how to hand-stamp spoons with meaning {so fun!}

Hey friends! I have a SUPER fun DIY for you today. I’m going to teach you how to hand-stamp spoons! Here are the supplies you’ll need…

 This set of spoons {below} says, “I scream, You scream, We all scream, For ice cream”. How fun is that?!

Or how about a fun spoon for your morning coffee or tea? The one below says ‘Hello gorgeous”  I like to wake up to a sweet sentiment, don’t you?

Yesterday I taught hand-stamping spoons on the D Living morning show in Dallas. I was so nervous, but it was a ton of fun! The hosts Kimberly and Hilary were so sweet. My nieces and sister-in-law came to cheer me on. Click here {or below} to watch the segment.


  1. Lisa, I was so excited when I saw your webpage but so disappointed when I saw that the video was not available… is there a way you could still send it to me via email?
    Many thanks Lisa! and well done for your spoons, they look fabulous!!

  2. I can not seem to get my lettering to stamp deep enough on my spoons. I’m trying to use stainless steel, any ideas? Thanks, jane

    1. Are you using a bench block? You should be able to stamp stainless steel but you have to hit really hard! If you can find a silver plate, it’s easier to stamp! x

  3. Hi Lisa!
    They seem to have taken off the link for the show you were on πŸ™ Any tips on stamping plated silver spoons and avoiding the flat marks on the back?? I’m lost!


  4. I liked your FB page as well as your Etsy shop and I signed up for your newsletter. Love love love your designs! Thanks for the contest and chance to win!

    Michelle (:

  5. Hey Lisa,

    I love these! I would love to know where you suggest to get the stamps and block! And, as previous commenters, what size you suggest.


  6. What size stamps should we get for silverware? Also…did you stamp on silver plate? Can you stamp on stainless steel?

  7. You were awesome!! A natural! Thanks for showing how fun and easy that is – I’d love to try it sometime. Oh no, another hobby …. πŸ™‚

  8. you were nervous? you sure faked being relaxed well! how wonderful…and the gal who interviewed you was so good at engaging you! kudos!

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