Everyday starts with gifts! Take a look my treasure moments

I’m sharing cell phone pics from the last couple weeks and I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged. Have you read her blog–because I love it! Join us and link up your own cell phone pics.

Baby Couture Magazine featured our ‘Remove Your Shoes” wall hanging in their current issue. I love that mag.

Little treasures I picked up on the beach in Mexico. So pretty.

Hanging out with friends in Cozumel. We had so much fun.

Auntie Ellen and grandma came to visit. I love David’s smile! Kisses from auntie are the best.

I was driving down the street when big puffy clouds and the green hillside caught my eye.

Every day starts with a cup of coffee. As I’m dragging myself out of bed I’m thinking about coffee!

Sunshine has been flooding into our living room in the mornings. Love.

Matthias wanted to wear a tie to church on Sunday–so Steve helped him. This is his great grandfather’s tie. He is getting so grown up!

And since Matthias was wearing a tie, I put a bowtie on David. He looked so dapper! The bowtie is from the etsy shop Dressed to Thrill. It’s adorable!

Steve took the boys to a comic book shop so I walked around downtown by myself. I noticed lots of pretty textures on the sidewalks–so I snapped a few pics.

Dressed comfortably from head to toe. The shoes are by gentle souls–so incredibly easy to wear. Stir my soul necklace from my shop.  Bag by Jo Totes.

Matthias received the superstar award in his school assembly on Monday. So proud of him.

The colors in the flower are so vibrant!

Alex, Jess and I spent Wednesday planning and list making and getting inspired. We took more pics that I’ll share soon!

It’s Friday. Woohoo! We have a mellow weekend ahead of us–and that sounds perfect. What are your weekend plans?


  1. My weekend plans are to ask you if you’d mind sharing what resort you stayed at in Cozumel? My hubby and I were looking at heading there for a romantic getaway and I’d love it if you could recommend anything.

  2. Your baskets used in lieu of a traditional coffee table are gorgeous and so functional! Where did you get them?

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