hello monday {behind the scenes summer shoot}

Hello friends! To kick off a new week, I’m sharing behind the scenes pics from our summer shoot. We met the models {Savannah and her adorable boys, Jenna, Erika and Chad} down at the Morro Bay harbor and it we had so much fun. If you haven’t seen our new summer collection, click here to check it out! Now, how about some hellos?

Hello Mr. Pelican. You are a very big bird.

Hello zoo camp! Matthias will be learning all kinds of new things this week.

Hello cool breeze. The sun is shining, but it’s been chilly around these parts!

Hello family coming to visit. I can’t wait to see them and catch up!

Hello veggie lasagna for dinner this week. I’m layering zucchini instead of pasta–and it’s super yummy.

Hello creating. I am in go mode over here and the ideas are flowing. I love it!

Hello {to another} big photo shoot this week. It’s going to be amazing!

Hello ‘tie that binds’ necklace. I’ve been wearing this one a lot!

Hello wanting to throw a wine and cheese gathering with some girls friends and use our numbered wine charms!

Hello remembering that love really is my anchor. Gosh, I need all the love {and patience} from others that I can get.

Hello sweets. I’ve been eating way too many. It’s time to get back to whole and nutritious foods!!

Hello celebrating a birthday soon for David. I can’t believe he’ll be 10 on July 4!

Hello feeling really overwhelmed and loved by your comments and thoughts on this post.

Hello to the sweetest dress ever from Ruby Rose {pictured above}. It didn’t fit me, darn it!

Hello wanting to hop in that little whizpop motor boat with a picnic basket and an afternoon of laziness.

Hello crazy reaction to our summer collection. We’ve been blown away–basically, you guys are the best. Thank you friends, for how you support our business. It means the world to me!!


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  2. Hello to my enormous to-do list that’s been waiting for the school year to end! Hello to swimming lessons for my girls and getting started on summer reading. Hello to taking a trip across the state to help out friends who just had their second baby last week. And hello to my blog post that includes a big bit about how your “Love is My Anchor” necklace inspires me!

  3. Hi, Lisa! looks like a great photo shoot! i am really enjoying your “hello, monday” series – it’s a great way for me to prepare for the week in a fun way (not in a write-big-lists way:) i love seeing you in “go mode” – so many great ideas! have a great week.

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