Matthias turned nine. He is now nine years old. My baby is nine. CRAZY!!! To celebrate we had a Ninjago party with a few friends. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. Here’s what we did…

For the invitations I snapped a pic of Matthias with one of his favorite Ninjago characters. Then I added text and printed them at Costco’s one hour photo. I already had envelopes, so the total cost was $2.16. Awesome!

Homemade cake with lots of lots of frosting. Yum! And of course cake toppers from the shop. {The alaphabet toppers are coming soon!!}

For decor I got some balloons. Simple.

I couldn’t find any Ninjago party supplies, so I made these gift bags with card stock. There was lots of Ninjago inspiration on Pinterest.

The silly string war was for sure the highlight of the night. What a mess! {But fun!}

Kids could decorate ninja stars when they arrived. {Thanks Jack and Chloe for making the stars!}

We tested their ninja skills by having them transfer legos from one bowl to another using chopsticks. Hilarious!

We used a nerf gun and target to test their accuracy.

And at the end of the evening, Matthias was well loved, well fed and exhausted! It was a great party.

Are you planning any parties right now? Tell me about them!