Reflecting back to our time in New York, I have sweet memories and also–it was hard! David was so cold and if we were outside he was pretty much miserable. We did a lot and we bonded, but it wasn’t easy and I wouldn’t call it a vacation. New York is fascinating–so much history and so much to see. I’m so glad we did it. And I’m glad to be home, too!

Matthias sketched the skyline from our hotel window. Do you see the Chrysler Building?

From the top of the Empire State Building! For sure–one of the highlights of our trip!

I caught our reflection in a mirrored window {100 floors up!}

And of course, a kiss at the top of the Empire State Building seemed like the natural thing to do!

It seemed like everywhere we turned there were television studios and special sights to take in.

Central Park was magical. I love that there is a huge wooded area right in the middle of the bustling city. So important to get fresh air and run around!

I spy spring!

We are huge Beatles fans–so a visit to Strawberry Fields was a must!

Bow bridge was my favorite spot in Central Park. And it’s been featured in so many movies–like Enchanted {when they dance across the bridge}. So fun.

We stayed in the middle of Times Square which was NUTS and so fun. At one point Robin Thicke made an appearance at one of the stores and people were going crazy trying to meet him. We were trying to get away from there!

Have you been to New York? What are you favorite sites to see?