15 Types of Necklaces and How to Style Them

There’s something so special about necklaces. They always feel like they’re full of love! Maybe it’s because they’re worn so close to the heart, or because they’re often gifts from people you care about. Most days, my outfit doesn’t feel complete until I’ve picked out the perfect necklace type that complements my look. Do you feel the same?

I’ve come to realize there’s a reason for this— a lot of the time, necklaces hold a special meaning. Maybe you were given a special necklace by someone close to you, and now whenever you wear it, you are reminded of them. Or, maybe you bought a necklace for an important date in your life, like a graduation or a new baby, and now it represents that milestone. You may have even gotten a necklace for a special occasion, like the necklace you wore on your wedding day or one you bought on vacation.

That’s why it’s so fun to have a necklace that completes your outfit every day! With each necklace, you can be reminded of a favorite memory, a person you love, or special words and phrases you live by. A good necklace is like your own little reminder! I love my Word of The Year necklace that reminds me of a resolution I made for myself this year. Every time I wear it, I’m reminded of my goal. Immediate confidence!!

Necklaces can also show off your personality, your story, or the values that matter to you. I have so many personalized necklaces with the names of my boys, like my Jumble of Love necklace! Stephen, David, and Matthias each have their own charm strung onto the chain. Every time I wear it, I get so many compliments {even from strangers}! Whenever someone says they like my necklace, I get to share with them what it means to me. I love how a simple statement piece can open up a connection with another person!

I like to think of a necklace as the finishing touch to any outfit. You can wear just one or two signature necklaces every day, which is a wonderful way to always keep close what matters to you. Have fun mixing and matching a whole collection of pretty necklaces and pendants depending on your outfit of the day.

If you’re like me, you have sooo many necklaces that you adore in all different sizes and styles. If you’re wondering how to style necklaces well, good news— I maaay know a thing or two about jewelry 😉 So I wrote up a little guide on how to wear different necklace styles. Read on to see the best ways you can show off your favorites!

How to Style Round Pendants
Circle pendants are such a classic look, that’s why so many necklaces are crafted with round pendants. There’s an endless amount of different chain styles that look good with a round pendant, from large paperclip links to ball chains to box square chains. Round pendants can go with most outfits, but as such a well loved necklace style, it looks best with your casual, everyday look.

How to Style Square Pendants
If you’re wondering how to wear a necklace that’s a square or rectangle pendant, you’re not alone. Of all the different types of pendants, a square pendant is the most unique, which makes it seem hard to style. But trust me, it’s not that scary! My rule of thumb is to keep the pendant against your skin, whether that’s with a buttoned-up shirt with the top button undone or a V-neck top. This pendant style looks best when it can stand out, framed by your top!

How to Style Small Pendants
Perfect for a date night or wedding guest look, small and delicate necklaces are great with dresses. Don’t take the attention away from your pretty dress; pick a smaller pendant for a little bit of sparkle.

How to Style Large Pendants
Large pendants are made to steal the show! If you want to know how to wear a statement necklace, style it with a simpler outfit. Large pendants usually have a lot of detail, so a patterned shirt would clash too much. Pick solid colors and a low neckline so your pendant can really pop!

How to Style Bar Necklaces
Bar necklaces are unique because instead of having the pendant strung on, the chain connects to both sides of the rectangular bar pendant. Because of this, the necklace sits more flush against your chest. I personally like to wear bar necklaces with high-necked shirts. They also make great everyday necklaces since you can personalize most with a word or set of gemstones.

How to Style Jumble Necklaces
I just love jumble necklaces! I think they look so good with everything, and they let you keep so many people that you love close to you. Because they naturally stand out, textured and patterned tops complement this necklace style wonderfully!

How to Style Heart Necklaces
If you’re choosing necklaces for necklines, then heart pendants make an amazing v-necked necklace. The shape of your shirt’s neckline will naturally match the shape of the heart, which draws the eye to the pendant. What a perfect match!

How to Style Star Necklaces
I’m curious, is there a better duo than stars and denim? {Nope, none that I can think of!} I don’t know what it is, but this combination is always out of this world! If I have on a denim jacket or denim dress, my star necklace is the first thing I reach for.

How to Style Cross Necklaces
Can you ever go wrong with a cross necklace? {The answer is NO!} There are so many different styles of cross pendants, everyone can find one that inspires them. Wear yours with simple everyday looks, pretty patterns, and all your favorite outfits.

How to Style Long Necklaces
Of all the different types of necklaces, it’s important to also consider the chain length. For long pendant necklaces, I like to style them with plain shirts. Long necklaces can range from 24 to 30 inches long, so they will sit past your neckline on top of your shirt. When your long necklace is set against a top with lots of patterns, the pendant may get lost or blend in too much. You want it to contrast nicely, so wearing a solid colored, simple top or sweater is the most ideal.

How to Style Short Necklaces
Now you know how to wear long necklaces, but what about the short ones? Short necklaces are made for high-necked tops or sweaters! Resting against your clavicles, a short necklace automatically makes you look elegant and put together.

How to Style Flower Necklaces
Flowers are always so pretty! In a necklace, they naturally complement a flowy, light top or dress. As for colors, go with pastel or bright hues. Wear your flower necklace for spring, or as a refreshing reminder of warmth and sunlight during the colder months.

How to Style Initial Necklaces
Initial necklaces and name necklaces are a sweet way to represent who you are! They can be simple or intricate, classic or unique. The best name necklace is one that you can connect with. So if you’re wondering how to wear name necklaces, I say wear them when you feel most YOU!!

How to Style Layered Necklaces
If you can’t pick just one, why not wear both {or even all three}? A layered necklace look is best with multiple chain lengths so each pendant can shine. I love wearing this look with a layered outfit— jackets and tshirts, cardigans and blouses, dresses and open button-ups. This gives you a dynamic look that really portrays your personality!

How to Style Personalized Necklaces
Personalized necklaces are made for YOU! That means no matter how you style them, you’ll be shining like only you can!!

My shop has so many handcrafted, personalized necklaces to choose from. Find a design you connect with, then create a one-of-a-kind necklace made to celebrate you and your story! Plus now, you know EXACTLY how to style it.

How do you like to wear your necklaces? Share with me your favorite styling tips!

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