The boys {Steve, David and Matthias} and I headed downtown after church for some lunch, frites {belgium fries} with dipping sauce and a little walk. Here are some bits and pieces of our afternoon. And of course, some hellos for your Monday! Hello chilly, but sunny days. It looks warm outside, but the wind is cold!

Hello sweet boy. You completely have my heart.

Hello visit to the eye doctor {we can’t find Matthias’ glasses anywhere!}

Hello little converse.

Hello busy kiddo who’s wearing his shoes {and me} out! He is constantly on the go.

Hello frites. You are quite delicous!

Hello strawberry soda. Matthias was thrilled!

Hello Steve got his own special beverage. He was also thrilled.

Hello sharing a little bit of my diet soda with David.

Hello to ‘The Mason Jar’.  Are you a band? Are you a shop? Nice name, I like it!

Hello little doggie. You’re not mine, but I’m pretty sure I could fall in love with you.

Hello gross. Bubble gum alley–don’t touch the walls!

Hello Hepkat. I’m getting my hair trimmed and colored on Tuesday!

Hello Hands Gallery, where you can find truly lovely things! One of my very favorite shops downtown. And it was one of my favorite shops, even before they carried our jewelry!

Hello to our first day of Spring Break.

Hello emails to catch up on {I caught a nasty cold last week!}

Hello to a new italian quinoa recipe I’m going to try this week

Hello coloring Easter eggs

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a crazy, fabulous week!

What are you saying hello to at the start of this brand new week? Link up your own hello post in the comments section or leave a comment with a few hellos for us!