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i’m linking up with jeannett from life rearranged to share phone pics from the week. join us!

This week Steve and I hung out in Matthias’ classroom. He read ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and then we painted clay ornaments I had made. Steve is a really good reader. When I read to the boys they say, ‘you’re not doing it right’.  So I leave the reading to Steve. We had a great time in the classroom and the kids loved it.

I loved the kids’ creativity and how they took the ornaments from plaint to spectacular!

We’ve had some rain this week which means we can pull out our boots. I die over David’s new boots. So tiny and cute!

I love the rain, especially when I’m inside with a cozy blanket and fire.

Getting ready for our LLD Christmas party. It was so fun!

To get my iphone to take a blurry pic, my friend Christan {also our business manager} held up his hand in the foreground and I focused on it. Then he moved his hand right before I snapped the pic.

Our neighbor’s home is completely covered in lights. Seriously this picture doesn’t even do it justice. It’s like a gingerbread house–crazy gingerbread!

These chips are so good. Thank you Chad for introducing me to them. Wait, no thank you–because I can’t stop! I blame you, Chad!

Last night’s twilight was magical. It rained on and off yesterday and there was such a beautiful yellow glow.

This weekend we head to Southern California to see family and celebrate and early Christmas! We can’t wait! What are your weekend plans?


  1. Thank you for sharing those ornaments, I tried myself, and they’re so cute. My son is a bit young to paint them, but I’m thinking some super fine white glitter paint will be lovely (Though never as cute as the kids can make!)!
    Awesome house. We have a crazy one on the block too, but it’s not as pretty lol!

  2. i love the ornaments, what did you make them out of and what kind of paint? would love to do that with my kids, thanks

  3. I love to see you and your husband with your kids. You can just feel the love you both have for your two boys–you are great parents and they are very lucky boys to have you both!

  4. This weekend we are heading to Phuket (Thailand) to spend Christmas there. No extended family, just myself my hubby and our daughter. I cant wait for a totally different festive season just hanging out on a sun lounger by the pool with my nearest and dearest. Merry Christmas!

  5. HAHAHA!!!! I KNOW where that house is in SLO! We always drive by to look at it when we’re out on our annual Christmas light drive. 🙂

  6. We get to celebtate this weekend….a party with some good friends toinight. Love their house on the river…at sunset….it will be nice! Sunday we help celebrate with friends and their daughter. She graduated from UCF and loves working as an Art techer at a local high school. So fun to celebrate these special moments

  7. That picture of Steve reading is so great! Matthias and David have wonderful parents 🙂

    My plans for this weekend include seeing a Christmas concert/play and having people over for dinner.

  8. Those boots are adorable! And the lights on your neighbors’ house makes me cringe to think of their electric bill! 🙂

  9. oh my, i am dying over david’s little boots, too. so stinkin’ cute!! how fun that dad got to hang out at school, too! happy weekend!

  10. We are robbing the Christmas gifts early and taking our gift cards and heading out for date night! The boys will play at their friends with light sticks and running all over their 10 acres. Tomorrow we relax and Sunday church of course. So today? Housekeeping!

  11. I saw a really funny picture the other day. It was a pic of a house, very similar to your neighbor’s, all decked out in glowing Christmas lights blinding the eyes. The house next door took their Christmas lights and wrote out the word “DITTO”. I guess you had to see it.

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