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February 23rd | instagram, photography

last weekend we had a competition on instagram (the photo sharing app for iPhones) for a $100 lisa leonard gift certificate.  so many people participated and people joined along on facebook as well!  congrats to our winner was @mrsmlb who’s husband got her this piece right after she had their second son!

here are just a few of my favorites, i had the hardest time picking some to share because i truly loved them all.

thank you to everyone who participated.  it was great to see your special piece and hear why you love it or what piece you want to get and why!  if you are on instagram check out all the beautiful photos with the hashtag #mylisaleonard

instagram photo credit goes to @mrsmlb, @emgottschalk, @nettie_scraps, @rachaelcm5, @rjfrances, @blozulfog, @jenni_roseland, @disneytrout, @ashleyeliza84, @colormejade, @kellediaddigo, @abbysueandchelseatoo, @taylsa, @lynnal216, @photohope, @caseykcu, @cuppakim, @leprakans, @jeana419, @letaylor, @simplemom, and @allegralove

11 Responses

  1. Claudine says:

    No wonder you had trouble picking your favorite….so many beautiful and creative photos!

  2. LOVD says:

    So lovely, and quite a product history, too!

  3. jenni says:

    oh hey there…it’s my picture! that made me feel special!
    i am obsessed with instagram (my poor real camera has taken a back seat) and this was such a fun contest to enter! i loved reading about others pieces and how they were meaningful to them!

  4. Melissa Bishop says:

    Its @mrsmlb here!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH again EXCITED to have won and can’t wait to add another charm to my first LLD piece when our 3rd little one joins our family this summer. Thank you!!!

  5. Sarah-Anne says:

    your customers have such a unique way of displaying their pieces <3

  6. Rachael Barclay says:

    That was such a fun contest, I love Instagram! Glad you liked my photo, thank you for all your beautiful work!

  7. Holly M says:

    Will you ever bring back the wind thingy? lol I cant remember what they are called…in picture 4. I totally missed getting it, not realizing it was limited time only:)

  8. sophie says:

    What do people do if they don’t have an iphone?

  9. meg duerksen says:

    you know jennyonthespot???
    isn’t she fabulous?!
    i should have gone to blissdom.
    what is wrong with me?

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