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dinner with friends {camp lawton}

January 17th | events, san luis obispo

Last Friday evening a few of us from the workshop decided to all have dinner together. It was so fun! We went over to Alex’s cute house and ate outside. They call their house Camp Lawton, and you really feel like you’re at camp when you’re there… a ridiculously cute Anthropologie-style camp. The evening was filled with great conversation and good chili. It was so fun and relaxing.

Everyone that lives with Alex is so creative. Check out their Camp Lawton house blog, I love it!

This chili was delicious and added to the ‘camp’ vibe. And cake for dessert. We could choose between vanilla with chocolate frosting or lemon cake.

Or both, of course!

A few of the faces behind Lisa Leonard Designs! So happy that we were able to hangout on a Friday night together. They are all wonderful. We seriously have the best team. They are the ones who make it happen!

The artist {Matthias}hard at work. He was so excited to be sitting next to Kyle who is an artist himself. Check out Kyle’s art blog, his work is amazing!

‘Superb man’, not to be confused with superman. We all got a pretty good laugh at the name of this new superhero. That boys creativity amazes me more and more everyday.

David went over to Tom and demanded to be cuddled. ┬áIsn’t that sweet? I adore this picture. It was such a chilly night–but they look cozy!

This is the house cat Willow. She always is in the best places in the house for photos. She’s a very photogenic kitty.

This was such a nice and relaxing evening spent with people near and dear to our hearts. Thank you again Alex for sharing your beautiful home with us. Make sure to check out Camp Lawton’s blog and Alex’s photography blog. Our team is a creative bunch. I’m sure you will be inspired!

What has inspired you lately? Comment below and share some of your inspiration!

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  1. Jo says:

    Amazing that he knows the word ‘Superb’ and spelled it correctly!

  2. Kelli says:

    I just love this. Their patio with the roof inspires me to do the same…especially here in western Washington, where it rains so much. Looks like a fun, cozy night!

  3. Oh, this makes me want to run eat a big bowl of chili!

  4. Nice to have party together. I like Superb Man in your hangout party. Wow! Now you can hangout with your local people and friends in your area/city.

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