Hello friends. After a restful weekend in Fresno, our family is coming home reflective and thankful. Steve attended a memorial service over the weekend. It was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, celebrate a life well lived and consider how we are spending our moments and days. We’re starting this week with a renewed perspective and softer hearts.

I’m sharing pics today from an afternoon walk in Morro Bay. I took the boys a few days ago, we soaked up some sunshine {before the fog rolled in} and ate ice cream. For some reason, I have to convince the boys to go on these adventures–I practically have to force them into the car. But once we’re there we have lots of fun and we never regret going.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello sunshine. I’m loving the warm rays after days of rain.

Hello Matthias. This is his ready-to-ride face. That kid can get some serious speed on his scooter.

Hello walking. We’ve been leaving the stroller behind and giving David more opportunities to talk. It also involves me giving up control and I when he drops to his knees I have to wait patiently until he’s ready to walk again. We’re both being stretched by this process–and it’s good for us.

Hello exploring. Hello 10 year old who craves independence.

Hello brothers. Hello melting heart.

Hello texture. I think texture inspires me as much as color and sunshine.

Hello chocolate malt. I told myself I would only have half–and then I sipped all the way to the bottom of the cup.

Hello fog rolling in as we got in the van to come home.

Hello list of big projects. I’m trying to make progress a little bit at a time.

Hello Blissdom. It’s coming quickly–will you be there? I’m speaking Friday afternoon about telling your story. I’ll also be at the handmade market. I would love to meet you. Please find me!

Hello grocery store run. We need food for dinners–otherwise I’ll be ordering pizza. Every night.

Hello brand new week. Just a few more sips of coffee and I’ll be ready to face you!