Hello friends! Today I’m saying good-bye to a very good weekend and hello to a brand new week. We were home most of this weekend which was much, much needed. I got lots of cleaning and organizing done–and I feel like a new woman! I feel like I can breathe–and that’s a good thing.

On Saturday, we drove over to lunch in Morro Bay and although Matthias complained the whole way there, he ended up having a great time. We are such mean parents.

We had fish and chips and burgers at Rocca’s. It’s a new spot on the embarcadero and we loved it.

Rocca’s had lots of surf decor, great food and the best part is it’s super kid friendly. Or maybe the best part was the view of Morro Rock?

Although the weather was about 65*, Matthias wore a winter cap. The kid’s got style, who am I to judge?

Somehow after lunch I convinced everyone to take a family pic. We had one shot–and this is what we got. Immediately after this pic we realized David had a crazy blow-out diaper. I rushed him to the bathroom and took care of the situation–but not before I had that “this is just too much of a mess to clean up” feeling. Somehow we got through it and moved on. Phew!

I love how gray this shot is, except for that bright sail. I didn’t photoshop it–that’s exactly how it looked.

Silly, silly David. Oh my, that kiddo has been independent and rascally. He is running circles around us and by bedtime we are worn out! Well, to be honest by 5pm we are worn out. Back to school tomorrow–woohoo!

Super awesome photobomb by Matthias.

I kept asking him to “act normal” for this picture. This actually is pretty normal–super silly is normal around here.

Matthias took this pic above–not bad! Maybe the kid has a future in photography.

We got ice cream and shakes near the rock. it’s a stand called ‘Crills’ with saltwater taffy and lots of yummies. Steve grew up going there.

We’ve never seen the otters this close up! They were all on their back and just swimming along. Adorable.

I love these boys.

On the way home, Steve drove me by an enormous field of sweet peas. It was so beautiful–this picture doesn’t do it justice at all!

Hello brand new week!

Hello getting ready for SNAP! I can’t wait.

Hello morning segment in Salt Lake city on Thursday. Anyone watch Studio 5?

Hello clean bedroom. The piles of clothes have been put away and I just want to gaze at how pretty the room looks!

Hello art lessons on Tuesdays. Matthias has been learning so much and loving it!

Hello having help. We recently hired a college student {who’s also a close friend} to pick up the kids from school a couple days a week, help with laundry, dishes, etc. It’s been amazing. I am so thankful to have help!

Hello fun Mother’s Day interviews and an inspiring DIY to share this week!