the last days of summer

On one of our last days of summer all the cousins went swimming at the neighbor’s house. It was the same afternoon as my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration–so aunts and sisters and grandpa sat around talking and sipping sodas while the kids splashed. Pretty much perfect.
Looking at these pictures makes me feel so sad. I’m actually tearing up! The cousins are getting so BIG! And summers go way too fast. I wish I could slow it down.
Last night at dinner, Matthias told Steve and I that he’ll no longer be calling us ‘Mommy and Daddy’ we are now simply ‘Mom and Dad’. Sigh. I love that he is getting bigger. I love that he not only thinks about these things but tells us about it so openly.
So since I can’t slow it down, I guess I’ll just soak it up. Starting with this moment. I’m off to cuddle my kids {while they’ll still let me!}


  1. Your title caught my eye! We’re celebrating the Last Days Of Summer over at LoveFeast Table too!!!
    Hope your last days and back to school transitions are smooth and filled with every last bit of summer fun! ~Chris Ann

  2. I remember when my kids switched from mommy to mom. Part of the journey to growing up. I still get hugs and good night kisses from my 2 teens (14 and 16)and lots of “love you”. I miss the bedtime snuggles and warm wiggly after bath bodies. I do. I surprise my kids every once in awhile by jumping into bed with them for a bedtime chat. (that is on the nights they go to bed before me!) I’m thankful we took the time to cherish the small moments. I’m thankful now for the young adult affection and walking with them as they experience the world in new ways as the wonderful young people they are.

  3. it wasn’t until today’s post (aug 24) and this one, that I actually stopped to peruse your website…and to also make my first ever purchase (daughter’s 20th birthday). Seeing these young happy faces savoring every last bit of summer is so sad and nostalgic for me. Reading other comments, I see I’m not the only one feeling that tug of days long gone when our kids were little.

  4. My baby is turning 14 this week..and the second of the four of them is off to college next week…where do the summers go? But “mommy” or “mom”, it is still the sweetest word in the world to hear.

  5. lisa, would you believe my 17 yo still sits in my lap. yes, all 175lbs and 5’11” of him. and you better believe that i love every minute he sits there. he thinks he’s being ornery, but i’ll take the chance to squeeze him tight even if i can’t breathe while i’m doing it. 🙂 hold those babies tightly, we only have them for a short time.


  6. Oh man…I dread the day my baby girl starts calling me Mom. I love being called Mommy. Though every day that she gets older is even more fun! Love the cuteness and the excitement that exudes from your family photos.

  7. My babies are still very small (1&3) but I too can not believe how fast it goes!!! It seems like I was just pregnant and we will be celebrating our daughters 1st birthday in 3 weeks! Great post.

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