celebrating the first day of school

Friends! Yesterday the boys had their first day of school. I love new beginnings–don’t you? We are ready to jump into fall. We’re ready for routine. We’re not ready for early mornings, but oh well! Early mornings are BACK!

I used cake toppers from our shop {20% off today!} to celebrate this special day. I stuck them into apples to keep with the ‘back to school’ theme. A few sunflowers and vintage books and it came together so easily.

Matthias requested scrambled eggs and crescent rolls with chocolate chips inside. They drank apple juice and I drank coffee. Lots of coffee!

I put a note on each place setting to remind each kiddo how amazing they are–and how loved, too!

We snapped a few pics before we headed out the door. It’s impossible to get a good picture–so instead we decided just to be silly!

Steve’s in Scotland so I texted him pics of the kiddos on their first day. I can’t believe they are in fourth and sixth grade! When did that happen?!

Once we got outside a snapped a pic of each kiddo with their backpack. They look so grown up!

These boys melt my heart. I want every good thing for them. I want to protect them from the pain of the world, and yet, I know that’s impossible. Truthfully, it’s the pain I’ve journeyed through in life that has made my heart softer. It refines us. It makes us gentler and more loving. So while I want to protect them from pain, I desire that their hearts would be soft, loving and gentle. Being a mama is the craziest, most beautiful, most heart-breaking thing ever!

After I walked them to their classes, I felt like my heart was going to burst–with love and worry and hope. This is real life–and it’s worth celebrating.

Today is the PERFECT day to get a cake topper to keep on hand for those special moments you want to make even more dear!

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  1. We still have a couple of weeks here, before we start school, but we also left much later than you 😉
    I hope the first days went smooth and that both your sons find their marks.
    Take Care

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