It’s Friiiiday and it’s also our first official day of summer. I don’t know when summer actually starts, all I know if the boys are OUT OF SCHOOL. Let the crazy begin!

Yesterday {since it was my last day before our more hectic/harder to get things done schedule began} I made a quick trip to one of my favorite thrift stores. The Hospice Hope Chest is set up like a boutique, so it’s easy to shop and find cute things. Many pieces throughout our home are from this very thrift store. I tend to have good luck there!

How CUTE is this suitcase in the window?

I try to pick up little plates for wall collages when I find them. This one was $2. Score!

Oh this vintage collar is just too sweet. But it needed a little mending so I left it behind.

This wallet came home with me.

And this scout handbook came home with me, too!

I always look through the jewelry for inspiration. I love vintage jewelry!

How about I leave you with a happy clown? He wants to help you kick off your weekend right!

Summer is awesome because the sun is shining, we have slow mornings and we have a few fun trips planned. Summer is difficult because ALL I WANT TO DO IS RELAX but I have work to do! So sometimes I get stressed and grumpy.

Ready or not, it’s here! Hello summer!