memorial day in morro bay

We had such a fabulous memorial day! We woke up late, snuggled in our big bed for a while and then I talked Steve into taking us out for breakfast in Morro Bay. When we arrived the sun was shining and the sky was clear. We had pancakes at Dorns and lots of coffee.

He’s growing so much in his drawing skills!

The boys wanted to make souvenir pennies. I love collecting these at various places when we travel.

Our breakfast turned into a long walk–around 3 miles. We walked all the way from Dorns to Morro Rock. And David walked almost the whole way! Such a huge accomplishment!

At one point David got super sad and started crying. His super sad face is completely heartbreaking. I’m pretty sure we would move Heaven and Earth to make him stop feeling sad! He ended up on Steve’s shoulders and immediately starting smiling. Yay!

Later that day I had an awesome massage {my mother’s day gift} and that evening we saw the new movie Epic. It was pretty much a perfect memorial day. I’m longing for summer–how about you?


  1. Lisa, you take such gorgeous photos! How do you feel about someone occasionally copying/saving a photo (landscape, nature, etc.) to their desktop? I see some that I would LOVE to use as my Facebook Cover Photo, and of course would give credit to you, but don’t even want to do that if you’re not comfy with it. 🙂

  2. We were here this weekend as well – visiting my parents from AZ. We LOVE Tognazzini’s Dockside grill #2 – the best fish tacos around! Thank you for sharing pictures of my old stompin’ grounds, makes AZ feel a little closer to home 🙂

  3. So happy summer is finally here. My oldest just arrived home last night from 8 months studying abroad in England. There were lots of happiness tears, hugs and a big family dinner. My daughter is now 20 and my love for her continues to grow deeper every year. Family is LOVE

  4. DORN’S!!!! Seriously, every time (almost) Jason and I come into town we have breakfast at Dorn’s. Their pancakes are to die for. Nothing compares. 🙂

  5. I LOVE squished pennies, too! I got one from that very spot last summer to add to my collection. Looks like you all had a perfect day. Love it!

  6. Such a sweet photo of David on his Daddy’s shoulders. Love that. Your son Matthias looks so much like Steve! Happy Summer!

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