hello monday {around the house}

Today I’m sharing bits and pieces from around the house. I’ve been {slowly} organizing and cleaning. I think I set my goals too high–thinking I could get through the house in a a couple weeks. But that didn’t happen! I’m trying to slow down, not get discourage and keep at it!

Hello cozy. This is where I sip my morning coffee. And my evening coffee. And cuddle with my sweethearts. And where I’m writing this blog post {right now}.

Hello pretty bottle. Don’t you love sweet labels?

 Hello color. I picked up these tiny stained glass panels for $3 each at an estate sale. And my coffee mug adds more graphics too!

Hello yucca. I thrifted this painting for $5. There are lots of yuccas in California. And as Chrissie would say, I’m a sucka for a yucca. Yes, we’re nerds.

Hello pretty books. Hello inspiration.

Hello thrifted chair. I loved it but passed over it because I felt $40 was too much. But then I went back the next day and got it!

Hello bits of the sea around us.

Hello sprucing up the boys’ area.

Hello love. To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. -Viscott

Hello vintage bottles. I love the way the light comes through.

Hello toys. Everywhere. It’s a losing battle, don’t you think?

Hello photo shoot.

Hello new designs {Coming soon! Are you excited, because I am!}

Hello trip to Dallas for business and to see my neices. Yay!

Hello birthday party for Matthias. He’s turning 9. Crazy.

Hello brand new, super busy week!


  1. I really like the chair in your “hello monday (around the house)” blog. It reminds me of the chairs I saw every Sunday in the front of the church where I attended Mass. (minus the leopard print) They were beautiful chairs with all the intricate carvings. I think you were very lucky to get it for $40!!!

  2. Hi Lisa! Love your jewelry and your blog 🙂
    I live in SLO and am so curious where you thrift/how often/any tips on thrifing! All your stuff is so dang cute!

    Thanks so much,

    1. Thank you Jenn! I love Mission Thrift, Ruby Rose, and the Hospice Thrift Store. I try to check up on those places a couple of times a week. Remember to look throughout the whole store, sometimes the best finds are not in obvious places. I hope you find some great deals!

  3. Looove the boys area, looks like they can have a lot of fun there and get creative. 🙂 And that mug, I’d love to have one like that in my collection.

    This is my first time saying hello, although I come to this blog a lot, and although it’s Tuesday not Monday, but here’s a hello anyways. 🙂 Hope you’re all having a nice day!


  4. I love the vintage bottles and the starfish. We just redid our bedroom so we could feel like we are at the coast even when we’re not 🙂 Another joining for the first time but I have many blogging friends that have been following in your hello monday footsteps.

  5. I can’t wait to see your new designs!!

    Hello, cozy sweatshirt and decorating for Valentine’s Day. Hello to “recalling to life” {nerdy, Tale of Two Cities humor} my iPhone after it went for a swim in my tea Friday morning! Hello to lots of grading, to book club, and to having dear friends over for dinner this weekend. And hello to being lost in The Night Circus and not wanting to put it down!

  6. Really love that yucca art! You always find the best thrift deals. All the vintage art I find is always priced too high.

    I’m linking up on Mondays, a new routine for me this year. Your Monday posts always feel so happy & inspiring! 🙂

  7. Hello to creative work that needs to be done for my new business! Hello to earl grey to combat the blustery cold outside! Hello to new inspiration!

  8. Hello lovely pictures! Thanks for a glimpse into your home & fabulous decorating ideas! Are you a part of a Hello Mornings group? All this “hello” makes me want to tell you that you should! 🙂

  9. Oh.my. I just love the beautiful pops of color around your home as well as all the unique pieces everywhere. So personal and warm.
    I’m so glad to be doing this hello monday this year. Great start to the week. xo

  10. The toys are taking over my house!!!! And ya know what…? For the first time ever I am so ok with it! The toys are partr of who we have become, my family and I and our little home. Happy Monday!

  11. Hello first week COMPLETELY back in the swing of life – piano lessons and all – and NO MORE SICKNESS!
    Hello to health!
    Hello to enjoying peeking around the corners of your cozy home!
    Love seeing the snippets of your life!

  12. We have birthdays fast approaching at our house too. The end of this month my daughter will be 13 and my son 10. Yikes! Where have the years gone?

  13. Oh, my goodness! I had that very same vintage kitchen table. Mine kept falling apart though…the legs were broken, so I got rid of it. Gee, it looks so good in your house, it kinda makes me wish I kept it.

    I love your home. You have a great style and a knack for thrifting.

    Hello Monday!

  14. Hello Lisa!
    Hello freshly painted table and chairs.
    Hello almost 11-year-old boy who still loves to cuddle up with his mama while being read to.
    Hello week of birthdays – daddy, sister and son-in-law
    Hello thrifted lamp shade ready for a make-over.
    Happy Monday to you!

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