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rainy day, rainy week

January 19th | food & goodies, matthias



we had a very rainy morning here in california today.

it’s supposed to thunder and lightening tonight

and continue to rain all week.

it’s a nice change of pace, i just think 5 days might be tiring.

but i know i can’t complain. we get a lot of nice weather here.

what’s the weather where you are?




the rain stopped around 1pm and the sun broke through.

perfect timing because matthias and i had really important errands to run.




like getting ice cream at thriftys.

matthias wants to order and pay all by himself (sniff.)

he likes rainbow sherbert.  i like malted chocolate.

what’s your fave?

it’s really cute.

when the ice cream lady asked, will there be anything else?

matthias responded, ‘just a spoon, please’.




and matthias is bringing brownies to his class tomorrow to celebrate his bday.

i wanted to put some frosting and sprinkles on top

but he wouldn’t let me.  just. plain. brownies.


* * *

i’ve got some serious catching up to do today with emails, faxing, ordering, blah blah blah!

and the boys need haircuts.  bad.

plus all your comments yesterday make me want to get my hair done.

and get a pedicure and go out for dinner with my girlfriends

and eat cupcakes.

girlie treats are the best!!

happy tuesday to you!

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  1. kerry says:

    Oh, a lovely day. We used to go to Thrifty’s for ice cream all the time when I was little and visiting my cousins in CA! Thanks for sparking such a wonderful memory.

  2. Celeste says:

    Fun, fun, fun!! :) Well, we don’t have Thrifty’s – but I LOVE the “Graham Central Station” ice cream from Bruster’s!!

    as for weather, here in central Florida – it is sunny, but in the mid 50s.

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a fun day. I love the rain (perhaps because I grew up in England) but today is dull and grey here in Wyoming.

  4. Jenni says:

    Currently I sit all cozy in the big green chair (I love this chair!) with a big cup of coffee in hand. As I look out the window I sees blue skies and all the evergreens are completly still. It’s a beautiful day…. In Seattle!

  5. Southern Gal says:

    I love any kind of ice cream except plain old chocolate.

    The weather here is in the mid 60’s…YAY! We had some of the coldest temps for this area a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s feeling more like a Southern winter.

  6. Lori Taylor says:

    Groing up my sister and I would stop at Thriftys on the way home from school almost everyday. It was easy to do when a scoop was only 15cents and a double was a quarter. I use to get mint and chip on top and coconut pineapple on the bottom.

  7. Amie says:

    Great photo’s!
    Its a very bright whitish grey day here in New Brunswick Canada. Happy to be inside by a cozy fire.
    In the summer I can’t have enough Ice cream mmmm. Probably something like death by chocolate. I want summer! For now I need more coffee :)

  8. rani says:

    Love Thrifty’s ice cream! We get our at our Rite Aid here in Los Osos! Great excuse for a warm fire and hot chocolate with the girls this afternoon! Stay dry!!!

  9. Maria Lucic says:

    It’s rainy here in Ontario, Canada! If it’s not snow, it’s rain around this time of year. I don’t mind it though/ Means spring is just around the corner! We don’t have a Thrifty’s here but I love going to this one ice-cream parlour called Slinky’s. I love to order vanilla forzen yogurt with Skor bites. Yum!

  10. Jo Dee says:

    I live in Washington…need I say more? Not sure what window that other Seattle person was looking out of?!:D Cutie blog! Adore your taste and I must have your new sparkle necklace. It has my name written all over it!

  11. mel says:

    looks like a sweet little ice cream shop! i’ve never heard of thrifty’s. blue bell ice cream is the favorite around here.

    it is going to be 81 here in south texas today! just last week, we had highs in the 40s and lots of rain. sunny and beautiful the next few days though so we’re going to get outside and enjoy it!

  12. Tiffany Day says:

    Hi there! Love the rainy weather especially with the long weekend I had! I had lazy mornings, lingered over my coffee and watched a couple old movies! I did manage to get some stuff done around the house along with alot of relaxing! My kids were at their Aunts so it made relaxing and getting stuff done very easy!

    My favorite ice cream is something really chocolatey! I am back to work, catching up on e-mails and this and that! I have pictures for my 100 picture challenge to download and see which ones I should add! Love that project – so fun!!

    Have a great day!

  13. Robin Sarazin says:

    Today it’s overcast and 29 degrees, snow is gently falling. We’ve already had 129.5 inches of snow this winter behind last years of 167.5 inches at this time. So I guess it’s a great day. My 4 year old granddaughter is here and keeping me busy with talking, playing, walkie-talkies, talking and on and on! Such fun!! Oh, I am in Houghton, Michigan, the northern most part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan–the little point that juts in to Lake Superior. Have a good day!!

  14. Lauren Jordan says:

    We are FINALLY thawing out in VA and having some warm weather…It is in the 50’s today and was yesterday. YAY! They are talking of a wintry mix by the weekend so I will enjoy this while it lasts!

  15. Stacy says:

    I think only you could make a rainy day look enticing, Lisa.

    Today in Jersey it’s cloudy and about 40 degrees. Very blah!

  16. Amanda Jean Inez says:

    Snow is lightly falling where I am! I love a rainy day, especially if it’s a warm rain!

  17. Katrina says:

    The rain looks relaxing. We’re being blanketed with snow in NH. We’re passing around the hot cocoa. :)

  18. mandy snow says:

    such great photos…the weather in sydney, bit further west where i live is going to be hot and get hotter…39 expected on friday…love the rain…wish it was cooler here…take care…xxx

  19. Lisa says:

    I used to go get ice cream at Thrifty in San Jose when I was a kid and teenager…. wait for it… fI paid only 10 cents a scoop! I’m old, but not that old. This was the late 70’s and early 80’s! Infation is crazy!

  20. Nashville is 60 mild degrees and overcast. Perfect ice cream weather, I think! 😉 May see some rocky road in my future. (That’s my standby favorite, but whenever I am home, to NW Ohio, I go for some Chocolate Raspberry Truffle from Handel’s. Oh. My. Yum.)

  21. Jenifer T. says:

    It is gorgeous here in FL today! 69 degrees with a pure blue sky and sunshine. The breeze is blowing slightly, ah. Hard to believe it was 32 degrees a week ago! Brrrr. After your last post I had to go and give myself a pedicure and had my hubby trim my hair, makes me feel fresh and pretty now. :)

  22. Gina says:

    It is sunny and 38 here in Chicago – LOVING the sun on my face !!!!

  23. shana says:

    actually i’m not a huge fan of ice cream . . . in minnesota it’s warmer that it has been most of the month, but still what most would consider pretty cold. in the 20’s today, i think!
    enjoy your day!

  24. Beck says:

    Icecream is just the thing to have on a rainy day. Or a sunny day, or any day! I like toffee crunch or vanilla or caramel! Love your photo’s xo

  25. beth says:

    if you look at my post today, you’ll see the most gorgeous shots of how spectacular it’s been here…

  26. Gussy says:

    I love that you put the brownies in individual wrappers! perfect idea :)

  27. Kristin says:

    Oh, Lisa, you are making me so homesick for Cailf. Now we live in Colorado and it’s so cold and dry here. Sigh. But on a brighter note, thanks for the pics of your ice cream trip…I grew up eating Thrifty ice cream and it just put a smile on my face to remember it…I think it was only like 15-25 cents a scoop during those years and my favorite is double chocolate malted crunch. YUM.

  28. Rita Hjelle says:

    In Fargo yesterday we had thick, thick fog. The fun part about it is that it’s below freezing out! Already yesterday afternoon the trees were covered in a layer of white prickily snow. It was beautiful!

    This morning, while walking Bella, everything was covered in white. A gentleman was out taking photos of the whiteness, but when he saw Bella (little black and white dog) in her red backpack, he asked if he could take a picture of her too! It looks beautiful out there, even though it’s cold!

    Thanks for asking and sharing 😉

  29. wow, our ‘girlie treats’ are just universal, aren’t they? i love these days of rain followed by clear skies. we’re off to get ice cream after school for logan today too :) chocolate malted crunch is one of the best flavors ever!

  30. kara says:

    Your pictures are just amazing. I especially love the heart on the window and the pictures at the ice cream store. So Fabulous.

  31. Corinne says:

    Looked like such a lovely day!
    It snowed all day today… big fat snowflakes that look like clumps of confectioner sugar raining down :)

  32. jules says:

    It’s been terribly foggy here in Indiana, for about a week now. It’s kinda creepy!

  33. Ev says:

    It’s -4 degree Farenheit here in Yellowknife today. Sunny and nice. It’s actually warmed up a lot.

  34. It usually is way colder this time of year where I live (northern Manitoba) like…-40 C but I think we’ve been kicking it around -6 which has been great for playing in the snow. But I’d rather live in California. I’ve wanted to live there since I was five. And I couldn’t figure out why we didn’t just move there.

  35. Jackie says:

    Hi Lisa……I’m in the O.C…….Rancho Santa Margarita to be exact….and the weather here is pouring rain……I mean it’s really raining hard…..driving to school today to pick up my little girl, the man hole covers on the street were out of their holes!!! the streets were so flooded that the water actually lifted the covers off the holes. But the kids sure thought it was exciting….lol

  36. Maureen says:

    We’ve also had rain all week on this side of the pond…..

  37. mama smitten says:

    Very Rainy here! Im in Ca too! Yey! for Thriftys! I haven’t been there in years though. Chocolate malted crunch ice cream is my fav ! Have a great day!

  38. […] was yesterday.  i forgot to number it, […]

  39. glee stormont says:

    windy but beautiful here today (kailua, hawaii). My son just told me, “no mom chocolate is your favorite flavor.” This as i’m trying to decide what to get/make for his 19th bday cake. So for 18 bdays i’ve been giving him a chocolate cake cause it’s MY favorite! Live & learn!!!

  40. denise says:

    i don’t like chocolate ice cream, but the malted crunch at thrifty’s is my favorite. when i was little it was called “double malted chocolate crunch” which is much more fun to say.

  41. sarita says:

    no better ice cream than thrifty’s (oh i mean Rite Aid!)…chocolate chip is my favorite..
    it’s still raining here in the desert..and now we have severe weather warning – my first time to be by myself in a long time in terrible weather – i’m not liking this…please continue to take and share your lovely pictures…thank you

  42. Maria says:

    Thriftys Ice Cream!! The absolute best! I just love your blog, thanks for making it so nice and sharing it with us :)

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