our busiest season of the year {thanksgiving in pismo beach}

Hey friends! It’s a brand new week. The boys have been out of school for the last 5 days and we put up our Christmas tree. It somehow feels like we should be on vacation–but it’s back to school and back to the workshop. It’s our busiest season of the year! Whoohoo! I’ve got pics to share from our Thanksgiving with friends and some hellos too.

Hello incredible view. Our friend has a house way up on the hill in Pismo Beach. Beautiful!

Hello turkey, stuffing, cranberry and sweet potatoes. The meal was delicious.

Hello sunset. Hello warmth. It’s been 80* here and it feels like summer. {Hello wishing for some sweater weather!}

Hello love. Hello feeling very thankful I have such a good man.

Hello busy busy workshop. Things are buzzing. And we are so grateful.

Hello Harry Potter. Matthias decided it was a Harry Potter marathon weekend. So we’ve had the movies going–which is fun and cozy.

Hello personality. Matthias decided to reserve his own seat at the table on Thanksgiving. We all got a big kick out of his note. That kid has confidence.

Hello grand piano. Hello happy David who played some sweet tunes for us when we ate turkey and relaxed.

Hello Kendall. This little dog stole our hearts and had us googling poodle-golden retriever mix later that night. We keep talking about getting a dog, but with our crazy lives we’re not sure if we have the time to devote. I really fell for Kendall though.

Hello shopping. Use code cybermonday and save 25% today only. THAT’S AWESOME!


  1. I love your blog and when I read that you were researching Goldendoodles I couldn’t help but comment. They are the best dogs! We love ours and if you need any advice on them, please feel free to get in touch with me. I raise them and could answer any questions you might have. We do not have any pups currently.(I am not trying to sell you a dog!) I just love this breed and am passionate about them. They are by far one of the best family dogs you can find! I really enjoy your blog!

      1. Our next litter will be spring/summer if nature works as we hope. I am sure there are some wonderful breeders in your neck of the woods. If you would like help finding a good breeder I can give you some tips. I do not ship my puppies. If they are going to families out of state they must drive to get the pup or fly the pup in the cabin of the plane with them. I have flown pups for families to San Franciso and Denever. We have pups all over the US. These really are great dogs! They will steal your heart!!

  2. Lisa, loved the post. I was thinking today, when I spoke with a friend who just lost her pet (a dog), that you might consider a couple of pieces that are dedicated to our four legged friends. I would have bought her a necklace that was a tribute to her “Romeo”. Perhaps a paw print with a name and date, or something like that.. Keep up the good work. Love seeing your business grow!!

    1. I’m so sorry that your friend lost her pup. We actually can add a paw print to most orders! Email my customer care team and they will help you out! info at lisa leonard (dot) com. xo

  3. That view is awesome! And I adore the photo of the wine glass.

    A good man is such a wonderful-thankful-for-thing. I have one too. 🙂 And our pet name for each other is love.

    Have a great week!

  4. That dog is adorable! Makes me wish we bathed our Westie more! haha!

    Hello to my quarterly meeting with my local women’s philanthropic group tonight. Hello to baking and eating and freezing cinnamon rolls. Hello to my favorite local shop’s holiday party later this week, and hello to a date night Friday (planned by my husband – I have no idea what we’re doing!). Hello to dinner with friends this weekend. It’s going to be a busy week!

    Happy work time in your workshop!

  5. The puppy is adorable! We have a Labradoodle and she is the best – by far – dog that we have ever had. So laid back, smart, no shedding, etc. etc. Kendall is beautiful and needs to be yours!!

  6. Those views are GORGEOUS. We added golden/poodle mix to the family this spring and absolutely LOVE her. She’d be horrible in obedience because she’s so lazy, but she’s a fantastic pup.

  7. I enjoyed all your photos. Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

    I’m joining you in saying Hello to Monday. My post is all about the first snow and potatoes the size of my head. I know, I know, how can anyone resist reading about giant potatoes. lol.

    Hope you have an excellent week.

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