Steve was out of town for a few days last week, and while he was gone, both boys got sick. This tends to be the ways things go, right? Thankfully we have an amazing team–so I was able to take time to be home with the boys. We watched plenty of movies, cuddled all day and rested so they could get better. Once Steve got back into town, I was ready for a break! I went out to grab some groceries and I told Steve I was going to take my time. I hit one of my favorite thrift stores and spent a little time in Pismo Beach. Good for the soul, I tell you!

It’s a brand new week. And we’re {mostly} healthy! How about some hellos?

Hello sunshine. After days of rain, the sun made an appearance. So lovely.

Hello meetings, phone call meetings and planning. Lots to do–lots of good stuff!

Hello visit from Nana. We love it when she comes to stay!

 Hello menu for this week. So far I’ve got BLT wraps {we wrap the BLT inside a whole wheat tortilla and add cheese and avocado–yum!} I’m also thinking about doing a crock pot dish this week.

Hello Indian food. I’ve been craving it. Do you like Indian food?

Hello pretty, new things. Did you see our valentine’s collection? It’s so sweet!!

Hello thankful. Although David has been getting cold after cold this winter, he hasn’t needed antibiotics in months. It seems like it’s been a brutal winter for illness, don’t you think?

Hello webbed footprints. You’re very cool looking.

Hello mint and chip ice cream cone. You make my mouth water!

Hello brand new week! Am I ready? I don’t know–but it’s GO TIME! Let’s do this.