be ready to celebrate a Ninjago party {matthias turns nine}

Matthias turned nine. He is now nine years old. My baby is nine. CRAZY!!! To celebrate we had a Ninjago party with a few friends. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Here’s what we did…

For the invitations I snapped a pic of Matthias with one of his favorite Ninjago characters. Then I added text and printed them at Costco’s one hour photo. I already had envelopes, so the total cost was $2.16. Awesome!

Homemade cake with lots of lots of frosting. Yum! And of course cake toppers from the shop. {The alaphabet toppers are coming soon!!}

For decor I got some balloons. Simple.

I couldn’t find any Ninjago party supplies, so I made these gift bags with card stock. There was lots of Ninjago inspiration on Pinterest.

The silly string war was for sure the highlight of the night. What a mess! {But fun!}

Kids could decorate ninja stars when they arrived. {Thanks Jack and Chloe for making the stars!}

We tested their ninja skills by having them transfer legos from one bowl to another using chopsticks. Hilarious!

We used a nerf gun and target to test their accuracy.

And at the end of the evening, Matthias was well loved, well fed and exhausted! It was a great party.

Are you planning any parties right now? Tell me about them!


  1. Looks like a fun party! Lucky kiddo!
    Have you seen the Ninjabread cookie cutters? We made them at Christmas time and decorated them like the ninjas from Ninjago – super fun!

  2. Super Lego-licious ideas!!! I pinned this as a possibility for my guy’s birthday. Happy Birthday to Matthias! =)

  3. We went to a Ninjago party a few months ago and the mom used the faces that you used on the gift bags and put them on the balloons. They looked super cute. She then had red and blue Tshirts printed with the Ninja faces as the favors for the kids and they took photo booth style pics of the kids on a backdrop and later sent them in black and white, strip style inside the thank you cards. A super fun party for the kids:)
    BTW, Im not even a cake person but I love Matthias’ cake! It looks yummy. The alphabet letters are fabulous too!

  4. mathias looks so much like steve! happy 9th!

    i love that you kept it simple. it’s refreshing, especially as blogging and pinterest can cause readers to think that more is necessary.

    i’m looking forward to the alphabet letters!

    oh, and i’m not planning a party, but i did just send josie off to a red carpet b-day party. we had loads of fun dressing her up.

  5. What a fun party! 2013 seems to be the year of the baby both for myself and for several friends. I’ve got showers on my mind already for a few first time mama’s and for the 2nd etc timers my circle does a “blessingway”. Everyone brings a bead and shares a blessing or wish to go along with the bead. The beads are strung and given to the mama for a focal point during labor. Never a dry eye that day!

  6. I know one guest who had a great time! He loved shooting the guns and the silly string the best. Thanks for sharing the cake with me too–it was yummy and hit the spot.

  7. I am planning a “donut” themed party for my youngest’s first birthday and a superhero themed party for my (will be) 6-year-old’s birthday. LOVE, love, love the reminder that a party is a party even simple (but BEAUTIFUL). I need to simmer down and remember that it is all about fun!! 🙂

  8. What a fun party!!
    I’m planning my daughter’s 8th birthday party; I know what you mean – where DOES the time go?? We’re doing a secret agent/spy party and sending them on a scavenger hunt with clues. I don’t know who is more excited: my daughter or her dad and I! 🙂

  9. Super cute party! I just threw a LEGO party for my 7yo son. We had a “Color your own mini fig” station, similar to your “Color a Ninja star.” We had a team DUPLO tower building game, where four teams competed to build the tallest tower in 5 minutes. After they built the towers, they took turns throwing tennis balls at the other teams’ towers to destroy them. The kids LOVED it. We also did “Hold a DUPLO on a spoon relay” with two teams. And our final game had two people facing off at a table covered with DUPLOS. Each player had a sticky hand and had to slap at the bricks with their sticky hands to try to pull as many bricks off the table to their side as possible. It was hilarious! For food we had homemade rectangular pizzas with 6 large pieces of pepperoni to look like LEGOs. I borrowed a friend’s LEGO molds to make chocolate LEGOs. I decorated the cake with them, and also used some LEGO candles that I found at Target for $2. Your cake toppers are gorgeous! Party favors for our party were colored pocket folders turned into LEGOs by taping 6 circles to the fronts, and then I wrote the child’s name in each of the 6 circles to mimic the LEGO logo on LEGO bricks. Inside the folders were honey sticks, crayons and LEGO activity pages printed from 🙂

  10. I used to love planning themed parties — this one is so cute, love the Lego transfer game. No parties for us, but the husband has a big birthday next weekend, and I can’t wait to escape to Vegas ALONE with him.

  11. Looks like such a fun time!

    I’m beginning to plan my daughter’s first birthday party (it’s not until June but I like to plan ahead). We’re going with a polka dot theme.

  12. This weekend we celebrate the 1st anniversary of our 8 year old son’s adoption!
    A few of his friends will be coming over to play Skylanders and have cake tomorrow, and on Sunday Daddy will be making homemade pizza and we will give him a few little gifts.
    We’ve only ever had spring/summer birthdays, so having this special celebration in January is always going to be fun!

  13. Such a nice party and you didn’t think you had to spend a ton of money (I love it) I am really interested in the cake topper letters…so cute! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy (looks just like his Dad)

  14. Looks like a great party…lots of fun games…and cute decorations. Just how I like them! haha,,,I think I used to have as much fun planning the parties as my kids had celebrating.

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