hello trash to treasure

I worked on a couple projects this weekend. Things that have been on my inspiration list for a while–and I finally got to them! I got this ugly lamp at our local goodwill for $4. And it lived in the flowerbed in our front yard for a couple weeks. {Please tell me I’m not the only one with random projects waiting to be carried out!} I got it out of the car, but it never made it into the house–until this weekend. Woohoo! Well, the pretty part is in the house, the rest is recycling.

It’s Monday, a new week and our first day of school–a big day around here! How about some hellos?DIY repurposed macrame planterHello talking something that is almost literally trash and turning it into something beautiful. I love that!
Easy steps…
1. take apart lamp
2. wash glass portion, toss the rest.
3. place some rocks or terra cotta pieces in the bottom
4. add a succulent and some soil

DIY repurposed macrame planter lisa leonard 2 Hello learning how to macrame. It’s suuuuper easy. I used some twine I had on hand and followed this tutorial.

DIY repurposed macrame planter lisa leonard 3Hello impressed pups. They just LOVE the new macrame planter over their bed!

Hello first day of school! Matthias is in 7th grade and David is in 8th. Hooray!

Hello feeling very loved on my birthday a few days ago. {thank you!}

Hello meetings and more meetings. Now that summer’s over I have some work to do!

Hello sniffles. David has a little cold and I think I’m getting it.

Hello looking for fun movies to watch with Matthias. What are some good movies for kids ages 12-14?

Hello walking the dogs and taking walks alone. So good.

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Good job! And no, you’re not the only one with projects waiting. I have too many pending over here!
    As for the movies…anything Pixar!

  2. I love “Super 8” for M’s age range!!! Also…Annabelle (11) and I just started “The Wonder Years” tonight. It worked – it’s a classic! Someone else now has a crush on Kevin Arnold, I just know it.

  3. i’m saying hello to the second week as the mother of a married son–i now have a daughter!

    movie suggestions:

    Secondhand Lions
    We Bought a Zoo
    Nim’s Island
    Anna and the King

  4. I love the macrame! Amazing! Have you seen Duma? It’s a super cute story about a boy and his cheetah in South Africa.

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