i’m linking up with jeannett from life rearranged to share phone pics from the week. join us!

This week Steve and I hung out in Matthias’ classroom. He read ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and then we painted clay ornaments I had made. Steve is a really good reader. When I read to the boys they say, ‘you’re not doing it right’.  So I leave the reading to Steve. We had a great time in the classroom and the kids loved it.

I loved the kids’ creativity and how they took the ornaments from plaint to spectacular!

We’ve had some rain this week which means we can pull out our boots. I die over David’s new boots. So tiny and cute!

I love the rain, especially when I’m inside with a cozy blanket and fire.

Getting ready for our LLD Christmas party. It was so fun!

To get my iphone to take a blurry pic, my friend Christan {also our business manager} held up his hand in the foreground and I focused on it. Then he moved his hand right before I snapped the pic.

Our neighbor’s home is completely covered in lights. Seriously this picture doesn’t even do it justice. It’s like a gingerbread house–crazy gingerbread!

These chips are so good. Thank you Chad for introducing me to them. Wait, no thank you–because I can’t stop! I blame you, Chad!

Last night’s twilight was magical. It rained on and off yesterday and there was such a beautiful yellow glow.

This weekend we head to Southern California to see family and celebrate and early Christmas! We can’t wait! What are your weekend plans?