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It’s Friday! Wohoo! I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics from the week.

Bubble gum alley in downtown San Luis Obispo is disgusting but so intriguing. The smell makes me want to gag, but I love to see what new, creative designs people are coming up with. Hilarious.

Last week we spent about six hours at Disneyland. Short but sweet!

I’ve been knitting. In about three years I’ll have a scarf. Haha! I’m so slow!

I found this stop sign last week at a thrift shop. I thought it would help me to remember to  ‘Stop and enjoy the moment’.

My mom collected all sorts of wheels, faucets and reels and created this display on her dining room wall. How cool is that?!

I scored this vintage dress for $2.50 from a garage sale. I love the color. I’ll have more pics on Wednesday!

On Saturday, Matthias and I went out on an afternoon date. We saw ‘Rise of the Guardians’ {loved it!} and did a little Christmas shopping. So fun.

Our church meets in an old building with the coolest windows. David loves to explore {and play the piano, of course!}

I found my boys all snuggled up on the couch enjoying Spiderman. I love lazy weekends.

A couple of new, old floral paintings have made their way into our living room. Yay!

David just can’t get enough splashing and playing. And I love a freshly scrubbed kid!

Have you seen the new Wedding Standard Magazine? It’s breathtaking. Check it out here.

This weekend we are celebrating Christmas with Nana and seeing some of Steve’s life-long friends {who have become my life-long friends, too!}. I’ve got a few more gifts to put together and some wrapping to do. And maybe I’ll sneak a nap in there? What are your weekend plans?

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  1. your mom’s wall looks terrific!

    i have a “one way”sign in my kitchen (found it in cayukious, after consuming to many brown butter cookies). i am looking for a “not a through road” sign to display. think it would go well with my victory rd. heart.

    that dress is adorable! i’ll pay you $3.50 for it. 🙂

    1. I love the ‘not a through road’ idea! so fun! when i’m ready to pass the dress on, i’ll let you know first. 😉

  2. Oh, I just have to say I did not enjoy Rise of the Guardians. I thought it was so dreadfully scary that if we weren’t being treated by cousins I absolutely would have walked out within the first 5 minutes. It was actually a parenting moment where I felt very conflicted and thought I didn’t do right by my kids (staying there for the sake of not being rude).
    I realize everyone has different “scary” tolerance levels, and I am of course not judging that you liked it, but want to offer my opinion to anyone considering the movie. In my view…so scary.
    Merry Christmas, Lisa. I love your blog.

  3. I took a year to knit my hubby my one and only scarf – it tapered to a point. He never wore it! And my first and only dish rag ended up with 8 sides instead of 4. My Grammy framed it. The end of my knitting, right there! haha!

    Love your church!


  4. Lisa, I really like your vintage dress. Looking forward to Wednesday. The gingerbread man ornament is beautiful.

    And a gum alley? That’s something I’d love to see (with nose plugged!)

  5. Thanks for sharing these snapshots of your life! 🙂 So beautiful! And you just keep creating designs for us to wear and give and don’t rush on that scarf!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. We have a gum wall in Seattle too! I had no idea they had them anywhere else in the country but I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m grossed out by ours. I won’t go anywhere close enough that I could accidentally get bumped into it.

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