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It’s Friday–and that’s a good thing! I’m linking up my cell phone pics with Jeannett from Life Rearranged. If you’re on instagram, you can find me under lisaleonard. Are you using the new afterglow app? It’s so wonderful!

Our church meets in an old 7th day adventist building with gorgeous windows. Love.

We have a very happy, energetic and silly David on our hands!

The porch is decked out for Christmas. I love coming home to this.

Thanksgiving weekend we went on a twilight walk in Morro Bay. It was magical. More pics soon!

Morro Rock after sunset. Sigh.

These feathers are from our friends’ Greg and Kimberly’s wedding a couple weeks ago. So inspiring.

This picture makes me smile. I love these two!

David isn’t supposed to be on the computer after 5pm but he’s constantly breaking the rules 😉

This little television set with a winter vignette is so adorable. Spotted at Hand Gallery, downtown.

I picked up this furry vest at TJ Maxx and I’ve been layering it on every day. So cozy!

Winter flowers–so much color.

We had our holiday open house this week and it was a huge success!

Silly, silly, silly.

This kiddo is growing up so fast. He has the sweetest heart, the shortest attention span and big, big dreams. I just love him.

My mom is coming this weekend and we are so excited for some time with her. I see some thrifting and eating out in our future! What are your weekend plans?


  1. Hi Lisa! You look great, and can’t believe how big the boys are! Time sure flies – yikes! Just read your interview in SLO Life – made me smile and brought a tear to my eyes. Hope that you and your family have a very, merry Christmas, and hope to run into you soon!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Gorgeous everything!

    Have fun with your mom! My husband and I are going on a date tonight. Thank goodness for nieces who are now old enough to babysit!

  3. Love the vest from TJ Maxx and the outfit with the vest layered over the jeans and the top you have under the vest. Hope you feature that in a WIWW post!

  4. I am gonna decorate my house and the Christmas tree…and that is for us, very early.. normally Christmas decorations is after 6th december..(that is a tradition in Belgium). but I can no longer wait !

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