neighborhood braved the nasty roads (they were only a few blocks away) and came over anyway. we had a christmas sing-a-long around our player piano and it was a fabulous time! our church was canceled for this morning, so we put on our boots and mittens and coats and hats and walked down the block to a church we don’t attend, but where our kids have gone to preschool and enjoyed their children’s christmas program. so, the weekend hasn’t gone at all as we planned, but it is breathtakingly beautiful outside and we’ve had a fun time despite what we had to give up with our plans for the weekend. sometimes it’s a blast when God changes the “plan”. enjoy!

  15. our hightlight was a visit from nana & Joe-Joe (our third set of grandparent visitors for this season – one more set to come). My MIL arrived wearing the LL necklace we got her for Mother’s Day. She wears it everyday and loves it. It warms my heart to see her enjoy it so much!

  16. MY highlight was my sister’s baby shower yesterday, but I have a feeling OUR highlight will be making the gingerbread house later today. 🙂

    Looks like you all had fun!

  17. a highlight would be watching over 2 feet of snow fall outside while sitting near our Christmas tree. it’s been crazy here in Minneapolis — it was 0* outside when i woke up. does that seem like the same city you were in in September for TCC?

  18. We went down by the lake. I combed the beach. We had peppermint hot chocolate & went in a cute little coastal shop. I love finding coastal treasures by Lake Michigan!

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