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I’m turning forty-two years old. It’s feels different than I expected. I’ve changed so much this last year–and I’m ready to welcome this next year with open arms.

I’m learning to listen to my heart even though sometimes she speaks in a quiet whisper.
I’m practicing speaking my mind–even when I make waves.
I’m beginning to understand the importance of self-care (and that I can do it without guilt!)
In big, amazing ways I’m seeing with a fresh perspective that my three boys whom I adore, also adore me. And I’m beginning to believe in a new, deeper way that I am worthy of love and adoration.


At forty-two I’m learning how to simply be me in new and powerful ways. It feels humbling and empowering.

Today, on my birthday, I’m slipping on the adored ring as a reminder that I am loved. The X and the O represent the beautiful, imperfect, enduring love that surrounds me. And that is definitely something to celebrate. Thank you for being an important part of my journey–I’m thankful for this community!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and blessings that follow you throughout the year to come. 🙂

  2. Happy Bday to you Lisa! All my best wishes to you, enjoy your time and celebrate, hope you still have some wishes but some which become truth.
    The recognising of this age and how you feel sounds realy how I (1973) think it is (Woo-hoo, yes not every day but this is independent of the age isn’t it.?
    Love your blog photos, stories and family scenes.
    By the way, I love to wear your sterling ring with names of my two boys on it, every day. So beautyful, lovely and authentic your handmade work. Keep on going. Big HUG Alexandra, CH

  3. Happy birthday! Isnt it wonderful to feel empowered. I too have gone through similar changes and i will be 59. Congrats and enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday Lisa! May you, and your family, find many blessing in the days of your life. I often wonder if all people had the heart of a child how rich this world would be. Thank you for sharing your precious treasures with each of us!

  5. Birthday girl, Lisa,
    How can I feel such love for someone I’ve never met? I don’t know but yet I do. You, your family, your heart, imperfections, and yes your jewelry fill me with love. Enjoy your day… 24 hours to simply be quiet with your goodness… Not your perfectness bUt pure goodness. I’m wearing one of my favorite necklaces right now (from my husband) charms with names of our family members. Yes, I made it easy by sending a not so subtle hint and link, he acted, and you made it.

    Sending you joy and sparkles, Tam xo

  6. Happy birthday. I too have 3 boyz whom I adore and after reading your post I am going to purchase that ring. Have an awesome day. Life is a journey Mary

  7. Dear Lisa, It is amazing that as I read your entry today that it so reflects my own. Your are 42, I celebrated my 57th birthday a few days ago. Thank you for sharing. The best is yet to come!

  8. Happy birthday on your special day. You are a special lady and you are loved by many that haven’t had the privilege to meet you in person. Love your meaningful jewelry. And you are an inspiration to us all

  9. Happy Birthday !!! Lisa !!! I hope you have a wonderful !!! Did you my design on a bracelet I thought of. I have ordered many of your jewelry and people ask where I can get your things. I give your web site and tell me how much they love your things. Thank you again. Happy Birthday !!! and many more to come

  10. Happy Birthday, Lisa! I applaud your wisdom! I am much older and still hesitate to speak my mind and still question my worth and still hope God’s plan for me will become evident. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Happiest of birthdays to you!

    I always pause to read your fb posts about your precious family, and I love to wear your sterling name rings engraved with my two children’s names…

    My nephew has special needs and my sister in law and I relate to your posts about your oldest son- they bring tears to our eyes!

    God bless you, Lisa!

  12. Happy happy birthday! I’m going to be turning 48 in four months and you’re a few step ahead of me! Beautifully put words of wisdom for all of us moms!!

  13. Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope it’s a blessed one!!! I LOVE your rings! I have had a rough 3 years personally and last Dec. I came across your hope starburst ring and got myself one for Cmas… I wore it everyday on my middle left ring finger as a reminder to have hope that God would work out my life.. that he was all the hope I needed. Well I lost the ring a few months ago and haven’t been able to replace it yet but I will! Your pieces are so heart warming!!!

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