mission to build community and do good in the world {thrift store}

Today I’m sharing pics from one of my favorite thrift stores in our little town. Mission Thrift is located on Broad and it’s full of fun stuff! Their mission is to build community and do good in the world. I love that! {Plus the ladies that work there are seriously awesome}. Make sure to ‘like’ their facebook page.

I love thrifting. Probably too much!

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello old stove. You are adorable.

Hello removing the fabric from lampshades. I love this look for outdoors!

Hello pretty scarf. Your colors are inspiring.

Hello old hardbacks. I love your colors and texture.

Hello abacus. I picked this up for my sis. She has a wall of abacuses. {abaci?}

Hello vintage linens. Just looking at you makes me want to eat breakfast outside.

Hello perfect cowboy boots. Except that they were too big. Bummer!

Hello silly hat.

Hello awesome vintage ties.

Hello old projector. I bet you have stories to tell.

Hello funky coffee mugs.

Hello dinner meeting with friends tonight. I love mixing business and pleasure.

Hello Downton Abbey. We finally got the third season on DVD. Yay!

Hello garage sale prep. It’s scheduled for March 16th. Now it’s time to purge.

Hello photo shoot this week that is going to be so FUN!

Hello date night. My favorite.

Hello Monday! Somehow it’s March. Here we go!


  1. Late on my hellos this week, but hello to birds chirping, frogs singing, and the news that I am chaperoning a field trip to Europe for 2 weeks this summer…and it’s free (except lunch and souvenirs!)! Trying to wrap my mind around being away from my family for that long.

    Hold onto your hat when watching “Downton”! It’s a wild ride this season!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I’m a new reader to your blog and jewelry collection (so pretty!). I went to Cal Poly and your pics brought me back to my dear college days. SLO had the best thrift shops–Blue Moon and Pink Flamingo were my favorites–though I think they are gone now. Take care of SLO for me. I miss it!

  3. I’m going to have to add this little treasure box to our to-do list for our girl’s trip!
    Good luck with your yard sale (they just make me cranky!)
    I keep hearing about this Downton show…guess I’m going to have to get in the loop!

  4. What gorgeous photos! Love the cowboy boots and stove! Well, heck…Luv it all!

    Thank you for taking the time to share.

    Healthy hugs to you and yours!

  5. you captured great pics! and @brotherdan we love having lisa come in and snap away! she inspires us!

    happy monday all!

    p.s. girl downton is somethin’ else this season. we’ll talk.

  6. Another fun post. Do you ask for permission to take photos in all these stores you visit? Does anyone ever mind or tell you to stop?

  7. I love those vintage linens. I have no where to put any…but if I did I would collect china and linens…
    I am not good at Thrift stores….have to have my friend Linda (who loves them) with me to find anything…I wonder why…………..

  8. Beautiful pics! Good luck with Season 3 of Downton Abbey. Hopefully you haven’t seen any spoilers. It was a tough season.

  9. I love the look of a stack of old books. A library room like in an English castle or manor has always had a fascination for me.

    All of your photos are gorgeous.

  10. Love your thrifting pictures – those linens are gorgeous, and great projector. You are in for a treat with Downton, enjoy! Happy Monday. 🙂

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