Last weekend we walked the Bob Jones trail in Avila–all the way to the pier! The evening light was magical.

I believe true joy comes from a grateful heart. There is always something to complain about, but there are blessings and beauty all around us as well. I want to focus my thoughts and attention there.

Today, I’m sharing thoughts on feeling thankful and saying hello to a grateful heart. Join me!

Hello family. I love you.

Hello sunlight through the trees and yellow leaves. Breathtaking.

Hello Matthias. You are almost ten years old and one seriously awesome kiddo.

Hello capturing life with an iphone. What did we do before smart phones?!

Hello bright blue sky. So beautiful, I can’t take it in.

Hello David. You make my heart happy.

Hello little vans and bob jogger. Awesome shoes and an awesome stroller. Life is good 😉

Hello smiles. Hello silliness.

Hello pretty flowers that have dried for winter.

Hello brothers. The way they love each other is unique and pretty amazing. It’s imperfect and awesome. It’s real and deep.

Hello hugs so tight you can hardly breath. The best kind of hugs.

Hello ocean waves, so smooth and perfect.

Hello happy shadows. Hello feeling thankful and finding joy.

It’s a brand new week! What are you saying hello to? Leave some hellos in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!