Hey friends! I’m linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration! Today I’m sharing a gorgeous thrifted dress. But just to warn you–the end of the story is a little bit sad!

Chrissie {my twin sis} and I hit some amazing thrift stores in Kansas. We basically thrifted our way from Kansas City to Newton–and we had some seriously good luck. She found so many adorable treasures for the home and I focused on dresses.

When I saw it on the rack, I thought, this cream, wool dress looked like it might have potential. I loved the ruffled bottom and the detail around the neckline. I thought the lack of a waste line could go either way–so I tried on the dress and I loved it. Score!

At the craft house I washed in on a very delicate cycle and laid it out to dry. It came out perfectly.

But once I got home, I washed it again {on a delicate cycle} and it completely deteriorated. Maybe my washing machine isn’t delicate enough? One of the arms was hanging by a thread the the bottom of the dress was ruined–completely misshapen. I had to throw the dress away. There was no hope of saving it.

Outfit details: Cream dress, thrifted. Boots, Fossil. Gold swivel necklace, my shop. {I’ve got David on one side and Matthias on the other}

So cream, thrifted dress, although our time together was too short, it really was sweet. Β I’m so glad I have a few photos to remember you by.Β The day we spent together was a very special one–mostly because I was with dear friends, but it’s always fun to wear a pretty dress. Goodbye, cream dress.