Life’s been pretty imperfect or a picture of hope

It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged to share cell phone pics. Join us! I’m LisaLeonard on Instagram if you want to follow.

A Morro Bay sunset. Seriously breathtaking.

I got my hair done–I love getting a haircut! I go to Hepkat Beauty Parlor on Higuera.

A shy sunflower.

We had dark and rainy skies last week with breaks of sunshine. Life’s been pretty imperfect around here–I felt like this was such a picture of hope.

Keeping David entertained at the GI doctor. It’s an iphone app called minipiano. Awesome.

Shoes and a fallen leaf–the colors of autumn.

Chad put on a private concert for us. He is so talented. And David loved every minute of it!

Love this girl.

A plush kitty and in the background that’s a very sweet and spunky Naomi.

Sarah and I trying out a photoboot app for iphone called pocketbooth.

And just a {completely awesome} sketch by Matthias. I love to see him create!

It’s Friday! We are in England and we are so happy to be here {and we’re still adjusting to the time change!}. This weekend we’re taking a train to Scotland to visit some dear friends. What do you have planned?


  1. I loved visiting Scotland when I was just a hair older than Matthias. Have fun!

    We are going to the pumpkin patch, and the hubby and I are having a date to lunch and to see “Argo”/Ben Affleck, depending on who you’re asking :).

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