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Craft weekend was amazing! But the travel and trying to jump right back into my regular routine is painful! Ugh! I just want to crawl back into bed. I’m keeping it simple today and just sharing pics from Meg’s absolutely gorgeous and inspiring craft house. What a weekend. More details soon!

So many pretty details. The house is bright and colorful–as you can see! I’m off to check things off my {very long} to-do list. What’s inspiring you today?


  1. Hey, I’m in one of those pics! 🙂 It was such a pleasure meeting you and crafting with you and being inspired by you (and everyone else there too) last weekend! Love your pictures from the house, I wish I would have taken about 100 more than I did!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the time in Kansas, Lisa! I also live in Kansas and still have yet to go to Craft Weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! Did enjoy the shop Barely Makin’ It? My best friend lives in that town, so I visit often. Have a great day!


  3. I’m feeling inspired and refreshed just looking at this post! I feel priviledged to have gotten to live it vicariously through my friend DW and now your pictures. 🙂 now I must go make something lovely…

  4. I see my bed!!!! These pictures make me so so very happy. I’ve already come back and made a list of projects that I’m hoping to *finally* finish about the house. Many of which include adding more color!! Craft weekend definitely re-lit that fire under my butt and so is feeling better since being in the 2nd trimester. 😉 Cleaning though?! Notsomuch. Miss you, sweet friend!

  5. I’m inspired by the sweet fellowship and encouragement that I experienced this past weekend! It is inspiring me to let my creativity flow and strangely enough, motivating me to get organized! I hope you got to check off a bunch of items on your too do list!

  6. You are inspiring me today! Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. Now I want to make a banner for Fall .

  7. Isn’t Meg’s house amazing? I sometimes think the photos don’t even do it justice. I had the good fortune of being able to attend Craft Weekend this past May. It was a dream come true for me. I left feeling refreshed and so very inspired. It was wonderful to meet so many amazing women and hear their stories! I was eagerly following everyone’s Instagram posts all weekend… including yours! I hope you had an amazing time, and how nice you were able to attend with your sister as well! As for what is inspiring me today, I’m going to have to say seeing all of your lovely photos and reminiscing about Craft Weekend! A very Happy Tuesday to you! : )

  8. Not much inspiring me today. Something needs to. Since the big storms came through Sunday night our skies have been so dreary. That makes me dreary, too. I need some of these bright and cheery things in your post to brighten me up!

  9. I would love to go to CW some day. I loved meeting Meg at Blog Sugar but that house just makes me smile. Ours is similar(big and old and full of character) but Im not allowed to touch the woodwork with white paint. I love how bright and cheery hers is:)

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