necklace to celebrate little things – blessed and lucky by Lisa leonard

i’ve been seriously overwhelmed by the blessings in my life lately. last night as i tucked my boys into bed my heart overflowed with gratitude that they were cozy and safe. i am so thankful.

the new blessed and lucky necklace celebrates the little things in life {that aren’t so little} and that we should never take for granted.

the pendant is about 1″ and is hand-cast for a smooth, heavy, organic feel. our exclusive horseshoe is hand-stamped in the center of the necklace. it’s absolutely gorgeous.

of course we’ll hand-stamp your special names or a little phrase around the edge.

*click here to see more details about the new blessed and lucky necklace!*

what makes you blessed and lucky?


  1. WHAT!?! Another beautiful neckalce to choose from! I had it down to the “My Treasure” necklace…and I was saving my pennies for that beautiful mason jar necklace. And now you make this beaut…I {heart} horsey things!

  2. A roof over our heads (with the leak now fixed by a reasonable repairman who didn’t take us for a ride), healthy children, a loving family, supportive friends. Thank you for such inspiring posts.

  3. the necklace is very lovely I have 2 pregnant friends that will need to have it once babies are safely born- as is the sweater/wrap that the model is wearing- can you tell me more about it- is it from a pattern or store- my creative itchy fingers want to make something beautiful like that !!!!

    thank you for all of the creativity and beauty you inspire

  4. I LOVE this necklace Lisa….are you sure you didn’t make this just for me? I feel so blessed to have had my Ethan in my life and to have my other 2 children and one on the way! I can’t wait to find out what we are having so I can order this necklace! It is just perfect!

  5. So much…my friends, my family, my boyfriend, my job, my God…. I’m an infinitely blessed and lucky girl. 🙂 Love your blog as ever. 🙂


  6. I love your site and your creative work! I love this necklace too! I too lately am feeling sometimes that I am “too” blessed. My husband recently conquered a 3 year throat cancer battle, he is finally in a good place with his health, we have been blessed again to have been able to retired at a great age, we have a tremendous loving family and we have our Great Almighty Physician and Lord and Savior number 1 blessing of all.

    I read your site every day! You too are a blessing!

    Thank you


  7. I love this… it’s going to be my next necklace. Thank you for this beautiful design. I’ve always said (well for the last 9 months) that I’m so lucky and blessed to have a beautiful baby boy, who melts my heart daily. This necklace is a sweet way to display that to the world.

  8. I received an email annoucement about your new necklace and the “coupon code” (thank you so much!) which was finally what pushed me to order. I have been wanting a necklace of yours since Camille Roskelly featured you on her blog. I LOVE your jewelry and can’t wait to get my order!

    I really enjoyed reading your sister’s adoption story– so sweet! I have 2 year old twin girls myself and watching them grow is a gift! I went to Poly in SLO… It was my plan to become a teacher and stay there, but I ended up at home “in the OC”. I really miss it– I still tell everyone that SLO is my idea of paradise.

    I bought the “lucky one” necklace for my mom, because she loves horses, but I also feel blessed to have my family (which includes my hubby and 5 year old son, too) and hearing other count their blessings reminds me to relish in mine. thanks for the gorgeous goodies and nice reminders!


  9. Lisa, thank you for posting this. The first part where you talk about tucking your boys into bed brought me to tears. In our house my three munchkins have been very sick for about a week. Nerves are frayed, mommy is tired, and today was not my most shining moment in motherhood. Thank you for reminding me that I am blessed. Tomorrow I will slow down, cuddle more, and practice patience toward these miracles God has given me.

  10. Ooh, I will have to get this! Horseshoes and clovers are my thing, as my bday is st. patty’s day!
    I always feel like I was born under a lucky star because of that date, so, thankfully, I always look for my “luck” and don’t focus on the big, bad things. I am so lucky to have a warm cup of tea, two gorgeous, kind daughters, a husband who thinks I am the best woman on earth, a warm house, and hair that smells of my new baking business! Oh, and chocolate. Right now. 😉

  11. Oh so blessed and lucky…
    my children
    my loving husband
    my creative work

    and having all of our needs — and many of our wants — met.

    What a lovely new design Lisa!

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