around here.

we’ve got little white lights in almost every room. and i love it. for this picture i just set my camera to manual focus and made it blurry to give it a dreamy effect.

i coffee stained a bunch of tags and stamped ‘christmas-y’ words on each one. they’ll be part of a christmas party we’re having later this week. so fun!

it’s been lego central around here since daddy pulled out a lego castle from when he was a little boy. so much fun to watch the boys building it together. and to think steve’s fingers touched the same legos 25 years ago.

i got the above chair at a thrift store for $30 and had it recovered it in aqua amy butler fabric. the process was pretty painful, but the end result is so fun.

this is our crazy work-around-the-clock week. and there’s still time to place an order for custom jewelry and have it delivered by christmas!

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house decorated {check}

gifts bought {mostly check}

sipping cider {check}

next on my list–wrap gifts.

what’s next on your list?


  1. i was reading my daily mail from ‘today’s creative blog’ and noticed a drawing for one of your designs. i have tried before with no luck. how do i try again ? your jewelry is just what i like.
    this holiday season has been good to my family. we spent 11 months gathering for ‘haylee’s gift’. so much fun. i am thinking i will order a few of your items for the teens involved in this charity for next year.
    Merry Christmas

  2. I love that chair! And the lego castle.

    next on my list
    assemble gift packages for 30 kids at our orphanage in thailand
    organize kids to string bracelets so that every child gets one with their own name on it. (It’s so important that they get something special just for them.)
    Clean the house for our Christmas Hymn singalong and potluck.

    Throw a princess tea party for my two little girls born just before Christmas.

    Pack and fly to Canada with 4 children in tow.

    But the gifts are purchased. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So many things yet undone, finish shopping, have to do wrapping up….the usual stuff. The castle you’ve got there is perfect ! And the idea with tags is very nice, I like it a lot. It looks great as well. All the best, good luck and have fun !

  4. my married 25 yr old son has a huge tub of legos. when he comes home for christmas he’s going to pull them out and play with his 4 yr old nephew! can’t wait to get pics of that…warms the heart. love that aqua chair also..
    i can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the tags.
    i hope that your christmas is the best ever.

  5. I love all of your family photos! Your gift tags are great and I am in love with your chair! Do you know what the exact color name of the fabric was called? I would love to order that fabric. It’s beautiful! Thanks, Lisa!

  6. These photos look so bright and happy. My four-year-old is really into Lego Duplos right now. I think I’ve lost my to do list so I have no idea what I have to accomplish next. I’m going to enjoy some cider right now and I’ll start a new list later.

  7. It makes me happy to see the things you have checked off because it reminds me of what I have checked off.

    I have to finish wrapping the rest of the Christmas presents I bought today.

  8. OOOhh…next on my list is re-visit the glass store to pick up the glass door for the china cabinet – one of which I broke decorating…oops. Oh, well…then I suppose I will need to visit the store and get some eggnog for my rum…

  9. Your photo of the lego castle made me laugh…my mom and dad just took my brothers’ lego castle down from their attic for my son to play with. Love it!!
    Next on my list~ wrapping & cookies to bake!

  10. I love, love, love all your beautiful photos! I know much of photography is having an artistic eye (which you definitely have ๐Ÿ™‚ but I was wondering if you have a favorite book/website that you use for tips on using your camera manually. I’ve had a nice camera for 2 years and am finally brave enough to venture out of the auto mode! Your photos have inspired me!

  11. I just love your beautiful, simple posts … always put a smile on my face!!


    PS – My list looks a lot like yours. And wrapping presents is next up for me.

    PPS – I got one of your necklaces last year for Christmas and just adore it. The stamped letters seem to be wearing away, though! Maybe it’s time for a new one? Or maybe a polish!?

  12. Way too much is next on my list!! However, I have checked off my list the gift that proves to be the most difficult every holiday season….my mom’s. I ordered a necklace from you with both of her grandchildren’s name. I absolutely love your work and I know my mom will too.

  13. Well I have to get my supplies for making snowglobes at church on Wednesday night, make three scarfs for a client, buy more gifts, wrap more gifts, make Christmas cards for my friends and make some home made gifts for my family. Most of this list has to be done by Friday, ha ha! But I have a Cd from the pianist at my church playing Christmas music, twinkle lights in my studio and a hot cocoa for sipping. Love Christmastime!
    ~Molly P

  14. Finish my cards
    Bake! bake! bake!….today it was my sugar cookies.
    Celebrate! with a peppermint mocha coffee because today’s my birthday!
    Brave the cold (for us…low 40’s) and gusty winds and take my walk.
    Enjoy the day off
    Read blogs…..:)

  15. I can’t get over that chair! So gorgous! I “rescued” a chair from a neighbor’s trash a few weeks ago and ripped all the old smelly upholstery off, thinking I could just recover it. But it’s a much bigger project than I anticipated and I am now dreaming of getting someone to do it for me in a beautiful fabric like yours.

    I need to finish some knitting, wrap some presents and get to the post office – but then I am done! So ready for this holiday!

  16. denise-it’s just literally dunking each tag in a mug of coffee or tea and then letting it dry. gives it an antique look.

  17. I’ve had my Christmas cards for about a week, but haven’t addressed them yet. I’m waiting for some cute Christmas magnets that I ordered to come in so I can put a few into some of the cards. I’m almost done with shopping, maybe only 1 more present to go. The catch? I haven’t wrapped any of the ones I have already bought. Lastly, I need to get my tree decorated. It’s been sitting in the living room all lit up and bare for a week. Ok…I feel tired already after putting that down “on paper”

  18. uhhh — shop for gifts, wrap them, find & buy snow tires for the car, and finish orders/package them. xoxo to you Lisa :]

    PS. L-O-V-E that aqua chair — pretty pretty.

  19. I have to make four little silk hearts with a French theme for a friend; then tidy my conservatory ready for the tree and lots of twinkly lights on the ceiling. I wish time could slow down… just a little. I love your gift tags!

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