first of all..THANK YOU to everyone who is participating in the giveaway–I am shocked to see how many people read our blog. Thanks for your sweet comments, too!! If you haven’t posted yet, you have until 7pm tonight.

We hung out with some friends at the park recently. Max & Matty play so well together and really love each other (they prove it by kissing each other’s boo boos and hugging good-bye). And Jen & I love to sit and chat while they play.

David is getting back to himself, but is still pretty mellow and snuggly. He finally went back to school yesterday. His teachers were so excited to see him. What a blessing! And I am ready to get back into my regular routine!!

Crazy story–
The other night Steve and I were watching TV when we heard some scratching at the garage door. The previous owners had a cat door installed and we haven’t replaced the door. We thought maybe a cat had gotten into the garage, but when we went to investigate, we found a THREE INCH COCKROACH scratching at the back door. Let me REITERATE we HEARD a cockroach while we were watching TV!!! We never see cockroaches around here–where did it come from? I think I might be traumatized!!