‘catch a firefly’ {tent giveaway!}

I am so excited to be partnering with Heidi Jones to give away a beautiful tent from her etsy shop Catch a Firefly! Heidi and her mother make high quality children’s fabric play tents–so fun!! These tents are perfect for forts, reading nooks, nap tents at grandmas house, tea parties, and anything else you would like to use it for.

I received my tent in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I always find the boys reading, coloring, and hanging out underneath it! They love it!

All of the tents are from high quality fabrics and they are very sturdy. Perfect for the kids!

David loves playing his piano under the tent!

There is also a 15% off coupon code when you purchase a tent! Enter the code: LISALEONARD at checkout and you will receive 15% off! Make sure to ‘like’ Heidi’s Facebook page as well!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry over to Catch a Firefly and purchase your tent today and don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!


  1. My dad would set the pop up camper up in the side yard.
    We would have friends over and sleep out and play block catchers and flashlight tag and eat snacks. I love to see kids laugh and run in the outdoors. There is just too little of it these days with the busy lifes we all lead.

  2. I LOVE this! How fun! Reminds me of watching Creature Features on Friday nights with my brother and our parents under blankets in our living room. Still LOVE scary movies more than anything!

  3. We had a “doll” lady in the next town. I loved going to her shop – the cabinets filled with miniature doll house items – and I would use my allowance to furnish my 2 dollhouses (one had been my moms!) But the best part of her shop was the back – where she fixed old dolls. They would all be lined up on the sofa – it was peaceful and magical. I was fortunate to have 2 of my mom’s old dolls that I played with – my grandmother knit them monogramed sweaters even! A special time!

  4. my favorite memory is when my dad gave me a knitted toy soldier, a very rare thing for him to buy something like that…35 years later, i still have it and adore it.

  5. My favorite childhood memory is playing in my backyard playhouse my dad had built for me. I played with my dolls and my mom made the cutest wooden high chair and cribs. Wish we had kept all those things, it would be so fun to have my kids play with them now.
    Love this tent, I would literally freak if I won!

  6. my favorite childhood memory is our annual summer family camp trip. we would camp out for several days, have fire works and there was always a shaving cream war on the last night. so much fun!

  7. My favorite childhood memory is of my sister and I passing notes and setting up club meetings in church … then we’d meet in each other’s room after naps. So fun.

  8. One of my favorite memories is that of me, my big brother & big sister taking my Grandmothers quilts, that she had handsewn herself, and tacking them to the walls in our bedroom to make our own “tent”! We loved it and could do it for hours. To this day in our childhood home I can walk into my old bedroom and see the tack holes in the walls…it’s the simple things πŸ™‚

  9. Love these tents! My favorite childhood memory was playing pretend with my sisters. One of our favorites was playing “Orphans” weird, I know!

  10. How lovely!!! What a great giveaway. my 3 boys would LOVE THIS! They’re constantly pulling cushions off the couch for forts, so this would eliminate my bending over, being pregnant. LOL!

    Favorite childhood memory – camping in the horse pasture in our tee-pee tent with siblings. πŸ™‚

  11. One of my favorite memories is of a lovely fall afternoon kicking soccer balls against the back of the (brick) house with my dad while I pretended I had way better aim than I actually did!

  12. My parents got my sister and I these inflatable things called Belly Bumpers-a huge ring that you held around your waist and bumped into each other. I particularly remember the first day we had them. Hot summer day in NC and all four of us laughing until it hurt at how much fun it was to do and to watch. Those were the days…

  13. Thanks for this fun giveaway! My favorite memories are all surrounded around Christmas time. Going out on Christmas Eve to see the lights and sneaking downstairs with my siblings. I love seeing the magic through my little ones eyes today!

  14. Love this adorable tent….my favorite childhood memory is spending the summers with my grandparents. Every afternoon after lunch my grandmother would lay on the book and have her quiet time. She always invited me to join her and introduced the love of the Lord to me! What precious memories.

  15. one time my mom fooled us kids with candy vegetables. she called us to the table, took the “peas and carrots” out of the microwave (to make it seem like she had just cooked them) and poured them onto our plates. You should have seen our faces when we heard a clinking sound as they hit our plates! Turns out she had gotten them from the candy store, and wanted to see how we would react. Those were the best peas and carrots I ever had. πŸ™‚

  16. I have fond memories of making many “blanket tents” with my two brothers. We used as many dinning room chairs as our blanket would stretch and then stuffed our tent with pillows. It was a great hideout! I would love for my granddaughters to make memories with this Firefly tent!

  17. Oh this is a great giveaway! I have this memory of sitting in the deep window seal in our apartment when I was about 5 years old. The curtain covered me, and it was like my very own magical hiding place. I also remember sitting there and my mother telling me that she was cooking :lizards and gizzards (which turned out to be liver and gravy, lol.)

  18. Spending all day everyday throughout the summers with my siblings in a treehouse in our backyard built by our Dad.

  19. Oh, brings back memories of a “blanket tent”, we stretched a blanket over chairs, end tables, whatever furniture we could, and crawled underneath. We ate cookies, read books, and played Barbie Dolls. I miss those times!

  20. My mother sewed/made a tent for my five brothers and I. I remember it was red vinyl. We like to “camp out” in the backyard, all six of us and the dog.

  21. One of my favorite memories is coming home after school on really cold days and making peanut butter toast. It is still a favorite!

  22. Favorite childhood memory, especially at the holiday seasons was decorating the tree and house with all our lovely decorations and listening to the record “Sesame Street Christmas” on the record player with my big brother. Those were the days!!! Merry Christmas, Lisa!
    Love Love Love the cozy tents!! My kids would go crazy over that!

  23. I remember building forts for my me and my dolls. I love building forts with my kids now too! This is definitely being added to my kids Christmas wish list!

  24. Most of my favorite memories involve my brother and I getting in trouble for some reason. I wonder what that says about me? πŸ™‚

    Once we strung dental floss all around the room “Parent Trap” style… fun times.

  25. Visiting my grandparents. Making cookies with my grandma. Feeling the love in the air. Listening for the sound of reindeer bells in the crisp night air. Lying under the Christmas tree and absorbing the holiday magic.

  26. Fave childhood memory? Not sure how to choose just one!!! One memory that sticks out is the time my family and I took a two week car trip out West! Eating warm peanut butter sandwiches and some of my grand-mothers chocolate chip cookies while driving from park to park, car breaking down while going up Pike’s Peak, lots of laughs…perfection in the eyes of a kid!

  27. This sparked a memory of blanket and sheets fort on rainy days. We loved making tunnels all through the living room.

  28. so so sweet. my little brother and I used to make a tent by throwing a giant blanket over our dining room table. We’d sit under there and play and put stickers underside the table (oops). We’d also use all four chairs and make like a horse and buggy. Two chairs were the buggy and the other two we set face down to be the horses. A jump rope would be our reigns. Fun times.

  29. Most of my favorite childhood memories include the beach, whether we went to Santa Cruz, Capitola, Pismo, Avila or Shell Beach, we were a family always at the ocean. I loved body boarding and creating mountains of seaweed every time we went!

  30. I favorite memory is when my little borther and I would pretend to go camping, we used all the pillow and the blanks to make a tent and sleping bags, we keep them up for days, it used to drive out mom crazy but she always ended up playing along with us!!! Now I do with my boys….

  31. With Christmas around the corner, I keep thinking of the times my cousins, sister, & I would ride around our small town with my aunt(now deceased 20+ years) looking for Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve. We always saw it in the same place;) (it was a tower w/ a blinking red light) & then we’d hurry home to await Santa’a arrival.

    There was also a time we camped in a tent & were telling stories. They got a little too scary for me an I leapt across 4 people, landed on her, & started asking why she’d scare me that way. My cousins still bring up that story every time we’re together.

  32. My favorite childhood memory is of Christmas morning when my parents surprised me with a little gray fluff ball of a kitten. Best Christmas present ever!

  33. my fav childhood memory is a wintertime memory of sitting over the heating vent and capturing the heat under my big flannel nightgown while reading a book in the early hours of morning.

  34. These tents are amazing! They would be such a cute thing for a kid to wake up and see next to the tree on Christmas morning! Christmas time with my sister and brother are some of my favorite memories!

  35. My favorite childhood memory was in the spring we would head to Palm Desert and stay at my grandparents with all my cousins. At night my dad would take all 8 of us out on the dark golf course on a golf cart. We would drive the dark paths in our bathing suits looking for sprinklers. You could hear them coming and we would scream with pure joy as it sprinkled us. I love golf carts to this day.

  36. One of my favorite childhood memories was Christmas when I was 10 and my brother was 9 and the other brother 8. It was Christmas morning and my 9 year old brother came in to wake me up at 4am with his flashlight so we could go downstairs and get our Stockings!!! My folks woke up to us laughing and shhhh-ing and they put on a pot of coffee and let us have FUN! It was magical…yes, magical childhood memories and that tent will make magical memories with David and Matthias too!

  37. Playing outside from sun to sun down, family vacation adventures, catching fireflies and playing night games. Aaahhh. The joys of childhood!

  38. My childhood memory was always the time we spent as a family on our annual vacation to Lakeside on Lake Erie. It was like you stepped back in time to a place where time stands still. We could ride our bikes everywhere and spent hours in the lake, playing putt-putt, shopping in the little stores, biking, and walking. I’ve read countless books and taken as many pictures along the shores of Lake Erie. I’m blessed to be able to take my boys there now every summer and the tradition continues. This past year, I celebrated my 40th birthday there, and my parents joined us for the weekend. It was the last time I spent with my dad in his right mind; he died exactly one month later. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

  39. Favorite all time memory is swimming in the backyard pool during the long days of summer with my brother and our cousins. What a great memory. Thanks for helping me remember πŸ™‚

  40. Looks so sweet and homey in your pictures of your boys. One of my favorite childhood memories spending hours building intricate Lego homes and restaurants-designing and redesigning them with all kinds of fun amenities that real houses didn’t have. Then sharing them with my engineer dad when he got home from work.

  41. Favorite childhood memory? So hard to choose only one! I loved playing out late on summer days, catching fireflies, running home at the sound of my momma’s voice calling out from our back door.

  42. My favorite childhood memory is going to my Grandma’s every Christmas season and baking dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies. My Granny is in her late 70’s now and we will be going over in a couple weeks to make cookies with my kids (her great grand kids).

  43. My favorite childhood memory is the food my grandmother used to make. she would hand roll the dough for biscuits and to make dumplings. She would make the best fried green tomatoes and let me eat the whole first pan. She canned very year which

  44. My fav memory was Christmas Eve. I still don’t know how my parents did it but every year Santa surprised us w gifts. I waited up sooooo long and I even heard jingle bells. It was so magical. I want that innocent magic for my boys and for them to have amazing memories.

  45. Snow days were such a rare and wonderful gift in Alabama! My favorite memories were of the handful of good snow days. We would stay out and play for hours in layers of clothes.

  46. Endless hours making up ongoing plays with my best friend. We were always the same fictional characters, Rita and Charlotte, acting out new story lines and breaking into song and dance. Usually in my backyard but occasionally in the grocery store or public pool. πŸ™‚ Good times!

  47. Wow! This post is so cute! I love this! I’m sure my wife will surely love this, too! This would be so perfect for the holidays! Thanks for giving me such a wonderful idea!

  48. My favorite memory is playing hide and go seek in the dark w/flashlights with all the neighborhood kids. Parents let us stay out so late with no worries. The good ole’ days.

  49. My favorite childhood memory is fishing with my mom and dad and camping just about every weekend at state parks during the summer! What a fun giveaway. I grew up camping in a tent and graduated to RVs.

  50. My favorite memory is riding around town with my dad as he called out the make and model of every vintage car we passed. Eventually I was good enough to beat him to the punch!
    I am very much a daddy’s girl!

  51. Loved swimming on the swim team, late night swims, pizza parties, flashlight tag and sleepovers watching scary monvies with my friends.

  52. One of my favorite memories as a child has to be all the neighborhood kids gathering together in my family’s backyard to play in the awesome tree house my dad built for us!

  53. Favorite childhood memory… difficult to choose just one. Probably putting all of the seats down in the back of our sedan, piling in with blankets & hot chocolate while my dad drove us around to look at christmas light displays… πŸ™‚
    probably not very safe, but so much fun!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  54. What a neat idea….love that! One of my very favorite childhood memories is staying with my aunt while my parents worked, my own little personal daycare of sorts. Some of my very first memories are times spent with her. She was and still is the old fashioned sort! She makes the best old time soul food around! I loved our time spent outside the most whether it be working in the garden or gathering firewood or just going for walks. I loved bringing in rocks and sticks or whatever else the find for the day may be. Bless her heart she never blinked an eye when I’d bring it right on in the house with me!

  55. My favorite memory is hanging out with the neighbor boy who was like a brother to me. He lived near the river so we would try to locate his pet duck..I thought it was so cool that he had a pet duck!!! Fun times and great memories!!

  56. My favorite childhood memoriy is us three kids in the back seat of the car singing along with the radio and my parents while we went on road trips.

  57. Favorite childhood memory was playing with my sister and sharing a room. To narrow it down is hard but not impossible. I suppose one would have to be going to sleep at night but not before playing “bridge”…we would hang over our beds and grab hands to bridge the distance between us and whoever pulled the other down won! Thanks for the giveaway, my husband will be required to make one if we don’t score this one! ; )

  58. I grew up on a cattle ranch with 2 brothers and 1 sister. One of my favorite things was taking a bucket down to our pond, catching as many pollywogs as we could, and bringing them up to one of the water troughs by the house. Even last year at 40, my sister and were huddled around a bucket of mosquito fish that my dad had scooped up! Good times πŸ™‚

  59. My favorite is of my Mother. I was around 3 and sick. She came home with a Coke and a book. Just for me! I have that book still. It’s Mercer Meyer’s Little Monster’s Neighborhood. I have read it over and over. Not only to my own children but to myself as well. Sometimes, it helps to make me feel close to her.

  60. LOVING your photos of tent fun! I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4. My fav childhood memories are of the bags of paper and art supplies my Daddy would bring to the hospital during my chemo treatments, and the magical things I would create with them.

  61. Oh this is hard!! I seriously loved collecting honeysuckle blooms with my brother and friends; we would turn up the bottom of our shirts and fill the space with tons of them and then taking them up to our tree fort. And sucking out the nectar. Every time I smell that sweet scent, ugh, it takes me back!!

  62. What magical pictures of your boys in the tent! My favorite childhood memory is taking walks in the woods and creating forts in the forest. Nature had everything we needed!

  63. My favorite memory is spending summers in Denver Colorado and making my own tent out of hollyhocks which we grew and bent together and tied. It was so cozy and all mine. I set it up with books a chair even a little bed, my dolls and at night I would sit “in my tent” and watch fireflys light everywhere. I felt very happy and very safe. I will turn 60 in a couple of weeks and still very vividly remember this as a happy time. this tent would be wonderful for my grandson who loves to visit grandma and play in tents that we make from whatever we can find. What a great giveaway….Happy Holidays

  64. I remember indoor tents made from sheets draped over dining room chairs for indoor play on rainy days! My Mom was awesome and willing for the dining room to become a big tent with several clean sheets, lots of naps and reading time and she even let us have lunch there!

  65. My favorite childhood memory is having the windows open at night in the summertime, and falling asleep listening to the bullfrogs croak outside (childhood home was next to a lake).

  66. my favorite memory has to be the long days my sister and the neighborhood kids and i would spend playing outside, making mud pies, swinging on our tire swing, and using empty cardboard boxes to create forts!

    if i win this fun tent, it’s going in the reading center in my kindergarten classroom!

  67. My sister and I used to ‘camp’ out in one of our bedrooms. We were to scared to actually do it in the backyard! πŸ™‚ Thanks for this great giveaway!

  68. My kids would just love this! Some of my favorite childhood memories are weekly slumber parties I had with my best friend at her house each Friday night.

  69. I have two: one, laying on the grass with my mom and looking at the clouds. We would make up stories and show each other creatures we saw and two, playing with my sister all around the neighborhood and hearing my mom call us in when it got dark. Melissa

  70. I don’t know how I’ll pick just one memory, but I loved going to the community pool with my mom and little brother when I was a kid. We’d pack a lunch and make day of it, with afternoon snack from the snack bar. Sweets and birch beer soda, what a treat! I felt like the luckiest kid on earth.

    Thanks for the chance to win the tent. My boys would love it!!!


  71. This tent reminds me of our back yard when I was a kid. There was a big tree with long branches that hung down to the ground. We would play in the branches and make forts. It was like we were in a different world. Such great memories. Love these tents and my three year old daughter would love them too!

  72. My favorite memory is really the whole Christmas season-from Christmas carols to making cookies together and listening to Santa’s message to us from the North Pole. My parents gave us a great childhood full of wonderful memories.

  73. My sister Elizabeth is 13 years older than I am, and when we were kids we shared a room. Whenever I wanted to escape the stess of kinderworld I would stretch my Holly Hobby blanket as tight as I could from her bed to mine using my Teddy’s as anchors, and my imagination for company. I would crawl underneath and read bedtime stories to my dolls cuddleing with them until either they or I would dolls fall asleep. My sister would often fuss with me for making such a mess on her side of the bed but it was worth it. It was always worth it, because I had so much fun in my quiet place. Now, As an adult, I sometimes wish I could build that tent again and return to the quiet of my childhood.

  74. One of my favorite childhood memories is playing kick the can with our neighbor friends at night. I’m sure we were so noisy – I feel bad for the rest of the neighbors! But it was always such a fun summer game, especially in the evenings! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  75. ok so my favorite childhood Christmas memory has been on my mind lately. It was the christmas that my sister and I received our “tuba ruba!” It was this big 8 foot clear tubing we wrapped around our bodies and then dropped a marble in one end and had to dance around to get it to come out the other end. So much fun and so easy too!

  76. It’s hard to pick just one thing…I was a happy kid. I had seven brothers and sisters and a bunch of neighborhood friends…there was always something going on. But… a favorite…we lived in Pittsburgh on a great hill. Our back yard was great for sled riding. I remember a few big snowstorms that brought the whole neighborhood out to our back yard. On a really good day you could go through our yard, into the adjoining yard…through that with enough momentum to go across the street and continue down into the next yard. (with that much snow…there weren’t any cars on the roads.. πŸ™‚ It didn’t happen like that very often…but when it did it was FUN! And then to top it all off…a hot bath and some hot chocolate when we got home!
    ( It was great to read about all the fun memories!)

  77. Love this tent! Saw a tutorial for making one, but lets be real, that’s about the last thing that’s going to happen this month. πŸ˜‰ Happy Holidays!

  78. I have lots, but will share a holiday one for now. I loved Christmas Eve…I got to sleep with my big sisters and open ONE present. Which was always new pajamas, of course.

  79. My favorite childhood memory was camping out with my brother, we would ” camp” in a trnt in his bedroom, in our backyard, etc. We had a lot of fun!

  80. One of my favorite childhood memories is putting up our Christmas Tree. I was the youngest of six so there were many many ornaments on our tree, my favorite thing about our tree was the old tree stand we had. It turned the tree around and played music. We also had an old nativity set that my mom got at the dime store for 10 cents a piece. It was hand painted in Italy and putting it out every year was so special to me. I now put the same Nativity set out at Christmas at my house so my children get to enjoy it. Sadly my brother got the Christmas tree stand…I need to look for one on eBay:)

  81. My favorite memories are from camping in the Redwoods at Patrick’s Point State Park. We’d look for banana slugs and sing songs around the campfire.

  82. I had a pretty idyllic New England up-bringing, so my hands-down favorite childhood memory is of ice skating on our small pond behind our old dairy barn in Connecticut. Sigh.

  83. I grew up in St. Johns, Newfoundland. For Winter solstice we used to meet up a big hill (about 50 of us) and wait to see the sunrise over the east coast of the Atlantic ocean. It was always bitterly cold and foggy. We never saw the sunrise, so our parents would set off firecrackers and announce the sunrise that way! Then we would all go back to a house for a huge breakfast feast.

  84. My favorite childhood memory is spending time with my great aunt Marilyn. She was a breast cancer survivor and had a mastectomy in her 20s. She never married or had any children so she spoiled me, she always bought me a pack of nerds when I would visit her. Also, I love receiving letters from her because she had the prettiest, most femimine handwriting and always wrapped my birthday money in tissue paper and a ribbon. πŸ™‚ Sadly, she passed away earlier this year.

  85. My fav memory would be playing with my neighbor/cousin every day and her dog buttons, not having a care in the world! This tent looks awesome!

  86. My favorite childhood memory is spending summer evenings in our back yard. We’d watch sunsets while swinging on the swingset and run barefoot through the cool grass-. Plus, it was delightful to curl up in bed after a long summer day spent playing outside!

  87. My favorite childhood memory would be playing with my cousins at my mamaw’s house.. My mamaw would put an old record on and we would all dance around laughing.. This tent is absolutely beautiful and magical. I got engaged recently and this tent would be the PERFECT addition to our home and future wedding!

    xoxo Brittany

  88. My favorite childhood memory is having my dad bring me McDonalds to school at lunch time & sit & eat it with me in the cafeteria. After we ate, he would stay & play on the playground too. All of the kids would come around & play with him too. It was a great feeling. Especially since my dad was the only one who did that! He also does it now with his grandkids. So great!

  89. One of my favorite memories is riding my bike to the town library and sitting in the reading cubby with a stack of Betsy-Tacy books. I loved them so!

    Oh how I want one of these tents! Thanks for the chance, Lisa!

  90. A favorite childhood memory of mine is of playing cards woth my sister and cousins in the treehouse in our grandparents’ yard!

  91. My favourite childhood memory involves Sunday dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s beautiful old character home. My cousins and I had our own table and would have so much fun eating and messing around together! What a lovely way to spark those memories, Lisa–thank you! XO

  92. My favorite memories from my childhood are from playing with my American Girl Dolls for hours and hours with friends. I loved dressing them up and doing their hair!

  93. Sunday dinners at my grandparents house are a treasured memory…one of those ones you don’t realize how much you love until they don’t happen anymore. They were “come as you are” dinners and my mom and I were regular fixtures at them. Other cousins and aunts and uncles came and went as their schedules permitted. Those meals gave me such a strong connection to my extended family; one I fear my children will never have.

  94. I grew up on a ranch in a very remote part of Wyoming. We didn’t have the convenience of the local Walmart. One Easter my mom made all our goodies (cupcakes, cookies, brownies and such). She hid them all over the house for us to find. It was one of the best Easters ever and our friends were so jealous of our goodies.

  95. My childhood memory is spending time with my nonna and non no. I’d spend the weekend and cook, play and be with them. I miss them so much!!!!

  96. I grew up on a little sheep farm with crystal clear clay-lined lakes surrounding it. My favorite memories are of when my sisters and I would pretend to be mermaids swimming in the water. We had such a fantastic childhood!

  97. I have loved seeing your photos of the boys in their tent. My kids are probably too old for one but my nephew would love it! My favourite childhood memory is the Sunday picnics we would have with my grandparents. For all those years I thought my grandma actually made that pasta salad and fried chicken. I grew up to realize that it was KFC – repackaged as homemade – lol!

  98. A few of my favorite childhood memories are when my older sisters and brother would let me lay in blanket and they would hold each side and swing me back and forth. I also loved when I got to sleep with my mom when my Dad was out of town. Those were the days!

  99. Fav memory from being a kid – playing in the creek that ran through the neighborhood looking for salamanders and other critters.

  100. My sister and I would kneel beside our beside our beds for hours on end coloring. We were very meticulous and convinced the our end result would make us famous. Now, being grown and still best friends with my sister…these memories are priceless!

  101. Our subdivision growing up butted against a huge wheat field. In the summer, wearing nothing but our bathing suits, all of us kids in the neighborhood would play African safari in the tall stalks. The boys would wield their toy rifles and canteens pretending to stalk wild tigers and hunt for their families. We girls would wrap beach towels around our waists like skirts, tie our baby dolls to our backs in blanket papooses and carry mixing bowls on our heads. It all felt very exotic. We’d sing the “My Own Home” song from Jungle Book as we threshed at the grass, creating mazes of walkways we could barely see over. It was magical.

  102. I won’t lie I don’t have too many “happy” childhood memories. But the ones I do have involve my cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles and the Holidays. We’d all be together under one roof having the time of our lives πŸ™‚

  103. My favorite childhood play memory was making mud pies in my outside kitchen…my uncle built it for me πŸ™‚ my kiddos would love a tent, they use quilts and chairs, lol

  104. my favorite memory from my childhood is getting shipped off to my Grandparents cabin at the lake with my cousin. We’d get to go straight to “Pick-A-Pop” and stalk up on sugary drinks and have so much playing hide and seek and kick the can with lake friends and stay up late giggling. It really was the perfect way to spend a summer as a kid!

  105. One of my favorite childhood memories is bundling up after our church’s Christmas Eve service and heading out in the car with my family and a thermos of hot chocolate to look at the Christmas lights. There was one neighborhood in our town that went ALL out each year–every single house up and down the different streets were all decked out. It was a magical tradition that I’ve enjoyed passing down to my our little ones.

    LOVE these tents! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity, ladies! So exciting!


  106. Some of my favorite memories are spending time during the summers with my grandparents. I usually was able to bring a friend for part and we always loved it! My grandparents were always called nana and papa by my friends as well because they are just so wonderful!

  107. One of my best memories was creating my own little hideouts with blankets and couch cushions and even the kitchen table. I loved having my own “Terabithia” and now my kids enjoy the same thing. We just moved into a home where my kids have their own rooms – they would adore these tents!

  108. We had a really tall grass field next to one of my houses growing up. My brothers and I would go out there and take “picnics” into it. One day my younger brother “ran away from home”. We found him in the grass! πŸ™‚

  109. I am loving reading these memories! One of my favorite memories growing up was our family yearly camping trip. My mom was in a wheelchair and now that I camp with my kids, I cannot imagine how she did it. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire making smores and singing.

  110. I used to climb into the tree in our front yard, the princess, and my older brother would be my servant. He would bring me mud pies and we played for hours!

  111. Favorite childhood memory…putting on shows (singing and dancing) with my sisters and cousins for our moms…
    I love your jewelry…I have several pieces!

  112. ONe of my best memories is the little outdoor shelter my brother made for me, and in which he also served me dinner by candlelight one night. This tent TOTALLY brought back that memory!

  113. One of my favorite memories of childhood is playing ‘house’ in my parents shed. They cleaned it out for us and we had it all set up. We’d pretend the tractor was our car, we set up bricks for our swimming pool, we wore our moms old clothes and played all day with cousins.

  114. One of my faves is being at our family cabin (actually a trailer, but a palace to me!) and loving the connection to nature there; I even named and talked to the trees!

  115. One of my favorite holiday childhood memories is of the Christmas I got my doll house. I still remember peaking through the stair spindles and seeing it in the living room. (It was metal and probably full of lead paint and sharp edges that would be completely unacceptable today, but boy did I love it!)

  116. i’ll never forget anxiously sitting by my radio waiting for my favorite song to come on so i could record it! never failed that the dj would talk through the first few seconds of the songs. i need to find those old tapes! πŸ˜‰

    my son would LOVE a tent! we transformed our livingroom into a giant fort a few months ago for an entire weekend and he was in heaven!

  117. The word “cozy” comes to mind and how much I loved being cozy in cozy places growing up. One of my favorite memories is laying on the cozy couch in the dark while my mom would play the piano in the next room. AHHH! Joy and comfort!

  118. So many great memories! The pictures of your boys in front of the Christmas tree reminds me of when my sister and I would sleep beneath the lighted tree in our living room. My parents were such great sports about it. They let us sleep there even on school nights.

  119. Love this!! I remember building ‘tents’ as a little girl. Stretching sheets and blankets from the couch to the coffee table and any other piece of furniture. I always felt safe in them. πŸ™‚

  120. Favorite memory is of making snow igloos with my Dad and sister and then going inside to sit in front of the heat registers on the floor to thaw out with a cup of hot chocolate and a lot of mini marshmallows while we sang Jingle Bells at the top of our lungs!

  121. My favorite memory is every long weekend leaving Madera and heading to Pismo Beach. I left California 19 years ago and this is what my dreams are made of….great memories

  122. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting in on my grandma’s lap, in her rocking chair while she gave me soft tickles on my arms. I can still remember her smell to this day. She was an amazing woman.

  123. Having my Dad pull us on a winter snow disk behind the tractor on a country road….oh, the wind blowing through my hair and the thrill of speed and danger.
    Fabulous giveaway…My grand kids will think I’m the coolest grammer ever.
    Happy day

  124. Every once and a while, my mom would make up a pallet for me on her bedroom floor. We would stay up a little later and watch movies, all comfy in a bunch of blankets. It was my favorite!

    And I liked them on FB (Amy J….)!

  125. This would have been wonderful to have when I was a kid. I would have spent lots of time reading in there. My kids would use it just to get away or building Legos.

  126. My favorite times were visits to my grandparents’ farm and the freedom of being there. We used the loft of the barn as our secret getaway. The loft was usually populated by the barn cats as a bonus. I still remember the sun streaming into the loft and the smell and sound of the horses and cows from their stalls below.

  127. Having my dad tell stories to my brother & I & recording them on a tape deck. Now that my dad is gone I know that I can listen to them & hear us in the background giggling.

    Great giveaway! My kids would love it!

  128. I loved summertime when I could spend the whole day swimming in our pool. My mom would bring out lunch and I could keep on swimming afterward. The days seemed so long!

  129. I have so many good memories as a childhood. My sister and I would go on long bike rides on the trails behind our house and mom would always pack us a fun picnic. We had a secret fort made out of tree branches. So much fun.

  130. Oh my kids would love this! I would have to say my favorite childhood memories are going to visit family at Christmas time. Thanks!

  131. We loved making tents with our cardboard tables and blankets. My kids do it now too!! I grew up on a farm, so just loved exploring with my 4 brothers and sister. The named reminded me about catching fireflies when we young and putting them in jars.

  132. I am so blessed to have countless wonderful childhood memories; it’s so hard to pick! One of my favourites would have to be my siblings and I turning our Wendy house into a cafe. We used to charge our family to eat sandwiches using groceries our mum had bought, haha! Bless my mother for letting us do it, it was so fun.

  133. I was blessed to have a childhood filled with so many wonderful memories, but some of my favorites are visits to my grandparents’ home, where we would make forts out of her kitchen table while Mimi cooked or help Papa in his famous tomato patch. Special times!

  134. My favorite memory is playing hot lava. We would throw the pillows on the floor and you can only walk on the pillows. The rest of the floor was the hot lava.

  135. One of my favorite childhood memories was playing “dress-up” with my younger sister, Lynne, at our grandma’s home. She had such pretty costume jewelry, the cutest heels, along with lots and lots of fancy clothes. We spent so much time “pretending” we were grown-ups,… all frills and carefree! After Lynne and I both got married and had kids of our own, our daughters(now 21) played with the same “dress-up” box, along with new additions our mom added to it, so it’s been a favorite memory we’ve been able to share with our daughters as well. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the opportunity to win this tent, it looks like an adventure just waiting to happen! Our four children range in age from 21 to 2, and since we’ve adopted Elijah as an infant,, the main thing we’ve realized this time around is to PLAY a lot more! We’ve seen how fast they grow up, so this tent would be perfect for Elijah to enjoy with us, and make so many memories in. πŸ˜‰ Blessings!

  136. I used to love riding around all afternoon on my Smurf while my grandparents were gardening or mowing or whatever. It was so fun and I felt so free!

  137. My brothers and I loved to roam the cow pastures on our grandparents farm. One of our favorite activities was to each find a long stick and go around poking the cowpies. Oh, to be a kid again!

  138. Our family rarely took “real vacations”, but rather spent our spare weekends at a local lake sleeping under the stars or in our family-size tent. Nothing like summer nights under the stars roasting marshmallows and sharing stories!

  139. Ah, just one favorite memory?! πŸ™‚

    Probably how often my parents told us they loved us. Never once did I doubt that! Both of my parents are very close to us, but it’s very rare that I see a girlfriend of mine who acts the way I do around my Dad, to their Dad. We are affectionate (hugs, sitting close/on his lap even as adults/etc), and that’s something I don’t see very often anymore.

  140. Great giveaway! The tent looks awesome. I know my grandkiddies would love it. πŸ™‚ One of my favorite childhood memories was going to my grandfather’s house–he had kids my age–so instead of growing up with cousins, I grew up with aunts and uncles.

  141. I remember putting the picnic table near the clothesline, then hanging a blanket on the clothesline for a curtain while we prepared for our “show.”

  142. I was just at a local produce store today with my 4 yo girl and buying fresh green beans. I told her I always buy them fresh because it reminds me of sitting on the porch at my grandma’s in the evening sun snapping beans. My favorite memories are wrapped in summers at my grandparent’s farm.

  143. My favorite childhood memory is camping in the mountains with my family: hiking, making s’mores and singing around the campfire. My boys would love love love this tent!

  144. My boys would adore this tent! I have wonderful childhood memories of exploring in the woods behind our house. We use to play all kinds of adventurer games out there for hours. Great memories.

  145. The tent is beautiful…what a fun place to play! My favorite childhood memories involve playing outside (riding bikes,climbing trees, swinging in the homemade tree swings my dad made) with my cousins who lived next door. The neat thing is my parents still live there so my kids get to do all the same things, along with all of my cousins’ kids.

  146. One of my favorite childhood memories is dancing in my Aunt and Uncle’s back patio with all of my cousins. We had so many dance parties back there! I still take every opportunity to dance and am trying to get my husband to join me these days πŸ™‚

  147. When I was little, I just loved looking through my mom’s jewelry box and trying everything on. I always think back to this as my girls are getting bigger and love to do the same with my jewelry!

  148. I remember visiting our family cabin in Colorado. It was always so quiet there and I learned to fish there. I just loved the musty dry smell after it had been shut up all winter.

  149. My favorite memory is of gathering up all my animals-guinea pigs, the dog, etc. and making a tent/fort whenever there was a storm outside. The animals might not have enjoyed it as much as I did, but it was so cozy!

  150. So many favorites… I would say taking a ride in the “J-mobile” my dad built for us. There are six kids in my family and our names all start with J, hence the J-mobile. It was motorized with a lawn mower motor and had a a bicycle handle bar for steering. I sat next to my older sisters on a wooden bench in pure delight as they pushed their foot on a rope to hit the gas and off we speed around the back yard. We have old home movies of us kids taking our thrill ride on this great piece of machinery. My dad is so clever and talented!
    I love the pictures of your boys in this tent. It looks magical. Thanks for stirring up cherished memories. My best wishes to your family during this beautiful holiday season.

  151. My favorite childhood memories are riding my bike with my brother to my grandma’s house to visit her. Then we would head to my Aunt’s house to play in the creek with our cousins and go on outdoor adventures. Oh to be that young again!!

  152. My favorite memories from childhood involve playing in the backyard with my brother. I loved the feel of the grass on my bare feet (still do).

  153. My favorite childhood memories are from playing in the snow. We lived in upstate NY and got lots of snow. We lived on a cul-de-sac and there was nothing in the middle of it, so when the plows came through, they piled it all up in the middle….literally a mountain of snow….SO much fun!

  154. Little cubbies of all shapes and sizes is a great childhood memory for me. Playing in my cousin’s tent on a warm summer day, playing under the dinning room table with a sheet closing me in, making my bed into a secret place to play under the covers with dolls and stuffed animals. So cozy!

  155. My favorite childhood memory is snuggling into a comfy chair at my grandmas house on a rainy, winter day. I loved to read by the fire there and spend time at her house

  156. not sure why but seeing your boys hanging out in this awesome tent made me teary eyed. the innocence and wonder of childhood I guess. πŸ™‚ what kid wouldn’t love these. some great memories of mine are hanging out in my grandparents featherbed listening to albums on their turntable.

  157. I have so many great memories…but I Loved camping with my cousins because all of us kids would get in one tent and laugh,play and tell stories..great times:)

  158. These tents are simply amazing!! Perfect for those kiddos who need to decrease all of the stimuli surrounding them and “escape” into their own world. My favorite childhood memory was playing with all of the neighborhood kids. We’d pretend we lived on “Little House on the Prairie”. We’d collect berries, acorns, and plants for food and our homes were “forts’ made out of the bushes. So very simple but so much fun!!

  159. My kids would both go nuts over one of these! Favorite childhood memory (or in the top 5): playing with my grandpa in the Kern River, on one of our many family camping trips.

  160. staying up late in the summers – playing outside – catching fireflies, riding bikes, playing ghost in the graveyard. going to the shore with my grandparents and cousins – jumping off the dunes and playing in the waves until we were called in for dinner. fondue nights with my family. rollerskating and impromptu plays in the basement on rainy days. feel so blessed with so many memories. loved building forts and would love this tent to use with my son.


  162. love your pictures. my fav childhood memory is hugging my sweet dog for what seemed like hours and whispering my dreams in her ear. i hope my littles have dreamy moments that they remember forever.

  163. My favorite memory was playing “stand on Daddy’s hands”. It was the closest I ever got to being the cheerleader on the top of the pyramid! : ) Thanks for the chance! XO

  164. What a great giveaway! My little guy would love this.
    My favorite childhood memory is playing in the backyard with my sisters. We imagined we were everything from Native Americans to Star Wars characters.

  165. A favorite childhood memory of mine was spending time at my grandma’s house. We lived on a farm so I loved getting to stay in “town” with her and just loved everything about her house and yard. I still can’t hear a locust in the summer without thinking of her.

  166. One of my favorite childhood memories has to be spending the night at my grandparent’s house on New Year’s Eve. While my parents enjoyed a nice evening out, my sister and I would drink sparkling cider in fancy glasses while we helped my grandmother take down all the Christmas decorations. We would watch the ball drop on TV and then we would bundle up, head outside, and bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons to celebrate the New Year.

  167. my favorite memories are family vacations (nearly every weekend in the summer) on our boat. The kids slept out on the back deck under a tent of canvas my dad had made to go over the boom.

  168. Lisa, I have always admired your jewelry, but just recently started following your blog. I am hooked! You have such a beautiful family and your blog is so refreshing. I love how “real” you are. Thanks for a great giveaway and for sharing tour stories.

  169. A favorite memory is vacation time on Cape Cod. I remember my Dad teaching me how to float in the ocean, a crab actually latching on to my toe, eating lobster in melted butter, and the smell of Coppertone and Noxema! I still wash my face with Noxema every day and it takes me back there!

  170. Building forts with the couch cushions and afghans…….I loved it! I actually thought about trying to DIY this idea for my son! How he would love it!

  171. My mom used to read to us as a family every night during and after dinner. We kids would sprawl on the floor and listen to her. We read so many great books this way: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Scottish Chiefs, Moby Dick, Lord of the Rings, etc. I think a tent like this would be a perfect reading spot for my kids!

  172. Best Childhood memory was playing cafe with my Mom! She has since passed away but now I can play with my little girl!

  173. I absolutely loved building tents/ forts with my cousins growing up! We would get out chairs and as many blankets as we could find. We would lay and play in them all day long:-) aww memories!!

  174. Getting to stay up late the night A Charlie Brown Christmas was on tv. My parents would light a fire in the fire place, let us pull our sleeping bags into the living room, and we would get to watch the show while we had popcorn and drank hot chocolate. I can still remember exactly how excited and loved I felt!

  175. My best friend lived 4 houses down. Friday nights were designated sleepover at her house. Saturday nights were at my house. We build lots of tents! This would go perfect in my son’s play room! Love it!

  176. I loved tents growing up. My daddy would put sheets over the clothesline and I would play outside for house. Inside he would bring home large sofa boxes so I could decorate them and make them my home. We would hang lamps upside down to make chandeliers and steal my Mama’s hardware off her kitchen cabinets to make my doorknobs. Great memories!

  177. I have to many fond memories of childhood. Sleeping in, lazy days, no responsibility! lol. But really breakfast every monday with my granparents and their buddies during the summer was always a good time for me πŸ™‚

  178. I loved playing in a tent we made over the dining room table when I was growing up hiding with the dog underneath, I made sure and passed down all those things to my children and can’t wait for grandchildren

  179. Putting on a “circus” in the backyard for our mom. We pretty much just swung around on the swing, but we thought we were the next flying trapeze artists πŸ™‚

  180. I had a canopy bed and when I was sick, my mother would hang tents all around to completely close me in. She would then put a vaporizer in there with me to create a foggy, wet, cool place to rest. It made me feel so loved.

  181. I remember using the dining room table for the start of a tent. We would drape all our blankets over the top to hang down the sides. I would read under the table the entire day.

    I would use this tent for my daughters who teaches 2/3 grade for their reading nook.

  182. One of my favorite memories as a kid is building forts with wood, old tires and whatever else my bro and I could find in my dad’s scrap pile. I miss having that kind of imagination!

  183. One of my favorite memories is when I was playing with my Barbies and my brother and his friend accidentally broke the chair that went with the “dream pool” that I had. They felt so bad, they ended up making me new furnature for her with scap wood that they found and a pile of nails from our garage. Quite silly looking but I remember how excited I was when they surprised me with it. Best big brother a gal could ask for!

  184. I just love love these tents!!! My boys would love it! One of my fav childhood memories is getting “lost” on our bikes, my sister and I amd stopping at Thriftys for ice cream!

  185. When I was little we all gathered at my Great Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. Some years Santa would show up and some years we would just hang out and open presents from each other. I loved that time.

  186. Me and the neighbor boy would make “forts” out of blankets in the living room and it would keep us occupied all day long. In the summer months we played a lot in a tent put up in our yard. Fun times.

  187. Loved making tents with pillows and blankets in the livingroom. This is a beautiful tent. Thanks for the chance to win.

  188. My favorite memory is of my brother sleeping curdled up at the end of my bed whenever he was scared.
    My sons would love this tent. Thank you for such a special opportunity!

  189. So many memories, but they all involve my siblings. Can’t wait to hear what my 2 boys will remember of their childhood together.

  190. I love that your tent is in front of the tree. It reminds me of my favorite Christmastime memory of being able to sleep out next to the Christmas tree. It was a magical sleepover next to the twinkling lights. My children continue the tradition.

  191. I loved going to my grandparents’ house every weekend. We’d play board games, watch the Dukes of Hazard, have donuts in the morning, and craft, pretend, and play. How I miss them!

  192. One of my favorite childhood memories is playing outside, long after dark, with whatever friends happened to be around. We sometimes got to let the fun go on al night when we camped; we played tag, we had fun, we ran in and out of the woods, we swam. always laughing. Such fun memories that I see live on in my children.

  193. One of my favorite memories from childhood is making forts in the backyard with my brothers. We would hang old sheets from our patio covering and play all day. We would also attempt to have sleepovers out there in the fort but I think we always got scared at some point during the night and would head inside to our cozy beds. It probably didn’t help that the sheets we used were jungle teamed and had wild animals hidden amongst the trees on them. ; )
    Thanks for making me remember this fun time from my childhood this morning. =}

  194. One of my favorite memories is Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family. I have 17 first cousins, and all of their parents, so it made for a lot of fun and craziness! We would play games out in the garage, open gifts from grandma, and eat.

  195. My daughters would love this. One of my favorite childhood times is of lazy afternoons spent “watching” golf with everyone napping, doing hw, making dinner, but generally being together.

  196. we always took our beach towels and the sandbox cover and anything else we could find in the yard to make “shelters”, then one of us would make it storm by blasting the others with the garden hose hahaha!

  197. In the 70’s, My Pa Pa, knowing that I loved to make mud pies, built me a table out next to his garden. He would save the aluminum pie containers and tv dinner trays, etc, and I would make mud pies all afternoon. Then I would sit in the grass and pull flowers, tie them together and make a flower head headband/necklace. I’m glad I was a kid in the 70’s.

  198. My daughters would love this tent. My favorite memory of childhood is making “nests” with my stuffed animals. I would line them up around my bed and cuddle up in the blankets with them surrounding me and read books.

  199. One of my favorite childhood memories occurred around Thanksgiving time when we would all gather at my grandmother’s beautiful home in Nevada. When my grandparents had converted their back patio into the master bedroom, they decided not to fill in the window between the back patio and the kitchen, and my Grandma now had all of her jewelry (loads and loads of jewelry) hanging there. I remember I used to climb into that window well while all of the adults cooked and talked in the kitchen and I’d listen to them laughing, reminiscing, and telling stories while I played with her jewelry. It makes me tear up just thinking about it! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family.

  200. Riding our bikes down to the river and finding secret hideouts in the bushes. I love the magic in chldhood, and recreating it for my kids.

  201. Now THOSE tents are a boy’s dream! My sons would love one! My personal favorite childhood memory is when my brother and I would get to have an outdoor lunch picnic in our backyard. We would turn trash cans upside down for chairs, pull up to a little table, and wolf down PB&J’s. Simple, but special!

  202. A memory with Dad: I grew up sandwiched between a older brother and younger brother. I always tried to be better then them and it naturally involved ‘boy’ activity.

    One afternoon, Dad and I went fishing. I was aimed at bullhead catching. I managed to catch a frog and showed it to Dad. He told me we could try and catch a northern he could use it as bait. I agreed. Dad asked if he could cast one round. I agreed again. He threw the line in the water and started to reel it in. Right before the frog left the water, a northern bit my hook and frog! I spent the rest of our time casting with that frog trying to catch anything; only to no avail.

    It’s been 20 years since that day and we still remember and occassionally talk about the afternoon.

  203. One of my favorite childhood memories was when my parents let us play at the park and go swimming at the pool late one hot summer night. It was so neat to do something that was normally off limits and have my parents join in on the fun.

  204. Love this! I’ve been wanting one ever since I first spied it on your blog! I am blessed with so many happy childhood memories, but this tent brings to mind a little reading nest I made in a hall closet…pillows, blankets…it seemed like heaven on earth to me! Thanks for the chance to win a tent!

  205. One of my favorite memories is playing in a nook at my house that had a blue curtain across the entrance. It seemed like it was very private and my sisters and I could be there and not be in the public’s eyesight.

  206. I remember our “tree” fort, surrounded by cacti, outside our grandparents’ house. Large rocks were tables, and the foliage served as great coverage for our hideout!! HA! Great times!

    We would love this tent!

  207. One of my favorite memories is playing at my grandparents farm. They had a long row of dogwoods, when they were in bloom made a great hiding place. Like being inside a large bouquet! Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  208. Love the pics of David in the tent.
    I loved building forts as a kid out of tables, blankets and sofa cushions..

  209. I spent most of my childhood in rural towns of Eastern Utah & I always think back of the days playing Army in the fields with the neighbor boys, swimming in the ponds, riding our bikes along the open roads & riding tubes down the irrigation canal. It was a great time. Now I am raising my boys in the city & I wish they could experience those great outdoor activities I used to love. My boys, 7 & 2, would absolutely love this tent & we could leave it up all the time! Great giveaway Lisa!

  210. I always loved camping as a child pretending I was a child of 1800’s. Roaming in the woods choosing berries, leaves, and twigs to be used .. these tents are a great opportunity for children to use their vivid imaginations. I love!

  211. Sweeping out a place in the woods behind my house to clear away the leaves and give me a private, quiet place to read, draw, imagine. Thanks for the opportunity!

  212. I think my favorite memory is making forts in the woods…I love the idea of kids having a secret spot all their own. I would love to give this tent to a friend’s daughter!

  213. I loved my fort in my tree house! I would love this tent for my third grade classroom- can totally see my sweet students reading in their tent!

  214. Love this tent so much!! Having this would eliminate our “fort day” once a week-which is fun but a lot of work on my part. I’d just leave this up indefinitely. Thanks for the giveaway Lisa-so cool.

  215. I enjoyed reading all of these. I have great memories of making a house out of appliance boxes. This was before they had ones you could buy in the store. We’d decorate them and put up curtains and play house with our baby dolls…so much fun!

  216. My sister and I used to play in our back yard under a huge juniper tree/bush. Like a tent, but made out of a tree instead.

  217. I have been looking everywhere for one of these, for a Christmas present!

    My favorite child hood memory is planning with my mustard yellow metal kitchen. I had the refrigerator, cabinets, and sink microwave combo.
    I t was great, not one of those small ones but fully my size. I loved that kitchen!!1
    Wish I still had it for my kiddo’s.

  218. My Grandpa used to spin a globe and stop it with his finger. Where ever it stopped, he would make up a story with the setting being in that place. The stories were told complete with accents and often times, props too!

  219. One of my favorite memories was walking to the neighborhood pool with my brothers. We would walk down by the creek, explore and look for crawdads, and then climb the rocks…all before hitting up the pool. And, of course, we always had to buy a sno-cone at the pool!!

  220. When I was young my sister and I would spend spring break, Christmas break and a few weeks in the summer at my grandparent’s farm. We would hang out with cousins and have forts in corn cribs, use pig feed and water to make pies and help grandma in the kitchen with baking bread and then we would bike out to the field in the summer with snacks and lunch for grandpa on the tractor.

  221. So awesome! I loved camping with family during the summer, and then spending time at my grandfather’s cabin in new york in the winter.

  222. My favorite childhood memories are made up of our family roadtrips – just singing and playing games in the car…

  223. We would have 1 day a year where we would have a “Family Celebration”. We never knew when it was going to be, we would just come home from school to a totally decorated house and do crafts and have a special dinner and open presents and talk about how thankful we were for each other and being a family.

  224. that tent is amazing!!
    one of my favorite childhood memories is playing “annie” with my cousins. we’d all be little orphans trying to sneak out of the orphanage to save annie from miss hannagan. we’d run all over the yard… such fun times.

  225. My favorite childhood memory is holiday related. I absolutely loved helping my mom decorate the tree and house. She would play some “classic in my home” christmas music, by Kenny Rogers, The Chipmunks, and Brenda Lee…etc. It was always warm and cozy and I can still smell her perfume mixed with the scent of the real pine trees we put up. Nice memories. Btw, love your ankle boots…too cute!

  226. One of my favorite memories is having summer picnics outside with my little sister–an old sheet as a blanket, a few snacks, and some library books. The best! Thanks for the chance to win this tent.

  227. We used to go the drive in movies as a child. We would pile our blankets and pillows on the hood and windshield. It was so fun watching Mary Poppins under the stars.

  228. What a wonderful giveaway!! My husband and I were JUST saying that we need to get our son a little tent like this. He is a toddler with autism and struggles with feeling secure – so he likes to cocoon himself by going into cabinets or sitting under tables. This would be perfect for his bedroom! We could put blankets and pillows in the tent and maybe even some twinkle lights! LOVE IT!!

    Fav childhood memory… that would have to be Saturday’s at Del Mar beach with my parents and sister. We loved collecting seaweed and making “monsters” out of it! haha

  229. My favorite memory is climbing trees with my neighborhood friends. There were 2 trees that were the best for climbing. We also made paths and “rooms” inside a grove of lilac trees. We played for what seemed like days. πŸ™‚

  230. Probably playing with my Grandma’s rag dolls with my sisters. (I have 7!) I got her pattern and am in the midst of sewing some! I made my girls each one and they love them more than any store bought doll! πŸ™‚

  231. My fav memory growing up was game night. We played monopoly and life for hours. We also played blindmans bluff, kick the can, and colored eggs outside. I love family game night. Those tents look amazing and so cozy.

  232. A favorite memory is making forts in my living room as a kid with my sister and my mom we would use chairs, the couch, and couch cushions and blankets and sheets. It was sooo much fun and so many adventures lol! My mom is very sick now and I live states away… What I wouldn’t give to go back home for a visit and build forts in the living room again!! (this time with my mom, me, and my kiddos) <3
    Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway and the chance to win!

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  233. One of my favorite memories is being in the car with my dad singing along with the radio or having theological discussions…or at least a 5 year old’s version! πŸ™‚

  234. This reminds me of making forts in my little brother’s bed. We would spread out a quilt on the lower bunk of his bed, pile toys and stuffed animals and flashlights and ourselves on top, then tuck the corners of the quilt into the slats of the upper bunk of his bunkbed. We thought it was sooooo coool!

  235. beautiful! i used to love waking up to waffles on saturday morning. whoever got up first would start the batter and everyone would add to it and make their waffles as the morning went on.

  236. Some of my favorite memories are at my grandparents’ house with my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. We are a big game family, and I really miss crowding around the table, playing card games and accusing my grandpa of cheating. Good times.

  237. We had this great covered deck on the side of our house when I was growing up and I loved creating a “tent” of umbrellas when it would rain so I could play outside. So lovely!

  238. My favorite childhood memory involves visiting my grandparents in South Carolina…I remember the lemon cookies Nanny would serve and the bedroom I slept in and how Nanny would fall asleep with the TV on and those colored lines would appear on the TV with that “noise”!

  239. We made forts out of anything, but most often couch cushions. My toddler loves his tent at grandma’s but I think its time he has one at home!

  240. My favorite memory was all the camping trips my family would take together. We would go all over from the mountains in the Adirondacks to the beaches of NJ. Always had so much fun!

  241. i would love this tent for my boys!!
    i remember using my momma’s extra yarn to create “floor plans” of houses for my paper dolls on the living room floor. i didn’t have a playhouse outside, but we did have a big yard. i would do the same thing out in the yard for myself, made out of pine needles raked into lines. i would collects flowers, and acorns, etc to be “food” while playing house outside.

  242. Would you believe that all my favorite childhood memories revolve around camping? Yeah! And yet now, I would rather put my nails to a chalkboard. Maybe that’s because my kids are still a bit young to attempt camping. Maybe we’ll try next summer. πŸ™‚ or in the living room with a play tent πŸ˜‰

  243. My favorite childhood memory is a toss up between spending summers up north with my grandparents or my many summers going to overnight camp. Memories from both have stuck with me and shaped the foundation of who I’ve become.

  244. One of my favorite memories was lining up all the chairs from the kitchen and dining room tables and making a train. We put stuffed animals and dolls in them. I was always the conductor and my brother was in the caboose!

  245. The tents are so sweet! I have 3 little boys who would live this! My favorite memory is looking at Christmas lights with my family. πŸ™‚

  246. This is so adorable! My favorite childhood is anything that involved being at my grandmas. Picking walnuts from the tree, watching her read the paper, pretending to enjoy watching law and order with her, etc. I miss her dearly.

  247. my boys would love that! and probably my teen girl too!

    i would have to say that one of my favorite childhood memories is riding around on back country roads with my grandma in her big old thunderbird, eating snacks and drinking Squirt! not a care in the world! and sometimes she would let me β€œdrive” even!

  248. I loved playing in my treehouse as a child. There is something so special about having your own quiet place to play!

  249. Love this tent so much!! I’d love to have my nieces and nephews over to play in it!
    My favorite childhood memory would have to be drinking Yoohoos with my dad at a private airport. Sometimes we would eat Cheetos, too. We would sit on a wooden bench and watch the tiny planes land and take off… πŸ™‚

  250. Oh Lisa, this would be such a blessing for my six! My favorite childhood memories are few and in between, but that is what makes it so special to create all new ones with my six amazing children πŸ˜‰ I guess making fir wreaths with my grandparents every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas stands out in my mind πŸ™‚

  251. My favorite memory as a child was when I would stay at my Grandparents house my Grandma would always make animal shaped pancakes and homemade mac and cheese.

  252. tough question! one of my favorites was playing games after dinner with the neighborhood kids.

    love this tent so much & so would my little boy!

  253. That does look like tons of fun! One of my favorite childhood memories is building forts outside in the bushes or trees! We loved it so much in the summer!

  254. I grew up in Canada so we loved summers — my favorite memory is road trips with my family. My dad was a high school principal so he was off more in the summer than many other dads and we LOVED the trips we took as a family, all over the US and Canada.

  255. One of my favorite childhood memories is holidays where all the uncles would get together and play music and sing. My family (NOT including myself!) is very musically inclined. I LOVED hanging out in the shadows listening.

  256. One of my favorite childhood memories is exploring with my cousins on their farm. We used to walk back to the creek and walk for miles with no shoes on letting the water trickle over our toes. I have many fond memories or exploring.

  257. i wasn’t “allowed” to make forts growing up, so as soon as i began babysitting that was my specialty – huge forts with hallways and rooms (i’d bring twine and clothes pins, and use whatever blankets we could find around the house).

    once, a set of parents came home super early and saw it before it was put away – and loved it.

  258. Along these lines..my favorite day was when my parents mopped the kitchen floor. Because they would haul all the kitchen chairs into the living room and then I would find every available quilt, blanket, etc. to make a fort. Such great memories.

  259. At my grandparents house, by the window at the top of the upstairs steps, reading the books from the library where Momo (my grandmother) always took us when we stayed with her), so safe and cozy………..


  260. Some of my favorite childhood memories were making tents with my younger brothers. They had a bunk bed and we would hang sheets and blankets from the top bunk to make super top secret places to hide and have slumber parties.

  261. My favorite childhood memory is when my dad would make us pancakes on Sunday morning before church. He would say they were grocery bags filled with food. He would then tell us what was in the grocery bag like candy or fruit but if he ever said vegetables no one would eat it! I loved Sunday morning as a child!

  262. My favorite childhood memory would be the summer family vacations spent at Chautauqua Institute in New York. I remember riding my bike for hours amongst the cute little cottages and swimming what seemed a mile out to the lake’s swimming deck. Every time I hear chimes from a church bell I think of my time spent there.

  263. I have been admiring these tents for a while. So awesome!

    There are so many childhood memories that I cherish. The one that comes to mind first is playing with all the kids on our block. There was about 7 or 8 of us and we would play together all summer long.

  264. some favorite memories are on a random saturday my parents would decide that morning to go to my grandparents. It was a 2 hour drive, but the adventure of just going was always fun and now that my grandparents are gone, those are very sweet memories.

  265. I have two little boys and they would have SO much fun with this tent! Thanks for the opportunity to win! My favorite childhood memory is riding bikes (all day long) with my sister and cousins who lived next door. Summers were such a blast!

  266. I remember playing night games, Annie-I-Over, freeze- tag for hours. What a delightful way to learn social skills instead of in front of a TV or video game. We learned to play fair, give everyone a chance to play, take turns, be a good loser and imagine. I wish I could do it all again.

  267. My favorite memories from my childhood would have to be all of the camping trips we went on. I always got to bring my best friend along πŸ™‚

  268. Tough question. There are so many!

    My grandfather was a grump BUT I still remember sweet times with him at his house. He would us granddaughters in the trailer behind his tractor and pull us all over their property. He would take us down the river in his canoe – all while smoking his ever-present cigar.

    The smell of a burning cigar still brings back happy memories for me.

    Grumpy Grandpa had a heart too.

  269. One of my favorite childhood memories was getting the house ready for Santa to come visit. It was the one thing my mom did up really big. She went so far as to have a “piece of the reindeer’s harness” fall off for us to find in the backyard. I can’t wait to do things like that for my son!

  270. One of my favorite childhood memories is how in winter we would sit in front of our fireplace and my dad (who was normally not very demonstrative) would rock us on his lap and we’d sing Christmas songs.

  271. I have so many, but one of my favorites is coming home from school to a house that smells like lattkes and all the candles set up to light at sunset.

  272. This tent is awesome – my son would love this! One of my favorite childhood memories – building Lego houses for my Little People families. As the Little people expanded their families, I had to re-build the houses to add bedrooms (that was my favorite part!).

  273. I have a favorite childhood memory of my two older children playing in a Fisher Price Tent Santa brought to them for Christmas one year…One of them was always in the tent and it was a struggle to put up and down. We cannot find a tent for our grandson, I am going to check out this website…a tent may be under the tree for our Little Avery Thomas! πŸ™‚

  274. Favorite childhood memory is whenever my entire family was together at my grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving. Uncles on the couches watching football, cousins playing in the yard, aunties in the kitchen…the best.

  275. Hard to pick a favorite, but I will always remember visiting my grandparents. They had a small gas station/store with in wlking distance from their home. We would get a $1 each and walk down and fill a small brown bag full of candy….for a $1. I am only 30 and can’t believe how much more candy cost today πŸ™‚

  276. So hard to pick my favorite, but one of them is definitely going out and getting into the warm car after dark and driving around and looking at all of the Christmas lights and decorations with Christmas music playing. A tradition I now carry on with my kids. Would love to put this tent to good use. πŸ™‚ Just got the “you’re the cream in my coffee” necklace from my husband as an early Christmas present. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. I love your Christmas tradition. πŸ™‚ So happy you received the ‘you’re the cream in my coffee’ necklace, you have an awesome husband! xo

  277. I have 3 boys – they would love this! I would have to say a favorite childhood memory would be helping my grandma decorate her house for Christmas right after we finished our Thanksgiving meal!:)

  278. My favorite childhood memory would be going to my grandma’s big old farm house, staying the night and waking up to the smell of her cooking pancakes! It was so fun to spend the week with them during the summer b/c they live in a very small town!

  279. Great tent! As a kid, I loved playing in any cozy space. My brother and sister and I made endless “forts” from blankets, closets, crawlspaces, tree houses, and attics.
    Kids love to hide and have their own magical place. I hope mine get the same in this beautiful tent!

  280. I think I’ve always loved the holidays because it meant all my siblings and I would be together. They were a lot older than me .. so were gone to college by the time I was 8.. My favorite memory was that my daddy always lit a fire on christmas morning. That may not seem to memorable except I grew up in OKlahoma… some christmas mornings were in the 60 or 70’s … we still had the fire. It just always made the morning so magical.

  281. so fun! my childhood was a blast. i spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ with my cousins and the simple memory of all of us sitting out on the patio, barefoot and listening to country music blare out of the radio on a hot summer day, popsicles dripping down to our elbows is probably my favorite.

  282. there are many. but the one that sticks out is going to disney world and staying at the “hyatt hotel”. that place was magical. it was my dream (then) to grow up and live there. it was a happy place! : )
    my other would be church camp. it was an amazing place to be with friends on those summer days/nights! good times….they seems so far away!
    on another note, my son (especially) would be loving one of these tents….so cute! i will have to check them out!

  283. One of my favorite memories is going for a drive and getting to lay in the back of the station wagon my parents had on blankies and getting to color and giggle. No seat seat belt laws then. Was always fun until one of us threw up. lol how times have changed. Have a great day. Absolutely love seeing your happy kids in their tent.

  284. My favorite childhood memory is packing up the car as a family and heading to a public lake every weekend in the summer!

  285. I remember laying in bed Christmas morning just waiting for mom and dad to come to the door to let us out for Christmas morning. By far, the longest minutes of my life!

  286. My best friend and I loved to play “house” in the woods….pretending different trees were different rooms….climbing them to enter the room.

  287. My favorite childhood memory was going to my grandparents’ house every summer. They lived in a sweet little town, where we could go to the corner store or run around their large property. I loved cuddling my Grandpa too:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. My favorite childhood memories were when my parents would let us have “only child” time (there were four of us in five years). We didn’t even have to do anything crazy, just going on a walk or grabbing a burger with them was so special because it was just us.

  289. One of my favorite childhood memories is playing in the backyard under a giant tree we called “over the rainbow”. To this day when I need to go to my happy place in my mind I think of being under this tree. I can smell it, feel it, and even hear the noises around me. Oh what a great memory!

  290. My favorite memories as a kid involve using an easel my dad made for us (long before you could buy them in stores) to paint outside under our crabapple tree. We’d use some of my dad’s old button-down shirts as aprons to keep the paint off by putting them on backwards so our fronts were covered. We looked strange, but we had a blast. Simplest is best!

  291. My brother had asthma and sometimes had to sleep in a tent. I’d climb in with him and we’d spend hours telling stories while the tent helped him breathe.

  292. one of my favorite memories is getting off the summer camp bus and seeing my dear friends that that I hadn’t seen all year, knowing we had a magical summer experience ahead of us- and plenty of opportunities to play “don’t touch the top of the tent” when it was raining because that would make it leak!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win something magical for my girl.

  293. My dad built me a platform bed so that I could have a reading nook underneath. He filled it with wrap around bookshelves and big floor pillows. I wish I had a grown up version.

  294. My favorite childhood memory is when my mom would build forts with my sisters and I and hide out from my dad and brother for girl time….we would tell secrets, read, and play board games. It was our place to have mom to ourselves and then just us sisters at other times. A quiet hideout is always perfect in a large family for special moments and memories. Now my two boys are always looking to do the same….!

  295. My sisters and I would play out in the grape vines on our property growing up, so I know the value of a special place to hide & play.

  296. My sister and I created elaborate Barbie scenes and played for hours. We would save up all our money to buy new things to add to our collection. So much fun!

  297. So awesome! I’ve been wondering where you got that from πŸ™‚ My favorite childhood memory is exploring in the woods with my brothers. We lived WAY up in northern WI and we spent hours in the woods, playing in the rivers, building forts. It was amazing! I’ll never forget it. Thanks so much for the opportunity! My little guy would LOVE this tent.

  298. i’ve been enjoying your tent pics – what a magical little space πŸ™‚

    one of my favorite memories is making forts with my brother (he passed away when i was 18) – we would find scraps at nearby construction sites and make the most glorious (and dangerous) forts and hang out in them all day. i couldn’t imagine letting my son scour a construction site now for rusty nails and scraps of wood πŸ˜‰

  299. Our backyard was woods heading to a golf course. In the winter when it snowed my brother, sister and I would take our sleds and go down the hills all day until our toes were frozen. So much fun.

  300. When I was a kid, I would turn my entire room into a tent. My room wasn’t that big, so it was pretty much perfect. A freestanding coat rack would hold the center of the tent up. I read a lot of books under that tent.


  301. One of my favorite childhood memories was when my mom (a single mother) decorated my bedroom in a house we had just moved into. The color scheme was orange & yellow (hey – it was the 70’s!). She painted furniture, used decals & made everything look so cheery & beautiful!

  302. some of my favorite moments growing up were spent at the beach with my cousins & having bbq’s at my grandparents beach house with our hair still crunchy from the salt water. perfect!!

    1. We had a troll doll club and would sew little outfits and play with them in the yard and make little homes from nature!

  303. My favorite memory was making cookies with my mom and watching her decorate cakes for people. She is an excellent baker-the kind that doesn’t need a recipe-and I have warm fuzzies about baking as I think about it.

  304. My favorite memory is… driving to Castle Donuts on Saturday morning with my dad, brother, and sister in the “Donut Mobile” for chocolate twist donuts. Great times and yummy donuts!

    Love the tents!

  305. My favorite memory was having tea party picnics in my backyard with my sister and our Cabbage Patch dolls, Hope Edna and Iris Dorkus. Funny how I still remember their names!!

  306. A favorite childhood memory is visiting our grandparents every weekend and getting to play with my cousins from sun up to sun down. (Also singing into a hairbrush with my sister to a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons 8-track.)

  307. When I was a kid we always made tents out of old blankets outside. We had so much fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  308. Awe – this is awesome! It makes me smile to see your little sweetie enjoying his tent. My favorite childhood memory was making forts with blankets. Have a blessed day and thanks for the opportunity. xo

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