saturday was a perfect day.

at least weather-wise, we had little bits of grumpiness here and there.

but in the morning, we weren’t grumpy.

the sun was shining. the sky was so blue.

and the clouds were so fluffy they looked like a fake painting.




steve went for a long bike ride, so i took the boy’s to the elfin forest.

it’s been at least a year since we were there.

i didn’t bother to bring the stoller for david.

he had a blast running on the wooden boardwalk.

i was busy trying to take lots of pics/make sure he didn’t go off edge.




a little tiny bug landed on david’s shirt.

guess it was just saying ‘hi’.

i can handle tiny bugs.

i can kinda handle small-medium sized bugs.

i cannot handle cockroaches. but that’s a post for another day.




i hardly got any pics of matty since he was running ahead most the time.

we usually see lizards and birds, sometimes even a bunny.

but the only animals we saw this time, were people walking their dogs.




guess this bench above is a good make-out spot.

especially when that’s the view (pic below).

but then, when you’re making out, it doesn’t really matter what the view is like, does it?




it was such a beautiful morning,

i thought my heart might burst.

almost too much to take in.

for locals or visitors to san luis obispo,

the elfin forest is in los osos (a small town about 15 minutes from san luis)

from los osos valley road, R on south bay blvd, L on santa ysabel, R on 16th-park at the end of the street.

* * *

please tell us about your weekend.