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november (and a winner!)

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i can’t wrap my mind around the fact that it’s november 6th.  it seems like yesterday it was august.  but the boys are adjusted to their new classrooms and we have a good morning routine before school established.  i don’t want to startle you, but thanksgiving is less than three weeks away.  I KNOW, crazy.  and we won’t talk about how fast christmas is coming.


thank you, THANK you for sharing your inspiration and your hearts with me.  You’re all so encouraging.


our winner for the aqua goodies is MELANIE!! melanie, send me your customization for the petite crest and your shipping address!!

Melanie…I am an outdoor runner, and I have really been inspired by the onset of Fall in Georgia. We had a warm October, so the leaves have only recently begun to turn and fall. Running outside in the crisp air with all the beautiful colors really makes me want to create.

I have also been inspired by my beautiful four-month-old son. It seems he does something new almost every day, and I am constantly in awe of his complete perfectness. With this beautiful weather, I can see the world through his eyes, and it makes me want to show him all that is good and beautiful in the world!

weekend delights…crunching leaves, hot coffee, family photo (christmas card time!), maybe a movie?  what does your weekend hold?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Melanie is a lucky girl, congrats! This weekend holds painting, lots of painting, and some demolition in order to fit a new table into the kitchen. Can’t wait!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This weekend we are going to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying our little taste of Indian Summer! Also, going to a high school football game tonight, three-year-old birthday party tomorrow, and date night with my husband tomorrow night. It’s going to be a great one…

  3. family photo shoot for us too this weekend. so excited!!

  4. LOVE the november photograph. just beautiful.

  5. deezie says:

    This weekend we are stacking wood for lots of yummy fires this winter and then on Sunday we are headed to Port Jefferson, we will go on a ferry boat and walk around and Christmas shop all day once we get there, it will be a nice weekend, Your weekend sounds wonderful Lisa

  6. shannon stinson says:

    birthday party and a bonfire with friends! smores! hot dogs! good fun with our kiddos! cutting the grass…for probably the last time for the season! love it all! time with the family!

  7. Amanda Jean Inez says:

    This weekend means a movie night with friends, a basketball game, and reading.

  8. Jessica says:

    The photo on the pier is wonderful. We are attending a Marine Corps ball (first time for our children, ages 8 and 10). Sunday will be our regular time of fellowship with brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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