Hey friends! I’m sharing cell phone pics today and linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged. If you’re on instagram, you can find me under lisaleonard.

Blue skies and birdies make for a perfect backdrop. Now, if only I could lay around and do nothing!

{Above} on my wrist lately, our gold connected bracelet. LOVE.



Lots and lots of creating happening around here. Feels good!

David has been laughing himself to sleep and waking up smiling. I love a happy kiddo!

I’ve picked a few thermoses recently at thrift stores and my MIL brought me sunflowers. This little arrangement by my kitchen sink was so fun.

Target run!! {yay!}

David got lots of good snuggles with Nana. In this pic they’re both asleep and there’s also two little doggies crashed out too!

Some backseat silliness with Matthias. {Nana was sitting up front}

Stop, collaborate and listen.

We’ve had some gorgeous weather lately, and also some gray days. I think the trees are confused about what season it is!

Madonna Inn is decked out for Valentine’s day and it. is. awesome.

It’s Friday. Woohoooo! This weekend Steve and I are flying to Mexico for a getaway. Color me very very happy. This mama needs a break! What are your weekend plans?