hello monday {farmer’s market}

There is a farmer’s market every Thursday in San Luis Obispo. Last week my aunt and cousin visited and we walked around and ate downtown–so fun! Here are some hellos for this week…Hello lilies, only $3. Hello Spring.

Hello strawberries. Summer must not be too far away!

Hello auntie and cousin–I loved every minute with you!

Hello downtown. So much to see.

Hello busy David. This kid has been super busy. And sleep? Not his top priority.

Hello slide. Climb up and glide down. Matthias had a blast.

Hello music, this is what makes David smile.

Hello long days and warm temps. Feels so good.

Hello fresh veggies. I’ve been eating whatever I want, it’s time to get back to healthier meals and snacks.

Hello sweetheart. We make a great team. Which makes it all a lot easier.

Hello family visiting this week–can’t wait.

Hello second week of Spring Break–the boys are getting used to slow mornings and cartoons.

Hello Monday! It’s going to be a busy, crazy fun-filled week!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own post in the comments section or leave a comment with some hellos!


  1. Hello Beautiful Bloggers!

    I am putting together workshops for a Christian women’s conference in St. Louis Missouri in Septemeber called Daybreak. http://daybreak.harvesterchristian.org/

    I’m looking for a Godly woman who would be willing to teach other women about blogging in general – and maybe how it can become a source of income for a mom raising a family. Does anyone responding here know of a good resource where I could look for a Christian blogger/speaker nearby (Missouri or Illinois)? Thanks for your help!

  2. You visit the most beautiful places! I’m saying hello to a sunny, breezy last day of spring break with my kids.

  3. i just saw San Luis Obispo on a list of prettiest towns in the country (via Forbes) and it looks absolutely gorgeous. definitely some place i’d like to visit (or live)!

  4. We just finished up our second week of Spring Break. It is back to the grind today. Enjoy your second lazy week. Isn’t it awesome?

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