Steve randomly picked four numbers between 1-74. He chose the following individuals:

#9 Meg (Another day in paradise)-Open circle necklace
#26 Kim (Kim Kelly Kreations)-love necklace
#54 Natalie *that girl*-love necklace
#63 Karen (Ben & his brothers)-love necklace

Email me your addresses (Meg, tell me what you’d like on your open circle) & I’ll get these out in the next couple days.

Thanks also to those of you who have linked me to your blogs. Anyone else–feel free to link me, if you haven’t yet 🙂 I really appreciate the word of mouth business!!

I seriously wish I could send each of you a little something…but then I would go broke! Thanks for your awesome comments and sweet words about the jewelry. I had so much fun with this–we’ll have to do it again!