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Hey friends! It’s Friday. I almost forgot about Friday because I’ve completely lost track of what day it is! I’m in the midst of Blissdom craziness and having so much fun seeing friends and making new friends. Here are some cell phone pics from the last week. I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share pics–join us!

Steve and I have started going on weekly dates. Every Wednesday night we have a sitter and we go out to eat. And we linger. And talk about whatever. And hold hands. It’s been awesome.

Vintage dress, leopard print shoes and a sunny day made for a very happy Lisa.

Daffodils in my kitchen window. They were $1 at Trader Joe’s so I splurged.

This book is rocking my world. It’s so so good. Brene Brown is so insightful when it comes to vulnerability and living well. Highly recommend!

Just taking a few pics when David photobombed me. And some silly cuddles are fine with me!

On St. Patricks Day, a group of bagpipers walked around downtown playing music. David loved it! Matthias hated it {too loud for him}.

Bowtie by Dressed to Thrill. This kid is so grown up, it’s crazy.

A silly David at lunch on Sunday. He eats his lunch and then he’s done sitting–but the rest of us are still waiting for our food! I try to keep him entertained. He cracks me up.

My boys looked so lost in thought coming up the escalator at Barnes and Noble. Love.

I got some sweet time in Dallas with nieces, Megan and Clara before Blissdom began.

My brother Dan and his awesome wife {and my nieces above} live in Plano–so I stayed with them for a couple nights. It ended up being so relaxing and fun. I didn’t know I needed it–but I’m so glad I had that time.

My SIL {who’s really just a sister} and I did some serious thrift store shopping with our friend Janet. And I snagged this awesome vintage, beaded gown for $7. Now Steve has to take me somewhere really fancy. I’m thinking a great black heel or maybe silver?

I spent the day at the Blissdom handmade market and met so many amazing people. The weekend is just beginning! Today I’m speaking here at Blissdom and I’ll be flying home Sunday.

What does your weekend hold?


  1. Oh my gosh! I live in Richardson and have been an admirer (and wearer of your treasures for so long. To think I could have crossed your path over the last two days is very cool. Have an amazing time at Blissdom. My city feels richer with all of you wonderful people here!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet you today and hug your neck. Again, thank you for the way you bless so many. Thank you too for your talk today at Blissdom. Great content. Yes, Daring Greatly is fantastic. “Ah-ha!” moments on every page, Enjoy!

  3. Good luck today!! Our weekend holds a sleepover for my 8 year old who braved school this week after being bullied, and helping a friend get ready for her adoption fundraiser 🙂

  4. I LOVE your heartfelt collection… but I am sad that I don’t have anywhere in MI that I know that carries the line. I am trying to figure out who I can get to carry it for you so I can have it at my finger tips! Hope you are having a blast at Blissdom!

  5. The necklace you show in the pic with the blog entry at Blissdom in Dallas, He Calls the Stars by name, is it available?

  6. Ive been home for two days now with two sick girls. We were supposed to work at an Easter breakfast tomorrow for little one’s gymnastics team but I dont think that will be happening. I’ll be spending my time attending to my precious kids and praying they’re on the mend soon. High fevers are never fun.

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