last weekend we had a competition on instagram (the photo sharing app for iPhones) for a $100 lisa leonard gift certificate.  so many people participated and people joined along on facebook as well!  congrats to our winner was @mrsmlb who’s husband got her this piece right after she had their second son!

here are just a few of my favorites, i had the hardest time picking some to share because i truly loved them all.

thank you to everyone who participated.  it was great to see your special piece and hear why you love it or what piece you want to get and why!  if you are on instagram check out all the beautiful photos with the hashtag #mylisaleonard

instagram photo credit goes to @mrsmlb, @emgottschalk, @nettie_scraps, @rachaelcm5, @rjfrances, @blozulfog, @jenni_roseland, @disneytrout, @ashleyeliza84, @colormejade, @kellediaddigo, @abbysueandchelseatoo, @taylsa, @lynnal216, @photohope, @caseykcu, @cuppakim, @leprakans, @jeana419, @letaylor, @simplemom, and @allegralove