we are so excited to share some beautiful wedding with you this week!

everyday we’ll have photos and a special offer.

today it’s our pewter heart wall hanging. so fun!!

* * *

today’s wedding is ben and nichole potter.

isn’t she gorgeous?




they were married in san miguel, which is just north of san luis obispo.

amazing photos taken by cameron ingalls.

i know, aren’t they absolutely magical?




wildflower bouquets are perfect for the barn setting.

these bouquets are works of art.

flowers by adornments.




and we are thrilled that the bridesmaids each wore one of our vintage frames necklaces.

so dainty and pretty with these aqua dresses.





can i just say i LOVE how they used our pewter heart wall hanging for a photo prop.

so fun!!

and i love that it’s a keepsake, too.




the pewter heart wall hanging is on SALE today.

hop over and pick one up for your wedding

or just for a fun photo prop.

you’ll find them here.




ben and nichole, thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with us!

we wish you happiness and love.


please visit cameron ingall’s blog to see more amazing photos!

and come back tomorrow for another wedding

and a special offer.



please tell us one memory from your wedding.

just one, special thing that stands out.

and if you’re not married yet, tell us one small thing you want to include.