Perfect day for elfin forest {a saturday morning walk}



saturday was a perfect day.

at least weather-wise, we had little bits of grumpiness here and there.

but in the morning, we weren’t grumpy.

the sun was shining. the sky was so blue.

and the clouds were so fluffy they looked like a fake painting.




steve went for a long bike ride, so i took the boy’s to the elfin forest.

it’s been at least a year since we were there.

i didn’t bother to bring the stoller for david.

he had a blast running on the wooden boardwalk.

i was busy trying to take lots of pics/make sure he didn’t go off edge.




a little tiny bug landed on david’s shirt.

guess it was just saying ‘hi’.

i can handle tiny bugs.

i can kinda handle small-medium sized bugs.

i cannot handle cockroaches. but that’s a post for another day.




i hardly got any pics of matty since he was running ahead most the time.

we usually see lizards and birds, sometimes even a bunny.

but the only animals we saw this time, were people walking their dogs.




guess this bench above is a good make-out spot.

especially when that’s the view (pic below).

but then, when you’re making out, it doesn’t really matter what the view is like, does it?




it was such a beautiful morning,

i thought my heart might burst.

almost too much to take in.

for locals or visitors to san luis obispo,

the elfin forest is in los osos (a small town about 15 minutes from san luis)

from los osos valley road, R on south bay blvd, L on santa ysabel, R on 16th-park at the end of the street.

* * *

please tell us about your weekend.

  1. I love this part of the Coast (we live in San Jose). Morro Bay, SLO, etc. It’s so quiet and un-commercialized. I wish we made it down there more than once every year or so!

  2. I love those pics of David. He must be walking up a storm now! It’s so encouraging to see all your pictures of him as he’s growing up. Matty’s getting so big. Thanks for sharing your pics of Morro Rock. I love love love having a little bit of SLO town to gaze at 🙂

  3. okay, so I found your blog via angie smith. curious to know you, I scrolled a bit through your posts. this one caught my attention. I love seeing the boardwalk… it brought back memories of my childhood. then I saw the picture with the rock… waiting a second, I know that place! I grew up in the central valley and we spent many weekends at the coast playing in the sand dunes, splash cafe, morro bay rock, taffy. Mmm, makes me miss home! i also love watching the monarchs as they migrate right through this area, they are so beautiful.

    anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane. i’m now in the midwest and love it here but also love the area where i was born and raised!

  4. Im so bummed…we were in Los Osos for the weekend and we didnt visit Elfin Forest b/c I knew nothing about it. Now, I cant wait to go back so that I can visit this beautiful place. I did, however go to the Barnes and Noble in SLO and pick up a copy of the blogging magazine that you were featured in. Great story and wonderful pictures!

  5. Hey, I live there! Just a few blocks up from the Elfin Forest and I walk there with my family often 🙂

  6. oooh we are moving back to San Diego and I think we will have to make the drive up just to go to the forest, who can resist an elfin forest:)

  7. I stopped by from Angie’s site. She showcased a beautiful necklace you made in honor of Audrey. It’s precious. I would love to win one in honor of my little angel, Emma.

    I love your blog…it’s so simple and pretty. Your weekend looked fun. The pics are great!

    Thank you,

  8. I think you have the most beautiful blog in the world….Your pictures are magical…and your boys are lovely….I would very much like one of your necklaces…do you post to the UK?

  9. Beautiful pictures! I won’t lie…it’s just a little unfair you live so close to something so beautiful. 🙂 I live in Central Illinois. It is beginning to look like spring finally, though!

  10. I had a not-so-great weekend, dealing with kid stuff and a (long-term) injured husband. Sometimes life is full of circumstances beyond my control that make me feel like I’m wearing cement boots. I’m thankful that circumstances, by their very definition, are temporary…. can’t hold me down forever!

  11. Hi, what a gorgeous name for a forest! Stunning photograph at the top. Lisa, since I have been reading your lovely blog each day, I have become more and more inspired to take more photographs. I have always loved photography (thanks Dad!) and love capturing special moments too. Really must pick up my camera more often!

    Our weekend was good, slightly grumpy at times too – maybe it was caused by universal vibes, smiles…

    David looks so cute on that boardwalk! Big smiles, Philippa

  12. what a great Sunday for you guys! Zack and I went for a little walk, to the bakery! hah. It reminded me of our college days — walking the campus nearly daily together :]

  13. love the Elfin Forest!!!! We go there every Thursday, while big sister is in Piano!
    this weekend went by too fast! just enjoyoed the sunshine in the backyard and had fun in all the pretty yellow milkweed flowers growing! We were supposed to be pulling them, but they were just too nice!

  14. I’ve been there (Elfin Forest). I used to work for an environmental engineering lab. that did water testing for that area. It was a great drive every Tuesday collecting water samples.
    My weekend was spent celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday. YIKES! 16????? Where did the time go? I swear I just had her and can remember every detail about it.

  15. My weekend was spent at work, x-raying people’s sick kiddos. However, the week will be spent on Spring Break, with my own kids, eating takeout pizza, visiting Mt. Bonnell in Austin (awesome view of the city and surrounding hill country), eating at the Oasis on Lake Travis, spring cleaning, and sleeping in!

  16. hmm; maybe the view matters if you kiss with your eyes open– but then, what’s the point of kissing? (i think this is a good example of a circular argument!) 🙂
    we had a great cookout and a great time at church yesterday (i heart galatians)!

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