DIY to celebrate family! {hand-prints winter wonderland}

I had an idea to make our handprints into a wintery forest scene. It was a fun project–here’s how I did it.

I traced each person’s hand and then added some extra small branches to make the hands feel a little more tree-like.

After I cut out the hands, I cut out simple trunks and taped them together.

I spray painted a large canvas with flat gray spray paint.

Then I placed the trees where I wanted them and used a silver glitter spray paint to cover all the exposed areas.

The paint is still a little wet in the picture above, but you can see it’s a slight contrast. I wanted it to be subtle.

Then I took my time placing tiny dots of glue all over like falling snow. I wanted it to look like it was snowing, and the snow was collecting in the branches of the trees.

Then I sprinkled glitter–a super fine glitter, to cover all the glue dots.

And I let it dry overnight. Such a fun, winter project that celebrates family!


    1. hi kirstie! here’s the secret–i don’t get it all done. And what i do get done, I have a lot of help–a house keeper who comes in 2x/month, babysitters here and there a team of amazing people in the workshop. and it’s still craziness sometimes!

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