pismo beach, spring break

We are loving spring break! The boys have two weeks off and we are bringing our first week to a close. One highlight so far is some seriously good hang out time in Pismo Beach with our friends Max and Jen.Max and Matthias have been buddies for almost their whole lives.

Coffee and cinnamon rolls from Old West might be the best way to start a day. Have you ever been to Old West? So good!

The boys drew while the mamas talked.

Then it was off to the park!

David loved the roller slide! I don’t think he’d ever been on a roller slide before. It was a hit!

Good friends are like food for the soul, don’t you think?


I’m pretty sure this picture will go down in the history books. So awesome.

We are heading down to Southern California to see family and celebrate Easter. What are you doing to celebrate Easter?

*My boys are wearing tops from Tea Clothing. We love Tea!


  1. I grew up in Grover Beach, right near Pismo. I {LOVE} Old West Cinnamon Rolls. I now live in sacramento and every time I visit my mom, I have to go get breakfast! They are to die for!

  2. fantastic! for all the “little kids” this *is* “spring break” versus the college kids only getting a long weekend. your entry today is bursting with that energy. i love the two buddies at the table in the coffee shop, but i especially love the slide shots! you captured every moment and the swooooooooop! enjoy your time!

  3. I went down a roller slide – ONCE. I don’t know how kids do it! It hurt!

    We’ll be hosting family Easter dinner at our house – our first family gathering in our new home. Can’t wait! Complete with pots of grass with cake pop flowers as the centerpieces – and dessert. YUM!

  4. As always love your pics. We visit a park that had a roller slide and my boys loved it. The last time we visited my son had a fit when he found that they had remodeled the playground and did away with our much loved, old fashioned, finger pinching roller slide in favor of some plastic, brightly colored, rounded edges, run of the mill climbing structure. Safer yes but so much less fun. Happy Easter!

  5. we’re going to hang low in the city and spend as much time outside + relaxing as we can — maybe even grill on the back patio on sunday? i haven’t planned the menu just yet…

    happy easter! ♥

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